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Efficient market conundrum

As far back as I remember I loved picking stocks and doing "Hedge fund work". The more I studied though the more i began to believe that markets are efficient to the point...

Best ways to express a bearish view

First off, I work in a sales capacity within Asset Management and by no means have the level of knowledge that some of you possess. So pardon my ignorance.

But given...

Who's your favorite philosopher?

Enlighten me, dear monkeys. Could be living or dead, though as one of my favorite comedians said: "I prefer my gurus to be dead" (meaning you can see their full body of work,...

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7/8/16 - WSO Weekly Wrap Up

In case you missed them, here're some of last week's most popular topics:

Durant to the Warriors
Post By @AndyLouis

It's official! Durant just...

Rewind - Technical Analysis Case Study - Chubb Insurance Corp + Q&A – 8am ET, 7/8/2016

In case you missed our June 8th webinar entitled Technical Analysis Case Study - Chubb Insurance Corp , have no fear. The full recording of the webinar will be available for...

July 8, 2016 - 8:00am to July 9, 2016 - 8:00am
Event type: 
WSO Webinar

BB ER analysts and IBers: At what age do you expect to see your first 7 figure comp. package and what will you do with it?

Many of the prospective IB lifers and ER analysts I've come across in college have a mentality where they will shoot for that first 7 figure pay check, trek along for a few...

Fitting in at a new job! How to transition quickly?

I'm sure so many of you have been in this boat before. I'd love to hear your thoughts. I just started a new job a few days ago, and this really is my first transition since my...

Talking to Headhunters

I am going into my second year at a MM.

I sent my CV to a couple of headhunters a month ago and I have been receiving e-mails about other IBD positions, however I was...

Coming across as a genuine kid when networking with bankers

I have a few coffee chats set up with bankers across the street next week. Just wondering how I should approach these conversations? I've seen some of the previous posts but...

Late career start / does being a little older work against me

i was wondering what peoples opinions are on candidates that are a few years older then the rest of the candidates... for example, a 26/27 year old applying for an analyst...

Top 5 Skills Needed to Succeed in PE


What do you think are top 5 skills that you need once you join as a Post MBA associate in a PE firm.

Definitions -

By PE I mean - LBOs, MBOs,...

How To Be A Gentleman: A Monkey's Review

What does being a gentleman mean to you?

Does it mean knowing which fork to use at a properly-set table? Does it mean being so impeccably dressed as to make Patrick Bateman and 007 envious? Does it mean knowing when to tip, how to tie a bowtie, or how to properly greet a lady?

It can be all of those things, but at its core being a gentleman is more than just being the nice guy or being the best dresser. It's about getting out of your head for a change and soberly considering how you come off to other people. It can be summed up in one of the first gentlemanly criteria laid out in this book:

"A gentleman never gets so big that he can feel free to say or do things that make other people feel small."

Hedge Funds Post-Brexit

As Britain's decision to leave the EU has sunken in and markets were rocked, we begin to assess the winners and losers. While some investors could not avoid big losses, hedge...

Are these shoes' toes too square?

In the market for loafers and need some crowd wisdom. Are the toes on these puppies too square? Office environment is business casual but with frequent meetings that call for...

Your First Deal - Origination

Just wondering what was the first deal that people ever brought into the firm.

Not the first deal they executed as a junior banker, but the first deal where they were...

College Advice?

Hi, this is my first time on the forum. I'm a freshman at Boston University (well, I just finished freshman year) and I'm already having a crisis. Here is some background info...

How do you value unicorns

I just got placed on a project where I am asked to find some way to value unicorns, specifically find some connection quantitatively why some Unicorns do better than others...

What is life at Corp RE like?

Hey guys, curious on your thoughts. Most of the stuff on here is acquisitions, AM, PM, at REPE firms and such but what about positions within corporations RE department. Just...

Fresh direct vs Grocery store vs China Town

I am new to the city and I am trying to figure out the best way to get food- for context I live downtown in FiDi. Of the following options, which do you think would suit me...

Who's the most entrepreneurial of high finance?

Kind of curious if you'd consider those who are in IBD to be entrepreneurial in nature? If not who do you think probably shows the most aptitude or desire to be entrepreneurial...

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