I'm a Hedge Fund Analyst - Ask Me Anything

I work as a long/short equity analyst at a large hedge fund. I've been lucky enough to be more than just a model monkey early on in my career, but have also been exposed to the stress of being measured on returns. I primarily cover consumer and TMT names. I went the typical path (target school --> IB --> HF), but have insight for those that have to follow more non-traditional paths.

ps I did one of these last year that you can see here: "Finishing 1st Year as HF Analyst - Ask Anything"

Transitioning from IB to HF Series - Part 1: Getting the Interview

With headhunters likely beginning to reach out in December/January, I thought I'd put out a series of posts on making the transition from IB to HF. This one talks about getting that first interview.

If you're in a decent group, most--if not all--the major headhunters will reach out to you. The smaller ones are more sporadic/random in terms of who they reach out to and you'll need to proactively search for and contact these guys regardless of where you work. Most people who made the IB to HF transition got their first job through a headhunter, but there are also many opportunities available to those that are resourceful and proactively reach out to funds on their own.

Does pedigree matter?

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