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Student loan is depressing

Hello fellow monkeys~

How much student debt do you guys have and how much is your monthly payment? I have about 90k and paying 1000/mo, which is pretty depressing....

Head of Technology Operational Risk for Asset Management

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Our client, a global Financial Institution is seeking their Head of Technology Operational Risk for their Asset Management Division.

The Corporate Operations Group (COG) brings together specialist support services including workplace, human resources, market...

Job Start Date: 
185k-210k plus 20% Bonus and All Benefits
Job Type: 
Recruiter Posted

Brainteaser - NY Tube

Hi all,

I'm preparing the following brainteaser but fail to come up with a clever answer
Please feel free to share any thoughts / inputs, that would be really...

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IBD (Post-MBA) Associate Lifestyle Anno 2016

I understand this question has been raised many times, but there are also a lot of BS answers on this forum and times are changing a little, so I am hoping to gain valuable...

Doing Personal Investment While Working as IBD Analyst

Not holding high hopes of getting rich just from bonuses in this day and age.

Surprisingly, most of my colleagues just let cash sit idle in bank accounts and rot by...

ETF Stripping and Insider Trading

This post comes as a suggestion from HappyPantsMcGee (or HPM, or whatever the Diddy wannabe is calling himself this week). He asked me to explain the practice of ETF stripping...

5 minutes with any CEO

Hey Guys,

So a random opportunity came up and I got invited to a closed event. Basically, the firm that I really want to work for, they will be there in the event as...

Top Down Macroeconomic Framework

I was wondering if anyone could shed some light into how someone could begin to develop a macroeconomic framework and perhaps recommend some books/publications/resources that I...

Just Got Into a Target, AMA

I made it 5 minutes before they closed and I bought a gallon of skim milk.

Mod Note (Andy): this was originally posted on 12/14/15.

WSO Weekly Wrap-Up (3/12-3/18)

In case you missed them, here're some of last week's most popular topics:

Pay It Forward
Post By @Jared Dillian

When I was looking for a job on...

HF Cars

Interesting question - Friend of mine just got a job at a hedge fund and asked me what kind of car he should get? Then we got to discussing American vs. Foreign, fancy vs....

Love Him or Hate Him, Bill Ackman Now Runs the World’s Top Hedge Fund

Bill's the man.

Mod Note (Andy): this was originally posted on 1/07/15.

Citigroup to allow junior bankers a year off for charity work

All while earning 60% of pay. I think it's complete b.s., much like the vacation allowances that are often laughed at here on WSO. Thoughts/opinions?

AMA - Non-Target >> Valuation >> MM IB

Attempting to share my knowledge and experience lateraling from valuation to IB in an effort to give back to the WSO community.

The situation: Non-target, landed a...

Why You Should Reject that Start-Up Job

I've always considered myself entrepreneurial at heart. Even since I've started my work in IB, I have continued to work on developing a few "back pocket" ideas that I'm excited...

M&A and LBO Modeling Boot Camp - Montreal, March 19-March 20

Attended by investment banking, private equity,...

March 19, 2016 - 8:00am to March 20, 2016 - 5:00pm
Event type: 
Other Meetup

March Madness 2016

It's that time of the year again. This season, it seems like there's a lot more parity among the field of 68 than in previous years. I'm not sure how my bracket will play out,...

Are Non-MBA Business Graduate Degrees Terminal Degrees?

As a non-MBA graduate business student myself, I wanted to start a discussion on how companies view these degrees and programs and how they relate to a MBA. Master of finance,...

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