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Fugitive Hedge Fund Manager CaughtMissing for nearly 3 months, fugitive hedge fund manager Kirk Wright was caught on Wednesday in a Florida hotel. Wright disappeared after his hedge fund went under, and investors lost at least $100 million. The list of allegedly defrauded investors reads more like a sports roster: His client list is...
48 years 8 months ago
Ron Paul introduces legislation to abolish the Federal ReserveH.R. 2755: To abolish the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal reserve banks, to repeal the Federal Reserve Act, and for other purposes. ...
28 years 7 months ago
Goldman Sachs gets terrorist threats. "Hundreds will die" NEW YORK (CNN) -- The FBI is investigating letters sent to newspapers nationwide that say "Goldman Sachs. Hundreds will die. We are inside. You cannot stop us," the bureau said Friday. The letters were sent to nine newspapers, including publicat...
38 years 7 months ago
HSBC - UBS Merger!Check this out: Hey everyone, I've been following this forum now for a while and have always secretly wanted to post. I saw this article in the Times and thought it was remarkable. I don't know if anyone else is following financial services M&amp...
78 years 7 months ago
Lazard Acquires Goldsmith AgioLazard acquires investment bank By: Kira Bindrim Published: July 10, 2007 - 12:51 pm Bruce WassersteinaEU(tm)s Lazard Ltd. said Tuesday that it was acquiring investment bank Goldsmith Agio Helms & Lynner in an effort to jumpstart its own middle market business. The acquisition, LazardaEU(tm)s fi...
08 years 7 months ago
iBO Spring Newsletter: Bonus Season is Here!Bonus Season is Here! Dear Members of Congratulations to the current investment bankers! As our countdown ticks down to zero, you are either eagerly anticipating your first bonus, your second bonus, or your hiatus from Investment Banking forever. The Countdown to Freedom doesn't...
128 years 6 months ago
what do you see as the future of CDOs?Given recent events, what do you guys see as the future of CDOs? less issuance for awhile? no subprime issuance? more secondary trading as people try to evaluate / unload existing CDOs? ...
58 years 6 months ago
Jimmy Cayne = Total Frat GuyI can't believe there wasn't a thread about this yesterday: What a total frat guy. He has always been my favorite CEO on Wall Street. ...
38 years 6 months ago
Merrill Lynch relocates to Midtown Seems like midtown is becoming the new 'downtown.' ...
78 years 6 months ago
Golf Anyone? Bankers Bide Their TimeArticle with an interesting perspective on the slowdown from DealBook. "If there is an upside to the recent downturn in the deal-making business, it was expressed Wednesday by Jonathan Nelson, the chief executive of Providence Equity Partners, a media-focused private equity firm based in New York....
38 years 3 months ago
Wachovia/AG Edwards mergerWhat do you all think this deal will mean for the IB, research, CM, and instuitional divisions for AG Edwards? Also, anybody care to add their analysis of the impact the pairing will have on Richmond and St Louis? ...
38 years 3 months ago
Looking for job info in Private Equity?Don't go to the "private equity institute" - it's a scam. Anyone else get conned? ...
08 years 1 month ago
Weak DollarWhy is the dollar weak and why is it getting weaker? ...
98 years 1 month ago
Economic Stimulus PackageCurious to get people's thoughts on the $150 billion stimulus package that congress put through today. If I understand the terms correctly, tax dollars that I paid out will be getting redistributed to people who paid less or no income tax. Sounds to me like nothing more than an effective increase ...
88 years 2 weeks ago
Fed cuts rates by 50 basis pointsI got an interview for IBD tomorrow afternoon in London. So in case i get asked regarding this, ill just state my views on this, and if im wrong do correct me, or if theres anything else i need to know please let me know. So Interest rates have got cut twice in two weeks, shows the Feds concerns wit...
18 years 2 weeks ago
Microsoft's bid on Yahoo! ...
88 years 2 weeks ago
Extra Extra Read All About It!Interested to know what websites people frequent for work, business, news, investing, politics, sports or entertainment - but to the point that they just cant do without it, SERIOUSLY. Besides the obvious, WSO, here are a few off the top of my head.... (best written biz-pub period)...
87 years 11 months ago
Eliot Spitzer down the tubes?!?!?!?!News break: Eliot Spitzer, Governor of NY and former AG, has been linked to a Prostitution Ring! The Corropution Crusader is in fact one of the most Corrupt people in NY. That's one major strike against the man formerly called "The Eliot Ness of W...
107 years 11 months ago
GoldGoing through a small correction right now, but where is it headed? I'm thinking that it may hit 1200-1300 before the bubble pops. When the mainstream finance media is just screaming about how gold is the next big thing, you know what lies ahead. ...
07 years 11 months ago
DOJ down, FCC to go. How to play the Sirius - XM MergerSo the DOJ finally pulled their legs out of the mud and approved the merger of Sirius and XM. Both stocks felt a nice pop today and it's generally expected that the FCC will soon accounce that it too approves the merger. Once this happens, the path will be clear for these two companies to finally be...
77 years 10 months ago
Airlines?Hey everyone, What do you think of investing in airlines right now? Most of the American airlines have taken a huge tumbling over the past year or so.. A lot of airlines have P/E ratios of under 5. Is it the bottom? I mean people are still gonna fly no matter what right? What are your ideas? ...
37 years 10 months ago
I need a safe investment for the summer.I am going to be working an internship this summer, so I will not have the time to manage a personal portfolio of any sort this summer. With that said, I'm studying abroad in London in the fall and I need a safe place to let about $4,000 sit for the summer. Does anybody have any advice? I was thinki...
117 years 9 months ago
Just In: Advisers on Sprint Nextel and Clearwire deal Sprint Nextel Corp. is merging its wireless broadband unit with Clearwire Corp. in a $14.5 billion deal. Intel Corp., Google Inc., Comcast Corp., Time Warner Cable Inc. and Bright House Networks are investing $3.2 billion collectively in the new ...
07 years 9 months ago
Invest in apartment or stocks/bondsWould it better to buy an apartment in NYC for an investment, selling it a few years later (at a higher price?). Or would it be better to instead take that money and invest it in stocks/bonds, etc? Thanks! ...
27 years 7 months ago
Why is Oil Down TOdayCan anyone give me a quick overview of why oil is down today? Thanks. ...
47 years 7 months ago


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