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SVS Part 2: The Rise of the Facebook Mafia

I was inspired to write this post due to a certain IPO that occurred in my neighborhood last week...

An interesting facet of the start-up scene out here is the rise of...

MBA's Learning Leadership The Hard Way: Outdoors

Several business schools are turning to new methods to teach leadership. One of those methods happens to involve leading a team of your fellow students through a treacherous...

The Struggle

The "struggling artist' has become a fixture of popular culture. Just the other day I was watching TV, and saw this AT&T commercial in which a girl who was a struggling...

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IPO Pricing 101

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth at the close on Friday over the perceived lack of performance in the Facebook IPO. The stock priced at $38, opened at $42.50 (after a few hiccups at the NASDORK), and closed at exactly $38 after an effort by the syndicate members akin to the Spartans at Thermopylae to keep it from dropping below the offering price. The retail rubes screamed bloody murder, with the NY Post running the headline pictured here claiming that Facebook soaked Main Street for $20 billion.

Where was the pop? Shouldn't Facebook have screamed up at least 50% on the open? Where was Johnny Lunchbucket's payoff for putting 2 and 2 together that Facebook is a popular social media site?

How Do Major Companies Create Loyalty?

This is a major problem for F500 companies where the finance department turnover is huge .
How can you create loyalty so that the analysts you trained don't leave as...

Back office bull

Hey guys, been following this site for a long time and after seeing the wealth of information everyone has to offer I thought I could get a piece of the pie so to speak! I'm a 2nd year undergrad studying at a London university and have landed a summer internship at a BB firm. It's in the Operations department however, which is not the area I want to go into.

Believe me I know exactly how hard it will be to break into IB with this and I have no delusions what so ever regarding how much leverage this experience will give me when I apply for 2013 roles. Given this, I am eager to start working on the transition now. I understand the importance of networking and was after some advice; when I contact companies, which level of employee should I contact?

Intern Commute Time?

What is the maximum time you would commute each way as an intern?
1 hour?

While we're on the topic, analyst commute time?

The (Un)fortunate Truth of Technology

The (Un)fortunate Truth of Technology

This is going to be sort of a fun, speculative, yet maybe scary reflection on a couple new developments within the tech space....

The Facebook IPO, Are You An Insider or An Outsider? - Part 1

Were you in bed? Perhaps playing video games? Or maybe stock trading , the day financial history was made when the viral-like initial public offering (IPO) of Facebook (FB)...

Visiting Business Schools in the UK - What I Learned #3 (London Business School)

A few weeks ago, I spent over a week in London to visit some family. Because I'm looking into studying in the UK for my MSc in Finance in a year or so, I thought this would be...

Deciding which area of trading to specialize in

So I'm at university and I need to decide what kind of trading I'm going to focus on, whether its FX, commodities, equities, debt etc. Anyone have any idea of how to do this? I...

PE out of undergrad: summer IB experience prior?

I know that very few people get hired to decent firms out of undergrad. However, I am wondering if these people had summer experience in IB before they were hired. Or do PE...

Do most Associates have an MBA?

Regardless of division at a BB , do most Associates have an MBA?

How common is it to go directly from Analyst to Associate?

Non-Target breaks into IB

This might be a little long so bare with me..its early in the morning,

I go to a completely non-target school where we get little B.O recruiting and pretty much all...

750 GMAT Writeup

Here's a post- GMAT writeup I did back in April 2010. Hope it helps one or two of you monkeys.

750 (48Q, 45V, 6.0 AWA)

I began my test prep in January 2010 with no set date that I wanted to take the GMAT . My intention was to take it when I could break the 720 barrier on the practice exams.

Materials Used:

OG 12th ed.
OG Quant
Manhattan GMAT Series (All 8 Books)

Hedge Funder on dating: “the dumber the girl, the better”

It's Saturday, monkeys. And while I normally regale you with my highly ineffectual wrap ups at this time, this piece from BI has compelled me to write about something a little...

Resume book for new hires?

HR is asking for an updated resume and a passport photo. Then, I remembered someone on here talking about HR creating/distributing a face book w/ resumes during training. Can...

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