The Week Ahead : April 15th to April 19th

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After a choppy week during which indexes closed at all-time highs, the situation can be described as okay despite a slowing growth. Some bankers would still want more credit as a sign of financial stability along with more trading volume. On the economic side, the data reported was, again, disappointing (especially with a lowest consumer sentiment in nine months). On the commodity side, prices have been dropping from oil to minerals. This might chance, especially considering a presidential election coming up in Venezuela, a large oil producer. This coming week might reverse this recent economic slump with earnings season kicking off.

You will find more economic releases and data after the break !

The Week Ahead : April 8th to April 12th

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After what has been called a disappointing week ending with poor jobs and payroll reports, some argue that the bull market is running out of...

The Week Ahead : April 1st to April 5th

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What's next after last week's record breaking sessions ? Some argue that the SPX and DJIA will be going down, or as an S&P strategist says, "...

The Week Ahead : March 25th to March 29th

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This week, most of the attention will be on Cyprus. It starts on Monday with the deadline for a new ECB-Cyprus deal. If this deal goes through,...

The Week Ahead : March 18th to March 22nd

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According to a Reuters article , the S&P/DJIA growth we've seen since the beginning of 2013 is not coming to an end, even though it will...

How College Limits Your Development

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Why haven't you taken that job in the field you love ? Well, according to Daniel Gulati in his HBR article , your college degree could be a much...

BlackBerry's Demise

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BlackBerry is changing . After losing 80% of its market value over the last two years, the Canadian company is finally trying to do something...

Is College as Useless as They Say ?

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Even though going to college is a no-brainer for 99% of those interested in finance, students (like myself) will always wonder about the actual...

RBS Libor Manipulation Logs

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I know some people have mixed views about ZeroHedge, but they published an article last week (link at the end) about RBS ' IM logs concerning the manipulation of the Libor. Parts of the logs are a little "boring," but some quotes are pure gold (especially for the more cynical here).

I think my favourite is :

Swiss Franc Trader: can u put 6m swiss libor in low pls?
Primary Submitter: NO
Swiss Franc Trader: should have pushed the door harder
Primary Submitter: Whats it worth
Swiss Franc Trader: ive got some sushi rolls from yesterday?
Primary Submitter: ok low 6m , just for u
Swiss Franc Trader: wooooooohooooooo[,] 0.01%? thatd be awesome
Primary Submitter: 1.33
Swiss Franc Trader: perfect[.] u r a nice man

Adderall - The Intelligence Pill

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I know topics about Adderall resurface every now and then, but a friend of mine recently shared the following Urban Dictionnary's post on facebook.

Adderall Nighter - An Adderall-induced all nighter. Consuming copious amounts of the prescription ADD/ADHD medication Adderall in order to stay up all night and accomplish a given task. This method is most commonly employed...

Him taking ADHD medication does not surprise me, but I have never really seen people on my campus medicating their way into better grades. I have been told, however, that it was more common at bigger universities. I know that about half of my friends in European colleges are taking Adderall or equivalents, but it never struck me in the US.


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