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Careers options for PhD in Finance (Other than academia)

Hi guys.

I am a first year PhD Finance student at a school which has very a solid reputation in overall but not the top in finance. As a PhD student, my priority is on getting an academic position, but I am also interested in career options in the industry.

How I Landed a FDP Offer from an Unknown School

Let me first begin by saying that for most of my time in college, getting into a FLDP at a F500 firm has been my goal. I am very intrigued by the exciting, fast-paced life and lucrative pay of the IB world, but the 80-100hr work weeks and the fact that the company doesn't "make something" simply doesn't interest me. That said, I decided early on that I want to make it to the C-Suite of a F500 company, and a FLDP is probably the best place to start.

My background: I'm finishing up my senior year of college, majoring in Finance and Economics. To call my school a non-target would be an overstatement. When I was applying for jobs, my school wasn't even listed on the drop-down menu for colleges. I can only imagine what the HR people thought when they saw my resume and saw I was listed as having attended "Other". Furthermore, the school is 11 years old, so we have a very sparse alumni network. Because of this, I knew I had my work cut out for me if I wanted to work for a company outside the geographic area of my school.

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Things to Read While Pretending to Work – Nov. 12, 2015

After some great feedback last week, I'm going to continue writing this weekly post: Things to Read While Pretending to Work.

If you missed last week's intro, here's what it's all about: I want to help turn your "dead time" at work into something more productive. Instead of going on Facebook or skimming random news sites to to kill the time, I'm going to post three awesome articles to read instead. Use this post to get a mental break from work, while also learning some tangible, actionable advice that will make your life better.

Is there a specific problem you're struggling with that I haven't covered yet? Leave a comment and let me know. I guarantee that there's an answer out there, so let me do the digging and find it for you.

Enjoy the weekend!


WSO Weekly Wrap-Up (11/7-11/13)

In case you missed them, here're some of last week's most popular topics:

It Took 18 Hours to Pour San Francisco's Biggest-Ever Concrete Foundation
Post By @CRE

When I was in San Francisco for the ULI Fall Meeting, I had the pleasure of attending a lecture on and a tour of Salesforce Tower, a joint project by Hines and Boston Properties that will be the tallest building west of Chicago upon completion. It was an incredible presentation and tour and the entire Transbay District will be revolutionary for the city when it is finished. The scale is simply incredible.

Unlimited Data Plans and Data Usage / Month

I may be the only one at this point but I still have my old school Verizon unlimited data plan for $30 / Month. According to Verizon I am in the

1. What is the most data you have used in the month? What is your monthly average? I average ~70gb / Month and I hit ~95gb one month this spring.

2. Does anyone have T-Mobile? If so, what are your thoughts on service, quality, etc. They are the only ones that still have unlimited and that is my likely step if I chose to switch.

WSO Private Equity Resume Template for Professionals with Deal Experience is Released!

Big Announcement: WSO Private Equity Official Resume Template for Experienced Professionals with Deal Experience is Now Public!:

Click here for the free investment banking resume template for college students.

For those of you with deal or project experience coming from Investment Banking or Management Consulting, looking to make sure your CV format is clean and make sure that your private equity resume is polished for those competitive buyside jobs in private equity and hedge funds, we have a great sample resume you can now use free of charge (attached to this post below). We're hoping this clean format gives you an even bigger edge in recruiting (besides being members of WSO :-). Also, don't forget that our private equity interview prep guide is now available after years in the making (here)!

People keep resigning?

I've been working at a bank with a strong equity research platform (used to be strong) for almost a year now, but during my time here, many of the analysts resigned and moved onto other banks or industries. What I found really surprising though is the fact that some of them don't tell their associates ahead of time that they're leaving the firm, which leaves them in a tough position...

Is it a norm in the industry to leave without informing their associates ahead of time?

You can leave without your associates, but if you don't give them enough time to search for a new job, aren't the analysts only thinking out for themselves even though they have somewhat established their careers?... Any input would be appreciated.

Want to Boost Your Career? Be a Leader - Not a Boss

Mod Note (Andy): Throwback Thursday - this originally went up 8/21/13. If you haven't read Nefarious' other posts make sure to check them out, he did a good series of 3-4 posts around this time (see on his tracker page by clicking his username)

Keeping with the theme of my article from two weeks ago (regarding cold emails and helping/mentoring the younger crowd, link here) I wanted to take some time to discuss the difference between a boss and a leader and how having one or the other can drastically change your future and career over the other.

Chances are a lot of you have bosses - and chances are a lot of you will have bosses your entire life. It is the unfortunate majority of the business world.

In my opinion, bosses are expendable, there just happens to be more of them out there than leaders. Seeing as how we are the next wave of business professionals and experts, I would like to lay some groundwork and get it in your heads what the difference is, so even if you never get to experience working for a leader, you can at least become one.

Divergence in the Drug Businesses: Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

In the last two weeks, I have started writing about Pfizer's courting of Allergan, the epic fall of Valeant and the unraveling of the Theranos story, but I have held back because all three stories have to be set against the backdrop of the changing health care business. While there are numerous stories being told about how this is changing, I decided that it made sense to start by looking at the evolution of the health care business over the last 25 years and how changes in its core characteristics may explain all three stories.

Dorms for Grownups: A Solution for Lonely Millennials?

Throughout the country, "micro units" have sprung up. Millennials (and others) desire to be in highly dense, metropolitan areas yet either cannot afford a traditional unit or have no interest in possessing space simply for it to go underutilized. At the same time, co-working space has become more and more popular.

Troy Evans, whom I can only imagine as a raging hipster (not intended as an insult, just...c' can see it too), took it to the next logical step and is creating co-living spaces. Tenants will have a 300SF micro apartment with a mini kitchen, a private bathroom, and a bedroom, but most of their time will be spent in a common area which will features a chef's kitchen, a game room, and a TV room.

It's like a hostel with private bedrooms, or, as the article's title suggests, a dorm for grownups. They are even hiring a very dorm-like "social engineer" to create group events and "maintain harmony among roommates."

Harvard hides behind affirmative action

Surprised a certain notorious user didn't also try to take a school to court for reverse-discrimination. (link at bottom.)

Leave MBA Program for Job Offer?

I was having a conversation with a few classmates recently and the topic of networking and job offers came up. One question I am going back and forth about is whether or not you should accept a job offer if it required you to leave your current program. To fill out the scenario a bit here, you can assume the school offers online distance learning as an option. Suppose you were in the first semester of grad school at a respectable top 25 program but not top 10, and a job in banking / consulting / PE came along which would require you to move out of the area. Would you take it?

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