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3rd Year HF Analyst Q&A

Prior reading: Hedge Fund: The Investment Life Cycle. Quick background: Penn undergrad - 2 years at AM firm - 2 years at large HF - currently in 1st year at 2-3b long/short HF...

Record Consumer Credit Numbers

The Federal Reserve has reported earlier today that consumer credit had the largest single month increase in almost a decade and seventh consecutive monthly increase in recent...

Ayn Rand and Corporate Control

When Ayn Rand comes to mind, I remember The Fountainhead before anything else. The protagonist is named Howard, a rare occurrence for the hero of a work of fiction. His surname...

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Who is WSO's Most Eligible Bachelor / Bachelorette?

Business Insider is commencing a search for the most eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette in the finance world for its first "Most Eligible" list. They need help looking for...

Monday Morning Braintease: thought process on goats and panthers

120 panthers and one goat are put on a magic island that only has grass. Panthers can eat grass, but they would rather eat goats. Assume: A. Each time only one panther can eat...

Our Uniform

Happy Monday everyone.

This morning I'm going to talk about uniforms. Most of you all would not refer to your suit (or business casual equivalent if you're that lucky)...

What is the best thing about going out on your own and starting something...

So it has been four weeks since I left energy trading and opened my own shop.

While not trading I am still in the energy space. I thought the best thing was going to be...

Our Poor and Caring Government

I read a fascinating post from zerohedge that was submitted by Tyler Durden on 4/19/12. This article caught me completely off guard, partially because I didn't notice at first...

The eurozone is now officially screwed

Europe is f*cked, Hollande wins, that is all. From the BBC:

French socialist Francois Hollande has won a clear victory in the country's presidential election. Mr...

Algorithmic Trading: Breaking The House

Svend Larsen and Peder Veiby are seen as the modern-day Norwegian Robin Hood's. They both single-handedly defeated the algorithmic trading (AT) system of Timber Hill, a unit of...

What to do with money? Investment advice etc

12 months of living expenses in cash. No debt, no loans, no credit card bills, nothing. What do I do with the roughly $3,000 a month in extra cash flow I have?

I was...

Lying On Your Resume

As we all know, this is VERY bad to do. But most people over-exaggerate the truth, I know many people give practiced and often over-padded competency examples during interviews...

How do you judge success

I dont suppose there is one definitive answer to this.

But my interpretation to this is where you started to where you end up - for example, some of you may know of Alan Sugar (he is the UK version of The Apprentice). He came from nothing, a rough council estate in London and built himself up into a multi million pound business (albeit not making very good goods, imho) but to me, that is success.

I know there are many people who say if you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth and become rich then that is not success, I tend to diagree because it still requires a certain amount of work but I think coming from less and achieving more is just a greater level of success.

Does Trading Really Need to Justify It's "Societal Value"?

I go to a target where everyone and their little sister wants to go finance, and an interesting trend I've noticed is that people that I know are interested in finance...

Best time of year to start networking?

I'm currently trying to get into iBanking as an analyst starting June 2013. Most of these firms wrap up campus recruiting in around September. When would be the best time to...

The Facebook Bubble?

Facebook's long awaited IPO is under 2 weeks away and the opinions about it are very mixed. Many people are waiting to get a hold of their share of the "hot company" because...

The Wealthy are Underpaid

The New York Times Magazine recently published a particularly interesting and timely piece on the role and importance of the wealthy in our nation . Writer Adam Davidson interviewed former Bain Capital employee Edward Conard, whose book "Unintended Consequences: Why Everything You've Been Told About the Economy is Wrong" will be published next month, in order to gain some perspective from a member of the class that some claim are ruining our democracy.

How Realistic is Paper Trading?

I started with $3,500 and make like $1,800 per day is everyone able to do this? Because this can't be realistic...

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