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For the those in finance, consulting and business who have a stong desire to meet up off line. Social and casual international networking in Moscow. Relax, unwind, have a drink or two and get connected.

Meet up right at the bar or sit down at one of the tables that have been reserved exclusively for the WSO Moscow meetup.


Mendeleev Bar
Petrovka 20/1. Located in Lucky Noodles takeaway. Look to the right of the counter and you will see a black curtain disguising the entrance to the exclusive flashy cocktail bar Mendeleev in the basement.
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    YourAss wrote:
    I'm in!

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  • YourAss's picture

    I'm sitting in the bar alone :D
    Great job guys)
    Gonna get wasted tonight

    - MVP

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    WallStreetOasis.com wrote:
    YourAss wrote:
    I'm sitting in the bar alone :D
    Great job guys)
    Gonna get wasted tonight

    :-( sorry to hear that. Don't worry, as our list grows even smaller cities like Moscow will be able to get 10+ every time out.

    Heard Toronto had a good happy hour last night and Boston was a lot of fun as well!

    We are talking about Russian capital right now, right? With more than 12 millions of people in population.
    But thank anyways, maybe it will be better next time!

    - MVP