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When my boss walked in today he looked unusually chipper. Half asleep, I brushed it off and continued to blankly stare at my computer screen- “maybe he got laid this weekend,” I thought.

A couple hours pass and he casually calls me into his office to talk about corpo-world nonsense. He says something about low hanging fruit and, right then, he casually brandishes a set of glaringly red keys right in front of my face.

Did he really just buy a Ferrari?

The WSO-esq, systematic analysis starts up- 50 something year old, recently divorced, typical A type personality- a seemingly perfect candidate for a mid life crisis. Even so, is he really trying to rub it in my face right now?

I take a peek into the parking lot and there it is. A brand spanking new Ferrari is sitting in the lot.

Even from afar, the sparkling Ferrari paint is unmistakable. But it’s a big body; the engine is at the front and it’s a damn big car. This one is a 12 cylinder, four-seater Ferrari FF. The car fanatic inside of me kicks in and I mentally begin to recite Car and Driver statistics.

For those that don’t know, the FF is Ferrari’s first four-wheel drive beast of a car. The FF packs 651-horse power to do a launch controlled 0-60 in 3.6 seconds. Yes, it is a hatchback, but who cares when you can roar down the road with your golf clubs, briefcase, and three kids all comfortably fit inside the car. In my opinion, the FF is the pinnacle of gas powered engineering.

Looking back, the whole meeting might have been some sick, carrot-on-the-stick ploy to get me to work harder. I can hear it now, “one day, if you work hard enough, you’ll have a $300K Rari just like me.” Whatever.

Watch the video above and tell me, if you had a Ferrari FF would you take it off road in the snow? Because I totally would. I know there are a lot of car junkies on here, so what do you say, is it worth the $300,000?

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    Did your boss really purchase this?

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    I'm not saying I wouldn't drive it, but it wouldn't have been my choice.

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    He bought the fat-man's Ferrari... I would rather the new F12 Belinetta if I was in his shoes (considering his age, social situation, etc...)... He'd need another car if he want's to take the kids along with the new girlfriend though.

    Another option would be the Aston Martin DB9 (or DBS) or Aston Martin Rapide as it seems he prefers a Grand Tourer that seats four and not something focused for track days. If you like your cold weather you should check out http://www.astonmartinonice.com for some Aston people having fun in the snow.

    In my opinion, there isn't much point in spending that kind of money on a car unless you're into motorsport and like to race, do track days, rallies or if you like to take long trips driving to your holiday destination... There are prettier cars than the FF to get your middle aged self the company of younger girls/guys.

    Personally, I'd prefer something more sporty/good looking to be honest. A Kart & Caterham for regular track days/competitions and maybe an Aston Vantage or Ferrari 458 for everyday use... Although if I'm honest with myself what I really want is the rare Alfa Romeo 8C simply because it is quite possibly the most beautiful car ever made... (watch the full clip)

    No need for fancy video editing or music with this beauty...

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    Fuck that noise.. I'd get a ZR1. Yeah I know it's not the Italian super-car, but I'd rather drive American any day.

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    The Ferrari FF is more appropriately compared with the discontinued (and far more beautiful) 612 Scaglietti and not the two seater 458 or McLaren MP4-12c... the first two are four seater Grand Tourers, while the latter two are 2-seater sportscars.

    The FF is quite niche and while it wouldn't be the Ferrari I would buy I can see the appeal. I think a lot of fat business men will buy them.

  • happypantsmcgee's picture

    I love that people are saying this looks like shit but when I make the same comment about the Porsche Panerama, I get shat on

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    The man bought a full 2+2 AWD and people are saying he should have got a 2 seat Berlinetta RWD w/o making the assumption that he did it on purpose.


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    happypantsmcgee wrote:
    I love that people are saying this looks like shit but when I make the same comment about the Porsche Panerama, I get shat on

    I'll give you an SB for shitting on the Panamera, horrendously looking car... Possibly one of the ugliest cars ever made. It even makes the 7 series and S Class look good. I know I shouldn't judge, but it's so repulsive I can't help but think less of Panamera owners. It's the same disappointment I have when a good friend ends up with an ugly girlfriend with no redeeming features.

    The Ferrari FF actually looks pretty good on the road, we can argue whether the hatchback was appropriate given the brand's sporting heritage. I think our generation has been spoilt by the F430 and the 458 as Ferrari's aren't usually as pretty as they have been recently.

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    Whether or not it's worth it all depends on

    1) How much money you have
    2) How much you want to have a Ferrari

    Personally, if I had 10m+ I wouldn't hesitate at all about buying a Ferrari or similar luxury car if I really wanted to. However, I think the both the Ferrari 458 Italia and California would have been much better choices. The FF is just too clunky looking.

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    Looks like a station wagon rear-ended a lotus

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    that car looks like shit. he should have gotten the audi r8 or a porsche 911 turbo, i would take slr with the butterfly doors any day as well.

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    Id buy this, but would have to be loaded: http://www.hispanosuiza.de/

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    you should key the shit out of his car for having a little pecker

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    Gate_Crasher wrote:
    Hey Tom,

    Thanks for posting about our meeting on a website.

    Meet me at my office.

    We need to talk.

    if i could throw more than one monkey shit at you i would

    I eat success for breakfast...with skim milk

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius's picture

    1.- Your MD sounds like a douchebag.

    2.- I'd definitely spend 300k on a car. Maybe because I'm a car enthusiast, but I'd definitely do it before having 50M

    3.- I hate the FF. Not a real Ferrari. I do get why they are making it though, some easy bucks for Ferrari.

    4.- Like many people have said, I'd take the 458 over the FF any day of the week. However it's not an exact comparison, since the FF is a V12. So I'd take the new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (Fastest Ferrari ever made) or even a 599.

    5.- The Panamera looks like shit.

    6.- Relinquis, I like your taste in cars. I'd kill for an 8c. Are you aware of the 4C? It looks pretty stunning too, it's going to be a proper driver's car (lightweight, rwd, front engine) and it's going to be affordable (around 40k GBP, 60k USD)

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    Relinquis wrote:
    Maximus Decimus,

    I'm looking forward to the Alfa 4c... I'm hoping it will give the Lotus a run for the money with it's light weight and a proper sounding Alfa engine.

    For everyone shitting on the OP's boss for buying the FF, could you please suggest a viable alternative that seats 4?

    If it's about "exotic" 4 seaters, I'd rather have the AM Rapide, or even the Maserati Quattroporte. I know they are not as good in performance as the FF, and not exactly comparable either, they don't have 4WD, but let's face it, you are not going to use the FF to go skiing. Besides, it's not why you buy that kind of car. It's not a car you buy because it's useful, because it's not. It's a supercar. It's more about the way the car looks, feels and sounds. I know it sounds corny, but if I'm going to spend 300k in a car I want to wet my pants every morning when I open my garage and see it. And the FF doesn't come close to doing that for me. But that's just my opinion, everyone has his own.
    If it's about something useful, everyone in Europe would get something like a Smart and a Range Rover. In my case I ride a motorbike, which is awesome in a major European city or a place like NY. You can drive through traffic, park anywhere, you don't have to pay for the meter, congestion charges, etc...