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How should I Acquire Knowledge


I am a math major at a target school, rising Junior. For the first two years took mostly pure math, some cs, and humanities classes. Took a little econ as well.

I've managed to get a 3.96 gpa, which I can make stable since I've already taken most of the hard classes I need (basically I could take mostly easy classes if I needed to guarantee a high gpa).

Due to various reasons, I am now prepared to give up the "life of the mind," so to speak. I want to get into finance but don't want to do investment banking (the 100+ hour weeks of mindless work that I keep reading about would be too much for me). I also do not want to become a specialized quant who just crunches numbers.

What happens after an LBO?

After you do an LBO , does the PE firm have complete control over the acquired company's operations? Does the PE firm perhaps insert one of their own guys into the company's...

Popping Pills to Perform...

This may come as a shocker to some of you (sarcastic tone) but there may be rampant use of prescription medications in your office. Look around, how many of your office peers could be diagnosed with ADD or severe anxiety? Issues that require medication for legitimate reasons should not be judged, however, a growing trend indicates the use of medication is not based on diagnosis but on need to perform on the job. A recent article published by The Harvard Business Review highlighted this growing trend of pill popping in the office ( Should Your Boss Encourage You to Take Drugs ).

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What Does Your Drink Say About You?

It's midsummer in the city and the vaunted investment banking group outings are upon us. It's time to loosen the cravat and enjoy the smell of steamy, urine-coated Manhattan...

My Experience with WSO Mentors

I recently had a call with one of the mentors from Wall Street Mentors . He was a nice guy that after answering a few of his questions he seemed inetersted in my profile. I didn't message him to talk about helping me get my next job but about what I could do to reach my end goal of working in Emerging Markets Asset Management. I chose him based on his similar experience (he did EM PE for a BB ) and I'm glad I did. He advised me that getting a job that would train me in financial analysis/modelling is a must (so IB, ER , Buyside Research), and to cater myself as an EM specialist on my resume/networking as much as I can.

Want 9% More Pay? Hit the Gym

We all know that some measures tied to pay are completely out of the control for even the hardest working analysts. Even in our somewhat meritocratic workplaces, its been... Networking

Ah yes, networking, that thing we all love and value so much. Some folks say it never ends -- even when you get that BB IBD job, you don't stop networking. Some say it is the...

PFGBest Explained

When the whole PFGBest story broke, there were a lot of things I didn't understand about it. I've had a lot of experience with the NFA and the CFTC, and it just didn't add up...

Toggles in models

I need help in creating a toggle for different growth scenarios in a financial statement projections model Im making.

So, for example, if I wanted to have different...

Trend In Abolishing Commissions For PWM

Some countries are moving towards a fee-based compensation arrangement rather than commissions based in PWM . Obviously, there is an inherent conflict of interest when advisors are paid commission and trailer fees on the investment products they sell. With fee-based, you get more objectivity, transparency and professionalism. Countries like Britain, Australia and the Netherlands have already banned commissions, and Canada may follow next according to this article by Investment Executive .

With the abolishment of commissions, this type of arrangement can put an upper limit on earnings potential, which has induced many to leave the industry:

Why insurance companies are bad for a finance career

Sorry for asking this question which definitely exposed my outliner's nature. But I'm really curious why insurance isn't counted as a serious financial product, apart from...

Trade War? Hardly.

It must be an election year; the anti-China rhetoric has been hot lately. Every day there's a new story out about how the Chinese are stealing our jobs, screwing our companies...

Goldman Opens Private Bank for Wealthy Clients

Today, this is a modest move that will deliver only minor returns next to its investment banking and trading divisions. Yet over the long term, it represents a significant...

Mayer nabbed from Google...will it save Yahoo?

Yahoo, the world's largest internet "portal" made a bit of a splash yesterday when it announced that it was scalping Google's Marissa Mayer to fill its recently-vacated CEO...

Patriot Coal Bankruptcy: A Sign of the Times for the Energy Sector

Last Monday, Patriot Coal (PCX) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and was the first ship to go down in the declining coal industry. This bankruptcy and the current...

What I Own: AAPL, GOOG, & ORCL

I get asked pretty often what stocks I like, what stocks I buy, and what stocks I own, and for the last couple years the answer has been easy: none of them . I was fortunate...

Are Ethics Taught at Top MBA Programs?

Bloomberg had an interesting article up today
discussing whether our top business schools are properly teaching ethics to their students. In summary, the article uses...

Does GPA Matter?

I have noticed that a lot of people working in PE are people who have scored first class marks in their undergraduate degree ( GPA of 4.0 according to British undergraduate degree classification ) but for banking this seems vary quite a bit (from what I have seen).

I am quite sure I will graduate with an upper second class degree ( GPA 3.33-3.67) at the very least based on my current marks. My question is, does it really at the end of the day whether you get a upper second or a first class if you are doing well as an analyst at your workplace? Does it affect your promotion prospects and/or long term in IB/move into Private Equity?


What is MAP-21 and Will it Help the Economy?

Pensions are covered in the Level 2 CFA curriculum and are considered by many to be one of the more demanding topics to learn. While the concepts of PBO and pension expense and the expected value of planned assets are still flowing in and out of my consciousness, I happened to read about the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act, otherwise known as MAP-21. President Obama signed this act into law on July 6, and while the majority of the act focuses on other things, a small portion of it has to do with pensions and is an update of the Pension Protection Act of 2006.

10 Words/Terms That Ruin a Resume

andy note: thought some of you could find these helpful (from senior editor)

Your resume needs an update -- that is, if your resume is like that of most...

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