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My content intern @"Lucas_M" is at it again! This time the top ranked (by silver bananas) posts related to networking, cold calling, and cold emailing. Enjoy! p.s. Need more networking advice? Check out our Networking Guide.

1. Cold-Emailing Guide.

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1) Background info- Contact people with a similar background. Don’t limit yourself to alumni- think deeper. Think about what defines you on a superificial level. If you go to UCLA and want to work on Wall street, email Cal alums in New York. Williams College? Why not email alums that went to Swarthmore, or any other liberal arts college alum that might have had to teach himself the technicals? And if you’re a non-target… email other non-targets. Simple. Emailing someone with a similar background reminds them of themselves. They are therefore that much more happy to help you. Remember though, you are entitled to nothing, and even if the guy is a complete d-bag, thank them in a dignified manner anyways.

2) Content- Keep the email short and sweet. I usually send emails explaining who I am and what my intentions are, a sentence explaining my “story, and then a graceful thank you. For what it’s worth, the whole ‘copy and paste’ thing has never been a big problem for me at the bulge brackets. For boutiques, target carefully based on the advice above and try not to email too many people. Again, if you target the right demographic, this shouldn't be a problem.

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2. Keep In Touch! Networking Template
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Response to "My Private Equity Recruiting Process"

Mod Note (Andy): This comment by @Northsider was posted in direct response to @Candor's post "My Private Equity Recruiting Process"

Having been through PE recruiting on both sides of the table now, I have a few reactions:

1. I heartily disagree with the idea that having a closed deal at all differentiates you as a candidate - especially the suggestion that you're better off postponing recruiting if you haven't announced a deal by recruiting season. If you feel unprepared for the process, that's one thing; and, insofar as navigating a deal from start-to-finish buttresses your understanding, I wouldn't contest that the experience is valuable. That said, being able to list the names of the parties involved because it's announced offers you no edge, ipso facto.

After interviewing dozens of candidates and debriefing with others on still more dozens, I can report that I've never once heard an interviewer credit a candidate for having completed a transaction. You're 7 months on the job: the lion's share of candidates (even from top groups) haven't had the opportunity to close a deal, and for many I interviewed, the deals they had announced weren't the ones in which they were most involved (due to double-staffing) or that were best to discuss in an interview setting. Literally the only time I heard deal experience mentioned by an interviewer was an occurrence in which a candidate had been staffed on a transaction involving one of our portfolio companies.


Hi Guys,
I have an interview with the CS credit investment group this Friday. A woman I spoke to is a "Relationship Associate", and I think I will be working in her team. It is called "performing credit strategies". Does anyone know about this group or what the operations and dynamics of this team are?

Here is the Job Post:


Hi Guys,
I have an interview with the CS credit investment group this Friday. A woman I spoke to is a "Relationship Associate", and I think I will be working in her team. It is called "performing credit strategies". Does anyone know about this group or what the operations and dynamics of this team are?

Here is the Job Post:

Can QE save the Euro?

After sustaining long disagreements with German leaders, the European Central Bank finally announced Draghi’s victory with QE to be launched in Europe. QE in the Euro would witness bond purchases of 60 Billion Euros per month for at least a horizon of 19 months in addition to the existing scheme of purchasing 10 Billion Euros with covered bonds. The programme marked its official debut in Europe on March 9th however the markets had begun pricing in the much anticipated measure sending bond yields falling and average deposit rates hovering around the zero lower bound.

Moving from Corporate Finance to Private Equity

I have been a member of this site for quite a bit of time and honestly have let things fall on the back burner with my job and relationship taking priority for me. I know I am not the first and won't be the last one to do so. I have been in my current position for little over a year working at Underwriter's Laboratories for their fastest growing business unit in the corporate finance division. While I absolutely love my job and everything that has come with it be it the travel, experience and increased passion for finance. I know that ultimately my end goal is Private Equity, and any path I can take to get there. However, I find myself in a difficult position.

Westhill Consulting British Colombia, Hong Kong, Jakarta, USA: Jakarta weighs new land and property tax formula

Indonesian president Joko Widodo's administration is sending mixed signals to the public about new tax regulations on property, as it aims to fill state coffers and introduce populist policies at the same time.

In a bid to meet a revenue target of 1.5 quadrillion rupiah (UScopy14 billion) this year, the government plans to introduce various measures, including revised property tax regulations.

The finance ministry says that starting from April it will adopt a new formula to collect luxury goods tax on landed houses or apartment.

"The formula will be based on [property] value, not on its size. Surely, the value will be more than one billion rupiah," Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro said last Monday.

Evans maintains innocence

Manchester United defender Jonny Evans maintains he did not wilfully spit at Newcastle striker Papiss Cisse.

The 27-year-old reacted angrily during Manchester United's 1-0 win at St James' Park earlier this month with television replays appearing to show him spitting at the Magpies striker.

Evans denied the charge but the Football Association decided his actions warranted a six-match ban. Cisse was banned for seven games after a clearer spit in the aftermath of the clash between the two players, with the extra game due to a previous red card for Newcastle.

However, Evans still does not accept his part in the incident and says his family would have been "disgusted" with him if the allegations were true.

Jonny Evans, left, maintains he did not spit at Papiss Cisse, right

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