The Best Summer Internship Tips on WSO

Another compilation post by my content intern @Lucas_M, we hope you find these helpful!

IBD Internship Experience by @moneymogul
Here is a series of 4 posts by @moneymogul where he shared his IBD internship experience.

Week 1 of IBD Internship: Training
posted by @moneymogul

In summary, training day is all about introductions and first impressions. Your HR program managers will be in attendance, and you should take a few seconds out of the multiple intersessions to shake their hands.

Equally important is taking the time to meet the other interns around you. If you attend a non-target school, this is the opportunity to plug yourself into the clique of elite institutions and its future Wall Streeters.

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Monday @Mentions April 13, 2015

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The Best IBD SA OCR, Interviews and FT Offer Conversion Posts on WSO

Thanks to my content intern @"Lucas_m" for another great compilation post. This one covers on campus recruiting, interviews, and converting SA internships into FT offers. Enjoy! -Andy

1. Acing the investment banking analyst interview
posted by @"frgna"

Wrapping up an interview
1. Before you ask us questions it’s nice to say “I’ve done lots of research on your firm and talked to a lot of people so I know your firm pretty well, so I really want to hear more about your own personal experiences here.”

2. Some good questions to ask your interviewers: 1) Tell me about a recent deal you’ve worked on that you liked. 2) What are the next steps from here? 3) How have you liked your experience here so far? Anything surprise you, good or bad? 4) Tell me about what you guys do for fun.

3. Some questions to avoid: 1) What are the hours like here? (get that info later from an insider that you know better) 2) Anything related to compensation 3) What are your plans after banking? (we can’t answer that and we’ll all say we’re planning on staying in the near term…duh…)

4. Don’t stand up until I stand up.

- 126 silver bananas

Google's Head Of Hr Shares His Hiring Secrets

Not 100% relevant to finance but thought there was some good takeaways in here you guys might like. From FastCompany:

Google's Svp Of People Operations Explains How He Sifts Through 2 Million Résumés And How He Defines The "googleyness" Of Potential Hires.

Laszlo Bock knew he wasn’t walking into a traditional corporate setting in 2006 when he arrived for his job interview for head of people operations at Google.

Google recruiter Martha Josephson implored Bock, who had done stints at firms like GE and McKinsey & Co., not to wear a suit to his interview. No one wears suits there, she told him—show up in one, and they'll think you don't get them or their culture. Bock acquiesced, but kept a necktie in his jacket pocket just in case.

He got the job, in addition to something rare: an extraordinary perch from which to watch and eventually exert some influence over how a fast-moving web company with plenty of money to spend and people to study conducts itself and maintains its idiosyncratic culture. That's partly why he's written the book Work Rules, which comes out this month. The book aims to give a peek inside why Google organizes itself the way it does, the motivations behind its approach to recruiting—and what more-traditional businesses can learn from its approaches.

"Bad times for investment bankers are here to stay"

Sorry had to post this, but would like to hear some criticism of the article..

From the ever-reliable Forbes:
The profession’s recent indignities aren’t just a post-recession hangover.

Investment bankers used to rule the world. Now J.P. Morgan chief Jamie Dimon has to explain to investors why the bank is even in that business anymore. (It’s still a service that clients need, he said during a call in January.)

How times have changed. Over the past year the indignities mounted for banks’ onetime profit centers. The leading person to succeed Dimon at J.P. Morgan, Gordon Smith, runs consumer banking. Swiss giant Credit Suisse’s new CEO comes from insurance. Many large European banks are getting out of investment banking completely. And the ultimate insult: Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank, once derided for sticking to straight lending, are now more profitable than lords of finance Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

The irony is that these should be good times for Wall Street. Mergers and IPOs are back. Stock indexes are at all-time highs. Activist investors are launching hostile takeovers. And yet the Street’s profit machine seems broken. The average bank has a return on equity of 8% these days, down from 18% before the financial crisis, according to RBC Capital Markets. Much of the drop has been in investment banking.