2014 WSO Rankings for Investment Banks: Interviews (Part 3 of 10)

Not all investment banking interviews are created equal. Some of them will leave you feeling like you conquered the world, but most others will have you shaking your head at that one brainteaser or technical question you missed.

After preparing for hours and hours, performing on the big super day stage is no easy task. To make it a little easier, we thought we'd give fair warning and rank the investment banks in the following ways:

1. Top 15 Investment Banks with the HARDEST INTERVIEWS.
2. Top 15 Investment Banks with the EASIEST INTERVIEWS.
3. Top 15 Banks with the BEST OVERALL INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE. In other words, which banks didn't treat you like used dog food?

These firms are all ranked on a PERCENTILE basis across all 5,000+ companies in the WSO Company Database based on thousands of WSO member rankings. Feel free to share these interview rankings below on your site by copying the html code below the graphic. Stay tuned because next Tuesday we are going to be ranking the investment banks based on promotions and fairness!

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Don't Be A CF

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I used to go to this barbershop back in the day. All the barbers were drag queens. No kidding! It was great. They were also practical jokers. They used to do things like leave remote-controlled fart machines out on the sidewalk and blast people as they walked by.

So after the haircut you would go in the back room to pay, and one day they had their appointment book out, and I looked, and next to some of the names it had the letters "CF." I asked, "what is CF?"

"Cheap f*ck," he said.

I got a kick out of that. I was relieved to see that there was no CF next to my name. But that's only because I tipped more than normal at that place, because it was so awesome. Usually I was a pretty bad tipper. At restaurants, I would tip the minimum necessary, 15%, which is below average by most people's standards.

Especially for a Wall Street guy.

How To Become a Search Ninja

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I came across this about a month ago and I've been meaning to share it with you guys ever since. In our Internet-driven modern world, the ability to effectively search the web has become increasingly important. Sure, anyone can type something into Google and click on the first couple links, but what about real search? How do you go about using the awesome power of Google to answer seemingly impossible questions?

For example:

The Power of Habit

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Written by Pulitzer prize-winning reporter Charles Duhigg, 2012 New York Times bestseller The Power of Habit boasts a ubiquity on recommended book lists that few works from the past few years can match. Because some books age like wine, and some like milk, I usually let books alone a little longer to see how time will judge their value, but the truths and techniques within these pages are too valuable to wait.


The Power of Habit recounts a number of useful illustrations of the role of habits in individuals, organizations, and societies, and follows up with practical techniques to recognize and consciously direct the things that really control our behavior and our results. The power of habit is the ability to automate willpower, turning a painfully scarce resource into an infinite one. Put this book's subject matter into practice, and the change in your results will be profound.

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The Best IBD SA OCR, Interviews and FT Offer Conversion Posts on WSO

Thanks to my content intern @Lucas_M for another great compilation post. This one covers on campus recruiting, interviews, and converting SA internships into FT offers. Enjoy! -Andy

1.Acing the investment banking analyst interview
posted by @frgna

Wrapping up an interview
1. Before you ask us questions it's nice to say "I've done lots of research on your firm and talked to a lot of people so I know your firm pretty well, so I really want to hear more about your own personal experiences here."

2. Some good questions to ask your interviewers: 1) Tell me about a recent deal you've worked on that you liked. 2) What are the next steps from here? 3) How have you liked your experience here so far? Anything surprise you, good or bad? 4) Tell me about what you guys do for fun.

3. Some questions to avoid: 1) What are the hours like here? (get that info later from an insider that you know better) 2) Anything related to compensation 3) What are your plans after banking? (we can't answer that and we'll all say we're planning on staying in the near term...duh...)

4. Don't stand up until I stand up.

- 126 silver bananas

How Much Do You Drink?

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"If you took all the heavy drinkers out of finance, you'd be left with like two bond analysts and an ATM machine."

I actually laughed out loud when I heard the above quote on last week's episode of Blue Bloods (great show, by the way). Detective Danny Reagan was questioning a couple of BSD's at what appeared to be a pseudo-boiler room over the ring death of a young associate in a boxing match they'd set up. He asked if the kid was a heavy drinker and that's what they told him.

It was certainly true in my day. We even had a semi-rigid drinking schedule worked out: Monday through Thursday you'd have a few drinks to calm down at get to sleep at night. I'd like to say a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, but we were always in the office for dinner. Friday was always a big day. Friday was the day you got annihilated after the close. The market closed at 1 in the afternoon in California, and we were in the bar by 1:30. Friday afternoons were all about blowing off steam by power drinking until you blacked out.

The Truth About Networking

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From observing the general population in America, I've come to the conclusion that most people are awful at networking. The vast majority of people in this country, especially those who are students or newly entering the workforce, simply don't understand how important one's network of contacts is for their careers. And furthermore, if they do realize its importance, they do nothing about it!

I see this all the time at my college. Most people carry a very traditional mindset: work hard, get good grades, graduate, and the rest will fall into place. Not in this day and age, and certainly not in this economy.

So then you have the folks who have read Never Eat Alone, or have a better understanding of how the world really works, and then proceed to "network." But even then, most of them fail miserably. Usually, they fail because of two reasons...

Trailer for The Big Short

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