What Does Your Drink Say About You? Part II

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The breeze is brisk, the Starbucks cups are red, and the sidewalks of New York City are crowded body-to-body with packs of overweight tourists and kids on leashes. With football season in full swing and the winter doldrums looming large, summer days spent slamming beers at The Standard beer garden are but a distant memory. The holiday season is upon us, and while investment banking analysts across Wall Street are girding for a fiscal cliff-induced Christmas deal staffing special, a hint of holiday cheer hangs around the bullpen. That's because around this time of year, junior investment bankers celebrate a Wall Street tradition as hallowed as the almighty 100-page Strategic Alternatives pitch. Monkeys rejoice - it's Holiday Party season.

Banking to Buyside: 3 Keys to Getting Into the Best Groups

"What's the best group on the Street?"

It's one of the most common questions asked on the WSO forums. Nobody ever has a definitive answer, because there isn't one. Some folks want to make a career in investment banking, while many other forward-thinking monkeys sign on with an eye already on buyside placement post-analyst program. Assuming you are in the latter bucket, like so many WSO readers are, joining the right group for you is key to getting on the headhunter shortlist come recruiting season.

Here's how you find the group that will put you on the fast-track to the promised land.

12 Hours Till Deadline: The All Nighter, Part 2

The following post is Part 2 of an investment banking analyst's nightmare all-nighter.

If you missed Part 1, read it here.

After getting ready to leave work at a reasonable hour, you get bombed with a nasty email and get caught up in a fire drill that will have you pulling an all-nighter at work. You just got through an unbelievable load of late-night additions to the pitchbook you've been cranking on, and you're catching a breather after sending the latest draft to your VP....

Going Postal Over These 4 Work Emails

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the way people in our corner of the world use email. As even the greenest summer analyst knows, on Wall Street, email is the primary means of communication - in other words, the primary method of transferring and generating work. The curse of the buzzing Blackberry afflicts thousands of young analysts and associates, who dream of the days when they only carried one cell phone. On the weekends, the Almighty Blinking Red Light is like a beacon of doom, a grinding reminder of the very much tethered existence of the typical junior financier.

It's Saturday morning and you've slept in hard after a long week of late nights and life-threatening levels of caffeine consumption. You forgot to take out your contact lenses before passing out last night, so your eyelids are fused shut. Buzz buzz - oh no...

You answer the call of the Almighty Blinking Red Light with dutiful purpose and a heavy heart. You fumble with the keys until you hit the unlock sequence, and the screen illuminates. It's a uniquely terrible feeling waking up to multiple work emails. Deep breath.

Email #1

From: Jason Brownoser
Subject: Fw: Re: Re: Re:

    Not good. Immediately you can tell this is a long email chain, denoted by the multiple response tags. Additionally, it appears as though the conversation has occurred via Blackberry, as there are no all-caps tags (as there would have been if the chain was sent through Outlook).

Dressing for the Daily Commute

As financial professionals, most of us have to wear some variation of The Suit and Tie to work every day. Most of us live in large cities and either walk or rely on public transportation for the daily commute. And while we spend the vast majority of our waking lives in fluorescent-lit, climate-controlled offices, for a few minutes each day, we brave the elements to get to work. Given the unpredictable/often miserable weather in New York, people who wear suits everyday have to deal with commuting in creative ways. Chances are, you've adopted some commute-specific wardrobe modifications for the subway and streets. Some general observations after the break:

What Does Your Drink Say About You?

It's midsummer in the city and the vaunted investment banking group outings are upon us. It's time to loosen the cravat and enjoy the smell of steamy, urine-coated Manhattan concrete while kicking back a few with your fellow indentured servants. Whether you're lucky enough to be invited to the group head's Hamptons retreat or you're slumming it at a roped-off section of the Ace Hotel Lobby Bar, one thing's for sure: you're getting after it at the summer party. But what does your libation say about you? See if these quintessential banker quaffs fit the personalities of people you may know:

Break Out Your Summertime Slacks

With the Independence Day holiday behind us, the dog days of summer are officially here. The army of investment banking analysts across Wall Street breathes a collective sigh of relief as MDs begin to leave for the Hamptons on Thursdays and staffers start to hit the gym at 3 pm. It's a magical time of free afternoon-game Yankees tickets (MD had to catch the last heli to Southampton), happy hours that start at 4 (staffer is on vacation), and summer analyst open bar events ripe for crashing (started drinking at the stadium then blacked out during happy hour).


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