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Mod note (Andy): Throwback Thursday, this post originally went up on 10/9/12.

WSO EXCLUSIVE: Titans of Wall Street caught in candid conversation on Facebook! Read on below and after the break:

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Comments (53)

  • In reply to damngringo
    yeahright's picture

    absolutely fantastic

    Frank Sinatra - "Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy."

  • Kassad's picture

    LOL. +1 SB

    Equities are for chumps.

  • Bobb's picture

    Not bad. NFL QB one was better

  • oreos's picture

    A Burr: best addition to WSO since swagon

    "After you work on Wall Street it's a choice, would you rather work at McDonalds or on the sell-side? I would choose McDonalds over the sell-side." - David Tepper

  • hockey1316's picture

    Brilliant...glad to know it lived up to what I heard it would be

  • In reply to Bobb
    above_and_beyond's picture

    Not bad. NFL QB one was better

    Dito. The QB convo is absolutely brilliant!

  • In reply to Bobb
    UFOinsider's picture

    Not bad. NFL QB one was better

    Get busy living

  • In reply to Ben Shalom Bernanke
    SECfinance's picture

    Ben Shalom Bernanke:
    Not bad. NFL QB one was better

    Dito. The QB convo is absolutely brilliant!

    For those that haven't seen it yet:[/quote]

    Lost it at Russell Wilson.

    MM IB -> Corporate Development

  • DonVon's picture

    Where's Patrick?

    "An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more than he knows."
    - Dwight D. Eisenhower

    Check out my blog!

  • BanditPandit's picture

    Moynihan, over 50% of shit is still shit.

    - Pandit

  • That_Aston's picture

    "CITI Never Sleeps"


    Here to learn and hopefully pass on some knowledge as well. SB if I helped.

  • jgc2122's picture

    The best post

    "If Henry Ford had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." -Steve Jobs

  • blindthoht's picture

    Luv it!!!

    couldn't let go of my pair of aces...

  • cheesebeans's picture

    The "Citi never sleeps" part did it for me. +1,000 SBs

  • UFOinsider's picture

    "Why don't you go back to pitching annuities, Jimmy" BWAHAHAHAHA

    Get busy living

  • sweetmelon's picture

    LOL this is hilarious

  • Biesterfield's picture

    Meh. Some funny moments but it is painfully obvious this is a copy of the NFL one.

  • Hank Rearden's picture

    +1 to AB!

    If you ain't gettin money dat mean you done somethin wrong.

    " If you have built castles in the
    air , your work need not be lost;
    that is where they should be .
    Now put the foundations under
    them." - Henry David Thoreau

  • TwoNineSeven's picture

    hahaha, super!!

  • Mitt Romney's picture

    I'm Mitt Romney and I resent this

    I'm not concerned with the very poor
    -Mitt Romney

  • moneybadger88's picture

    Diamond:"hehe I do" ...Hahaaha!


  • envied09's picture
  • kraziazi's picture


    This could be it, sweetheart.

  • In reply to Bobb
    aempirei's picture

    Not bad. NFL QB one was better

    My name is Nicky, but you can call me Dre.

  • brotherbear's picture

    You need to add in Geithner. Just drop the f-bomb a bunch of times. That man has the foulest mouth on the Street.

    Sheila Bair ought to be there too. The key to channeling Sheila: lesbian references.

    Throw in Alistair Darling (looking like the Ben Bernenk's bitch) and DSK (obviously looking like a combo rapist/most-interesting-man-in-the-world).

    Maybe even a duologue between DSK and the guy from Dos Equis?

    This could go places...

  • qwerty2012's picture
  • wonderbread's picture

    hahahahaha this is great

    - wonderbread

  • In reply to wonderbread
    duffmt6's picture


    hahahahaha this is great

    We understand that WSO is blowing your mind right now, but no need to bump every 6 month old thread you come across.

    "For I am a sinner in the hands of an angry God. Bloody Mary full of vodka, blessed are you among cocktails. Pray for me now and at the hour of my death, which I hope is soon. Amen."

  • Banquero's picture
  • Chaffey's picture

    Michael Lewis at the end had me weak af


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