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"Run me through a recent M&A deal we advised on"

How should you go about answering this question? What questions must you answer when talking about the deal and what points should be covered.

Am I correct in thinking...

Experienced Analyst, but COMPLETELY unable to break out

Been an analyst for over THREE years now, now at my second bank, but I *hate* it. Which isn't to say I'm not a hard worker, but I'm not getting any good experience, deals are...

9/12/16 - Monday @Mentions

Happy Monday WSO!

Upcoming events:

The 14th Automatic Exchange of Information Congress -- September 14th-15th, London , posted by ....

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Why does nobody talk about HSBC?

Seems as though HSBC is a ghosttown on this forum since I have yet to see a thread about them in months. Are they really that bad or is it because they are an internationally...

Join the WSO Resume Review Team

We are looking to add several Resume Reviewers to the WSO Resume Review team.

Requirements: At least 1 year of professional experience in finance Previous experience...

2016 APD/ADC MBB Full Time Recruiting Updates

Hey guys,

Thought I'd start another thread for those of us APDs/ADCs (read: spent too many years in school) who are applying for full time positions either earlier this...

Allen & Co. - An In-Depth Review

In browsing this forum, I've come across some misinformation (or none at all) about Allen & Company. The firm has historically been shrouded in secrecy...until today....

A horrible surprise after Bring Your Kid To Work Day

Back from a late summer hiatus, monkeys. I like to take some for myself during this season and get out to the Catskills to detox my liver and clear my mind.


Junior Execution Sales Trader

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Specialized, focused and growing investment bank seeks a Junior Execution Sales Trader. The firm, based in midtown Manhattan, NYC, solely deals with institutional clients, mutual funds, private equity firms and other investment products. The Junior Execution Trader will be responsible for equity...

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Breaking in from undergrad

Hey guys!

I'm currently entering my Junior year at a non-target from the west coast. I had an internship with a small PE firm that invested in multi-family properties...

Bad Valuation

Anyone ever been on the buy-side of an acquisition, in which you over-valued the target's value? Today I had to meet with accounting/finance/B.I. of company I work at to...

Injured both of my legs, what should I do about pants for the next 4-6 weeks?

Hey guys, I managed to hurt both of my legs on a labor day weekend trip with my cousins and older brother. We were doing our annual labor day trip to the lake house upstate and...

Makena Capital

For all interested in Investment Analyst internships at Makena Capital Management in Menlo Park...

Interview Process:

In California: (1) 45 minute interview on-campus...

I hate banking, what to do?

Fellow monkeys,

Some background here. I grew up in a third world country and eventually went on to HYP.

As you all might know, kids at these places often end up...

Lazard's $400m Mistake

I read an interesting article on Reuters this morning. In regards to Tesla's deal with SolarCity, Evercore was Tesla's sole advisor, with Lazard working on the SolarCity side...

Is my career over?

Hey everyone,

Hope you're all having a good day, first time poster on a discussion btw.

So basically I was working at a reknowned PE house for about 3 years (3...

BlackRock Virtual Cover Letter

Has anyone applied to BlackRock to be a full-time analyst and received a request to submit a virtual cover letter? I'm not sure what to expect so if anyone has completed it and...

What is so bad about Back Office Roles?

I know this forum seems to crap on BO /MO roles but I do think that there is a little bit of a misnomer on the actual field. From people I've talked to in ops and risk it seems...

Nootropics: CILTEP vs. Nexus

Obligatory note: I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on the Internet. These are my experiences alone, and you must decide what is best for yourself. If that includes seeing a...

Do titles matter?

How much do titles matter in the world of investment banking? I am two years out of school and have the title of Vice President at my current firm. I work at a boutique M&A...

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