The next Chicago meetup is coming soon!

We will be at Midtown Kitchen + Bar upstairs where my lovely friend Christine will be taking good care of us.

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Midtown Kitchen + Bar
203 North Lasalle Street
60601 Chicago , IL
United States
41° 53' 10.1112" N, 87° 37' 55.4772" W
Illinois US
Thursday, February 7, 2013 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Event type: 
WSO Meetup

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So now the question is.... Moe's or Public House?

I would agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.


Roger, a close friend of mine works at Midtown Kitchen and Bar and she could hook us up


That works. Probably won't make it there by 6, but if it goes to 9 I should be able to get there.

I would agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.


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Where Are You Located?

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PM me if you're traveling to Buenos Aires in 2016 (I live here) :-)


Midtown is a great choice. See you there!


midtown sounds good - i will be there. roger needs to sack up and get off work in time

And so it goes


Sounds good I'll be there... Had to miss the last one.


I just moved to the Chicagoland area 3 weeks ago. Currently in an intern position out in the West suburbs but I'd like to meet some of the fellow WSO guys in Chicago.

Cool if I come by? How would I find you guys?

Blue horseshoe loves Anacott Steel


I am going to be in California on business until the 8th...dang! Have fun fellow monkeys.

"Don't touch the watch." -Patrick Bateman


bankers gonna bank

\o/ Trance Crew \o/


I think I can make it.

"If you want to succeed in this life, you need to understand that duty comes before rights and that responsibility precedes opportunity."


It's earnings season for me...not looking good.


I will try to be there. Midtown is a good one.


Hey mates,
Due to a death in the family I wont be able to make it. But co-chair James will be there and everything should go smoothly.



Zach, sorry for your loss. I appreciate the time you and James put into organizing this.

I should be able to make it around 7:30, looking forward to meeting you guys.

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