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We've been getting more events posted lately (Paris/Atlanta/NYC) so let's keep the momentum going!

We are looking for 1-2 WSO members in major cities across the world...

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Betches Love This: Investment Bankers

PR girls majored in him. He’s dead to at least a few people. You don’t need a JP Morgan access pass to find him, but you will need to prepare for a sense of entitlement that...

What I Look For When Hiring Junior Traders

I've been asked before what it takes to get a junior trader role on my desk, and there seems to be a prevalence of topics on the forums about how to secure a job as a junior...

The Prince: A Monkey's Review

Like it or not, the office environment is in fact a political one, and that leads a lot of us to seek advice from various sources. "The Prince" is one of those books, along...

How To Be A Gentleman: A Monkey's Review

What does being a gentleman mean to you?

Does it mean knowing which fork to use at a properly-set table? Does it mean being so impeccably dressed as to make Patrick Bateman and 007 envious? Does it mean knowing when to tip, how to tie a bowtie, or how to properly greet a lady?

It can be all of those things, but at its core being a gentleman is more than just being the nice guy or being the best dresser. It's about getting out of your head for a change and soberly considering how you come off to other people. It can be summed up in one of the first gentlemanly criteria laid out in this book:

"A gentleman never gets so big that he can feel free to say or do things that make other people feel small."

Stepping Away from Lending Club

Mod note: Blast from the Past - "Best of Eddie." This was originally posted in April 2013.

It's been awhile since I've done an update on the Lending Club WSO CDO and...

Blitzed, Smashed and Drunk: Drinking for the Modern Monkey

Welcome to Blitzed, Smashed and Drunk , WSO's new blog about all things alcohol related. It's a celebration of alcohol, a veritable treasure trove of recipes to be tried out, a...

Our Fascination with Failure

What is it about seeing the mighty fall that causes us to gather for miles around to watch the spectacle? Why do we love to see the wealthy and powerful brought low?



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