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List of Investment Banks that Don't Sponsor H1B for US Entry-level Postitions

For those of you who need H1B Visa sponsorship for entry-level, can we make a list together to identify investment banks that don't sponsor h1b? I found an earlier post back in 2010 with a list but it should be out of date.

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Incoming BB Lev Fin analyst Q&A

I've been a big beneficiary of WSO for a long time, and now I have some free time on my hands so I thought I'd give back by helping some of my peers here.

Just some background info: I'm a December grad from a semi-target school (i.e. IU, UNC, Emory, etc.) My full-time at a BB (JPM or BAML) as a Lev Fin analyst starts in July this year, thus I really do have some time to spare.

You're welcome to ask me questions regarding to how to network, summer internship experience, interview, or anything you think that I might know as an incoming analyst (shoot me a PM if you prefer). I'll try to answer them to my best ability in a timely manner.

AMA: I Tried a Sensory Deprivation Tank

Last week, I did something I've wanted to do for years -- try floating in a sensory deprivation tank.

The experience was better than I thought it would be, and was one of those rare things that actually lived up to the hype.

Officially Out of the HF Business

Mod Note (Andy): Make sure to see his comment below in response to @"Kenny_Powers_CFA"'s question

Might as well make it official and say I have left the HF business to pursue other interests on good terms and performance numbers. We all go through a period of self-reflection (usually annually around bonus season) and after several cycles I've decided now was a good time for me to exit. I'm not getting any younger.

I probably top ticked the market when I actually decided to walk away and while it's extremely tempting to get back into the game during this volatility I remind myself I have other long-term personal investments & goals to work on. I would not forgive myself if I didn't pursue them no matter how financially lucrative buyside is.

This Week in Oil and Gas - 01/22/2016

I plan on posting a weekly discussion topic called "This Week in Oil and Gas" to highlight news of the week (topics well vary). I am open to any suggestions and will hope that other users participate and post their thoughts.

Here we go!

Industry News

Saudi Aramco IPO does NOT include oil reserves

The chairman of Saudi oil giant Saudi Aramco was quoted as saying a possible initial public offering would not include the kingdom's oil reserves.

Chairman Khalid al-Falih made the comments to Saudi privately owned broadcaster Al-Arabiya in an interview from Davos, Switzerland. The Dubai-based broadcaster reported the comments Sunday. Al-Falih also says the potential share flotation could take place on local or international markets. (FuelFix)

Schlumberger beats estimates...announces more cuts

SLB reported Q4 revenue of $7.7 billion, down 9% sequentially and Q4 earnings dropped 57% to 65 cents a share, beating analyst expectations of 63 cents. During 2015 SLB bought back $2.2 billion in stock and announced a further $10 billion in stock repurchases for 2016.

Rewind - Consulting Case - Talent Recruitment & Retention Strategy of a Fortune 500 Technology Firm + Q&A

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WSO Weekly Wrap-Up (1/16-1/22)

In case you missed them, here're some of last week's most popular topics:

Officially Out of the HF Business
Post By @Mr. Pink Money

I have left the HF business to pursue other interests on good terms and performance numbers. We all go through a period of self-reflection (usually annually around bonus season) and after several cycles, I have decided now was a good time for me to exit. I would not forgive myself if I did not pursue other long-term personal investments & goals, no matter how financially lucrative the buyside is.

Reneging correctly?

A few weeks ago I posted a thread to ask for some advice on my situation. In essence, I have been offered an analyst 2 position in a top boutique (think Evercore, PJT...), and was at a later stage (post-signing) offered a much more senior position at a corp dev. team of one of the largest firms out there by M&A activity and revenue.

Beginning Your Career in a Recession

Mod Note (Andy): adding this to the frontpage because of the quality of comments, not because we are in a recession :-)

Inspired by geoffblades's post this morning (, I started thinking how starting a career in investment banking during a recession differs from starting at the beginning of a long boom cycle.

No matter your personal view on the market and economy, we appear poised for at least a small recession in the next few years. As I am starting as a Summer Analyst within a tech coverage group this year, I am interested in the experiences that the more experienced members of this board had during the most recent recession.

J.P. Morgan to Workaholics: Knock It Off

Didn't see a thread here, so I thought I'd put one up:

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. is giving its investment bankers an unusual mandate: Relax, take some time off.
The firm launched a new effort on Thursday to encourage its investment bankers to take their weekends off--as long as there isn't a live deal in the works.


Preparing for the HF informational interview

Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 12/27/09. To see all of our top content from the past, click here.

I got a PM asking how to prepare for an informational interview with a HF manager. Since I don't post often, I'm going to post the bulk of my (stream of consciousness) reply here. This may give you an idea of the "it" factor fund mangers are looking for. Just keep in mind these suggestions are for fundamental value investing fund, and can apply to both undergrads and MBAs (with the bar being higher for MBA candidates). The advice obviously differs with the strategy. The key is to try to replicate the things you would do at a fund on your own.

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