The Week Ahead : April 15th to April 19th

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After a choppy week during which indexes closed at all-time highs, the situation can be described as okay despite a slowing growth. Some bankers would still want more credit as a sign of financial stability along with more trading volume. On the economic side, the data reported was, again, disappointing (especially with a lowest consumer sentiment in nine months). On the commodity side, prices have been dropping from oil to minerals. This might chance, especially considering a presidential election coming up in Venezuela, a large oil producer. This coming week might reverse this recent economic slump with earnings season kicking off.

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The Week Ahead : April 8th to April 12th

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After what has been called a disappointing week ending with poor jobs and payroll reports, some argue that the bull market is running out of steam. This view is supported by the fact that this quarter's best performers are companies in healthcare and utilities, a shift towards defensive stocks indicating a trend towards more caution. This is where the Fed might step in to invigorate the economy. Indeed, a dozen speeches by Fed officers, including two by Bernanke will take place this week and potentially try to cheer the markets up. Another major factor is the unofficial beginning of earnings season with JPM and Wells Fargo's Q1 reports. As of this quarter, analysts expect earnings to have risen by a conservative 1.5%, down from a 4.3% expected increase at the beginning of the year.

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The Week Ahead : April 1st to April 5th

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What's next after last week's record breaking sessions ? Some argue that the SPX and DJIA will be going down, or as an S&P strategist says, "upward moves have generally gotten smaller, which suggests that the move is getting old and that we need a pullback." An indicator of this trend is volatility; the VIX index is up 14.5% over the last two weeks. On the brighter side, however, an estimated 197,000 jobs have been added in March, according to economists. This is a lower figure than last month but would still keep the unemployment at 7.7%. The official figure will be announced on Friday. On top of that, this upcoming week showcases some important indicators for the real estate industry.

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The Week Ahead : March 25th to March 29th

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This week, most of the attention will be on Cyprus. It starts on Monday with the deadline for a new ECB-Cyprus deal. If this deal goes through, Reuters speculates that stocks could go beyond the indexes' all-time closing highs given European policymakers find a common ground to deal with the island's situation. On Tuesday and Wednesday, South Africa will be hosting the BRICS summit where some expect the leading developing countries to lay the groundwork for a BRICS-led development bank to rival the World Bank and the IMF. Later, the week will end with the third Q4 US GDP estimate on Thursday and closed US equity markets on Friday.

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The Week Ahead : March 18th to March 22nd

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According to a Reuters article, the S&P/DJIA growth we've seen since the beginning of 2013 is not coming to an end, even though it will probably remain slow. With a forward PE 9% below the October 2007 value at the S&P 500's all time high, analysts judge US equities to be fairly cheap. When compared to other assets such as bonds, equities are not expensive at all. When factoring in the low interest rates and increasing dividend payouts, stocks are still the best asset under the sun.

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How College Limits Your Development

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Why haven't you taken that job in the field you love ? Well, according to Daniel Gulati in his HBR article, your college degree could be a much greater influence on your decisions that what you'd think, and not necessarily in a good sense. Even though academic and professional credentials can be a great fit fore many, Gulati identifies a major problem related to these degrees :

Credential overhang. Defined simply, it's the perverse way in which our university schooling limits our career options, rather than enhancing them.
So why would you want to reconsider that B-school application ? The author sees three reasons for this.

BlackBerry's Demise

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BlackBerry is changing. After losing 80% of its market value over the last two years, the Canadian company is finally trying to do something right. It started early this month with a ticker change from the old RIMM to BBRY and the release of the new BlackBerry Z10. Their attempt to turn the company around will continue with a likely change in the company name at the shareholder's GA later this year, but that will not be enough to save BlackBerry.

Is College as Useless as They Say ?

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Even though going to college is a no-brainer for 99% of those interested in finance, students (like myself) will always wonder about the actual value of their shiny and expensive college degree. If you accept to be slowly crushed by college debt, you might as well learn something usefull. DonVon had his own opinion in his blog post three days ago, although from my understanding you never really learn in college what you will do on the job. But then, regardless of your field/major, how much of what you learn in college will you/do you actually use ?

RBS Libor Manipulation Logs

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I know some people have mixed views about ZeroHedge, but they published an article last week (link at the end) about RBS' IM logs concerning the manipulation of the Libor. Parts of the logs are a little "boring," but some quotes are pure gold (especially for the more cynical here).

I think my favourite is :

Swiss Franc Trader: can u put 6m swiss libor in low pls?
Primary Submitter: NO
Swiss Franc Trader: should have pushed the door harder
Primary Submitter: Whats it worth
Swiss Franc Trader: ive got some sushi rolls from yesterday?
Primary Submitter: ok low 6m , just for u
Swiss Franc Trader: wooooooohooooooo[,] 0.01%? thatd be awesome
Primary Submitter: 1.33
Swiss Franc Trader: perfect[.] u r a nice man

Adderall - The Intelligence Pill

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I know topics about Adderall resurface every now and then, but a friend of mine recently shared the following Urban Dictionnary's post on facebook.

Adderall Nighter - An Adderall-induced all nighter. Consuming copious amounts of the prescription ADD/ADHD medication Adderall in order to stay up all night and accomplish a given task. This method is most commonly employed...

Him taking ADHD medication does not surprise me, but I have never really seen people on my campus medicating their way into better grades. I have been told, however, that it was more common at bigger universities. I know that about half of my friends in European colleges are taking Adderall or equivalents, but it never struck me in the US.


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