The Decision Elf. Have you seen him?

Often times we look back at the shoulda coulda wouldas. We stay in certain situations way longer than we should because we are afraid of what might come next. We talk a big game about all the things we would do...if only (I had more time, more money, no debt). But those are excuses and they will always be there.

To be thirty days away from being unable to pay rent personally and ninety days away from lights out professionally for three years takes its toll.

Here's a post by guy who didn't wait, and it wasn't easy, but it was inspirational. Read on for a few more highlights from this article.

How to Get Laid Off

So you hate your job but youre not ready to leave b/c you don't want to be broke and you don't already have a new job lined up. So what to do, you can stick with it, as another user recently posted, or you can get yourself laid off. The old "it's not you, it's me - but really it's you" hat trick can go a long ways into getting yourself into Funemployment. Read on for some tips you can follow to put yourself on the chopping block without burning any bridges.

Worst Career Advice for New Grads

Listen up all you newly minted college grads. Now that you're entering the brave, new, depressing world that is life post college, you are probably eager to jump start your cube life and pay down your debts. And everyone you talk to is gonna offer up their unsolicited sage advice about careers and working and the real world and blah blah

Some of it is common sense, occasionally its useful, but most of the time its useless. So here are my dos centavos, if you will, a list of terrible career advice for you to never follow...

12 Quarter Life Crisis Questions to Ask Yourself

I wouldn't exactly say I'm crestfallen these days, but I do often question what I'm doing with myself. The question has plagued me since I moved out of the 18-24 box. You ask other people for advice, but how often do ask yourself what you are doing. Maybe its time to have a little 1-on-1 time with the man in the mirror. Read on to see some of the questions I've been asking myself as of late.

How to get a good deal on Craigslist

Gone are the days when you had to go through your carrier to replace you phone. Roughly 100 million ads go up every month and with a shelf life of less than a day it's important to know how to spot a good deal on craigslist to avoid getting scammed.
Read on for a few tips on getting a phone on craigslist.

How to get work done when you’ve lost your enthusiasm

Just a few hours ago I submitted my taxes - they only took about 15 minutes mostly because they were simple and Im broke. But the tax man cometh and taketh anyway. I came to the sad realization that net-net my post tax take home is about as much as my pre-tax salary from my first internship (5 years ago). With this newly gained nugget of wisdom and my growing list of things-that-I need-to-get-done-for-work-by-COB-that-I don't-care-about, I had a very strong desire to pack up and move to the Cayman Islands. But I can't afford that. So how to dig deep and find the motivation to be productive when I've lost interest. Read on for some ways to trick yourself into being motivated when you've lost your enthusiasm

How I manage all of my Work and Personal gadgets

I am surrounded by technology. I work in technology and i've had some sort of cell phone since hanson was born. I have a PC, Blackberry, and an iPad for work and a Mac, windows phone (looks away in shame) , a kindle, and an ipod for play. Usually all of the these items are within reach, so when I want to do something simple, like google a word to check for spelling it takes a sec to pick which device I want to use. I usually go with what's within arms reach. some things work better than others depending on what I want to do so here are a few things I do to use my gadgets more effectively.

Upgrading my Reading List

Last week I attended a master class at one of the MBA programs I'm looking at. The Professor was interesting he spent some time talking about all of the standard hot topic issues and we went through a case study. I left the class with one take away - I want to read more finance books. I made note of a few titles that I came across but also decided to set out on my kindle to see what I could find. 10 minutes worth of searching and I came up with the next three books I'll be reading. Check out my list so far and help me with any suggestions.

5 Reasons you didn't make the cut

Last week I was helping out another group with some interviews for an experienced hire and of all the interviews I held, I only recommended 1. The standards are a bit different when interviewing lateral hires. We expect you to actually be knowledgeable in the area you are working and be able to speak effectively about the work you have done. But for some reason, these and some other basic skills seem to have been lost on the people I saw this week.

Read on to see the 5 reasons I passed on most people I interviewed.

11 ways to Fake Work like everyone else in your office

mod note: this was originally posted on 7/11/12
Everyone's on vacation. You've pretty much done minimal work the last week because you were celebrating your independence. Let's face it, you've probably checked out since memorial day weekend and now begins the long stretch towards labor day weekend and the end of the lazy summer. With most colleagues on vacation, it's pretty difficult to get much done during the summer - but you're stuck behind a desk anyway. So how do you keep busy and stay underneath the radar, while doing as little as possible?


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