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Drugs: Without the Hot Air

Came across an article this morning about a future book by David Nutt, the psychiatrist who was relieved of his duties to the British government due to the fact that one "...

Observations of an Equity Research Associate

This is just one of those threads, where we talk about what the ER industry is like. I'm a first year associate at a BB in ER , and I just finished my 2nd week. I'm working under a group that I really like and I thought I would create this thread to help those out who want to understand the ER industry.

But I'm going to approach this thread from a different perspective. Instead of being a straight Q&A, I'm going to talk about things I thought I knew about the industry or what my perception of the industry was and how that compares to reality. Of course, feel free to ask questions at the bottom. I'll update this as I go along into my new role and I learn more thing.

Perception #1: ER is a cost center and the first one the be laid off.

for the boys...seriously?

Just saw this ( Why This Married Wall Street Banker Pays For Sex ) about a banker who pays for girls he meets on a "sugar daddy dating site". REALLY?! You innocent WSO monkeys...

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Got a job offer -- advice


Yesterday I received a job offer! Yay! But it's not in IB...

The offer I received is at a law firm, in a role that is a hybrid of a first-year...

Phone call rejections are awful

Had interviews with GS two weeks ago, got a voicemail today asking me to call back when I have some spare time.

"Oh hi, sorry but the team feels your skills and prior...

Investment Banking in China, Briefly

This week I'm going to try to give a high level view, based on my personal experiences, on what the investment banking industry is like in China. There are obviously similarities to the U.S., but also a number of key differences as well.

There are basically 2 distinct flavors of investment banks in China: the huge guys, and everybody else.

The huge guys group does include all the bulge brackets we've all come to love, but they really don't have much of a share in the market here. China is dominated by the domestic banks and securities firms.

Day 1: To Be A Better Man

My self-development journey started in May 2010. I was broke, overweight and single. Life became one giant question mark, and for me, it was extremely painful and stressful. I...

If You Want To Succeed, Don’t Work With Your Friends

That's what a new study from Harvard suggests, at least.

Most of us appreciate working with a good friend we can relate to. If we're going to work long hours for months...

Banking on Insurance: Breaking in from the Insurance industry - fact or fiction?

Here's what my boss said to me over a couple of beers.

About half the industry (insurance) is made up of guys who couldn't cut it as bankers. When all else fails, you have dad call up his college bud at [insert name of commercial insurer here] and get you a cush 9-5 gig wining, dining and selling GL coverage to other hacks. . What could have passed for just another cynical (my boss has a none-too-rosy outlook on life), albeit perhaps accurate statement - seemed to hit truer to home for me and was a tad disheartening.

Ready to show structured thinking in a case interview?

Dave (former McKinsey Engagement Manager) provides advice on: how to demonstrated structured thinking in a case interview . Dave's comments are good to think about even if you...


I did it!!!

For those who are not in the know here is a quick recap. I was offered a FO BB in AM last month. It was then quickly rescinded for a genuinely stupid reason. Then last week I got a call asking me to come in to talk to a panel for one last shot to show my qualifications. Well I left the interview an hour ago and I am proud to announce I have finally broke into an FO role! I know I said it was PWM but I was just protecting my ID.

How To Follow The Markets Like A Pro – For Free!

So you are fascinated by the financial markets and maybe even interested in trading ? Great, but access to information doesn't come cheap and can be a real differentiator....

Gold Investing Is A Contentious Issue

Is it just me, or have you noticed that discussions about gold have been very contentious in the past few years.

Regardless of your investment philosophy on precious...

How your competitors are beating the GMAT

I've watched as many of my friends and acquaintances screwed up the GMAT due to defeatist thinking and extremely bad advice. They also spent a ton of money and effort, got little or no payoff, and walked away wondering if there was an intellect gap between them and the people who did well.

In my previous blog post, "How to Hose the GMAT" , I shared a model designed to help people arrive at failure more quickly and cheaply, and with less damage to self-esteem. But it's a terrible business model. Turns out that nobody actually wants to end up with median scores or get one of those fab Ivy-league part-time certificates. (Go figure.)

So why do some people still end up going down this path while some don't? What's going on in people's heads on both sides?

Spain: Too Big to Fail

In the past few months, we have witnessed a rise in the questioning the stability of the eurozone. Much of the focus has been on Greece and the June 17th elections (which have...

Summer Analyst 2012 Do's

It's this time of the year again and while there have been tons of posts on this topic I will give it another one for my London monkeys, especially now that many banks have shortened their internships due to the Olympics and you have even less time to impress and get that full time offer.

In the current environment this is a position you should not be in under any circumstances as you will have it extremely difficult to land something else if your internship employer decides not to hire you..

Today it is the first day for many of you but in case you are not yet too familiar with the general banking environment I would like to highlight a few areas that have caused people troubles in the past, during the first weeks on the job.

Dimon Visits Friends on the Banking Committee.

Jamie Dimon met with the Senate Banking Committee for a hearing on Wednesday. For those of you that watched the hearing or at least followed it in the news, what exactly did we...

How to Hose the GMAT

Want to know how to hose the GMAT ? Excerpts from the upcoming website launch of my new project below:

#1: Think outside the box. Sure, you can struggle with all the books and guides for months before attempting to hose the GMAT , but people who do this often overlook the easiest and fastest way: don't take the GMAT at all.

So if you just don't want to deal with everything the GMAT throws at you, be strategic and take the GRE instead. Not only is it much easier to get impressive percentile scores on the GRE, but many schools are also beginning to accept it as an alternative. If you don't get into an MBA program, the GRE then becomes your key to getting into one of those other master's programs that are just as good as a top MBA if not better. (MBAs aren't the only ones who know the value of preserving "optionality"!)

Hollywood and Washington

Okay, so as I'm sure some of you have heard, actress Sarah Jessica Parker had a fundraising campaign at her home a few days ago for the Obama campaign. Disclaimer: I don't want...

Never Meeting Clients: Am I Lucky?

I've been working in Corporate Finance for over 7 years now and my biggest concern at first was "I'm never going to meet clients".

Indeed, if you work in Financial...

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