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What's Wrong With U.S. Education System?

PISA released its results for its 2015 exam. The exam tests science, reading, and math. It's administered to 540,000 15-year-olds in over 72 countries.

U.S. doesn't...

What are helpful tips for office parties?

With the holidays approaching, office parties are becoming increasingly prevalent. CNBC states that last year, almost two-thirds of organizations held an end-of-year holiday...


Leave it to Trump to come up with something really simple.

Simple is good! Not that a lot of brackets have ever been a challenge in calculating tax, but we're going to...

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Guns: A Great Investment

The guns vs. butter debate has long been a favorite of production possibility frontier chartists. This elderly economic theorem is said to not correlate well to free market...

Do you believe in man-made climate change?

Interested to hear what WSO thinks of this. I am in two minds with this one, Its a tough one and in general you can't dare to question the validity of some government...

In case you missed it: thoughts and overview of first few weeks for Trump

President-elect and POY Donald Trump did not enter the 2016 presidential race quietly and his first few weeks have been no different. We've all been wondering what could happen...

WSO - The London Chapter #2 - Christmas Special, Dec 8th, 7pm, The Trading House

Monkeys and fellow primates,

Given the resounding success of our recent drinks here in the Citeh, a bunch of us believe it is a good idea to capitalise on momentum and...

December 8, 2016 - 7:00pm
Event type: 
WSO Happy Hour

Networking: Ways to keep in touch 3-6 months down the road

WSO has been instrumental in my development in the realm of networking, and there have been some very solid posts in the past. Between the excel networking template and many...

Pros and Cons of SF Core

Looking at a case study and more than pros what are some cons about the San Fran Core Office market?

Are Student Loan defaults the next Financial Crisis?

This is more of a personal market perspective than circumstantial evidence but regardless, I still wanted to pose the question to WSO. The weighted average of default rates on...

Falling Rents - Time to Run for the Hills?

For all of the multifamily monkeys out there, what's your outlook on the rental rates in major markets?

I've been reading more and more gloomy reports on free-falling...

Yes or No to Amazon Go?

So Amazon announced the concept for their new physical grocery stores which are expected to open up early next year. They are supposedly using their machine-learning technology...

What should I do for the next two years before HBS 2+2?

Hey everyone, long time reader, first time poster. Let me start by saying I understand that I am lucky to have the dilemma I currently have. Anyways, on to the question....

What phone are you using?

Hey Guys,

I was browsing the web and came across this site listing the best phones of the year. I'm due for a upgrade soon so I was wondering, what smartphone are you...

Imperialism, Human Rights, Chaos, and Peace - A Question for WSO

Alright WSO, wanted to see what the collective minds here thought. I spend most of my day digesting stock specific or economic data, so I must admit I'm under-educated in...

When does the promote split actually occur?

I am curious to know from those in the GP space, about the timing of the promote splits. I know its easier when you have fixed NNN lease, but how does it work when the cash...

Are there any workout videos that you guys have found helpful?

I was considering hiring a personal trainer as a second set of eyes for my workouts but until then I've just watched instructional videos on YouTube. Are there any channels...

What are you watching on HBO now?

Looking for some suggestions after Westworld has come to the season end. I'm looking forward to Big Little Lies, which looks pretty interesting. I also have Netflix, but find...

Who the f&%k is buying anything right now??

Every single deal that comes across my desk these days is just insanely expensive. With the uncertainty of interest rates, how the f*ck is anyone buying anything at these...

The comprehensive Golf thread and AMA

Noticed a few people on WSO wanted to improve their game and figured I could help in some sort of way.

Off The tee

In general I think making good contact is better than...

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