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1 summer 2 internship problemsHi, quick background. Semi target, freshman looking to break into invesment banking, quantitative double major, GPA range:3.76-3.84 This summer, I got 2 internship (each lasted 1.5 months) 1. Small-medium sized PE shop: i do pre-investment equity research, financial modeling, and some operational p...
63 years 8 months ago
1 vs 2 page resume reviewHi Everyone, I want to know your opinion on which resume you prefer and perhaps why so? I'm going to be graduating in May 2012, and I will be looking for a entry level finance position. This resume has one page. I don't know why razume formatted it like that, but assume it is formatted correctly:h...
233 years 10 months ago
1-2 yrs experience. Education at top?I have been working FT for over a year and am in the process of updating my resume. Is it still ok to keep my education section at the top of my resume? I have decent work experience but I attended a top school (top 3) with an ok cum. GPA and good major GPA so I thought I should focus on my school n...
54 years 2 months ago
10 Words You Should Drop from your ResumeI know it's "another post about this," but Robert Half Int. posted an article about what words you should avoid putting on a resume. This was based on a survey of 1300 HR managers in the US and Canada asking them about what specific words tend to be over- or misused. Here's the list : Hard worker Se...
82 years 10 months ago
12 Hour Resume SmashHi All I will be submitting this CV within 24 hours. I am applying for an internal transfer within my company. I currently work in the finance and accounting department and am looking to move into the business development (mergers/ takeovers) department. If you could please just absolutely smash ...
52 years 1 week ago
1st year corp. banking analyst resumeFirst go around with the ole resume now that I've been a real person for almost a year. Really just looking for feedback on the "Experience" section. Thanks in advance for the help, apologies for all the black; I know it's a pain. ...
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21 year 10 months ago
1st year ER associate, want to break into IB. Critique my resume.**resume removed** I don't have a large network to ask for help so ALL the progress I've made thus far I owe to WSO. Please take a look at my resume and let me know what you think. I want to break into an IBD role so I'm aiming at boutiques and MM's since I think I have the best chances there. That...
58 months 1 week ago
1st Year IB Analyst - Review My Resume, PleaseHey guys, Like the title says, I'm a first year analyst from a non-target at a tiny, no-name boutique IB in the midwest. Deal flow is just about non-existent, and pay is way below industry norm. I'm looking to jump ship to another boutique/MM, or possibly a valuation shop. Please rip this thing a...
73 years 3 weeks ago
1st year Strategy Associate Resume ReviewHi Guys, Please let me know what you think. I want to be able to apply to PE and just generally have a resume available just in case. Thanks so much, Run ...
34 years 10 months ago
49 months 4 weeks ago
1st Year Uni Spring week + Summer intern resume reviewHiya, Any critique appreciated! Many Thanks. p.s oops sorry location/date should be right aligned ...
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26 months 2 weeks ago
2 similar activitiesI volunteered at 2 different organizations but I did the same thing at both. I was a tutor and, well a "life" mentor/advisor. The only difference is that one is just for young children who pay for this afterschool activity while their parents are busy while the other is at a homeless shelter. How...
16 years 8 months ago
2 years of experience, trying to break into consultingHey guys, I have two years of experience and I'm trying to either break into consulting or get into a good MBA program. Let me know what I can change in my resume to improve it. Thanks! Updated link (changed interests): ...
142 years 7 months ago
2009 Finance grad - looking to enter Finance world for first timePlease critique my resume in a brutally honest manner. I have spent the last few months analyzing my options. It looks like, given my credentials, the best way to break into finance is: 1) Financial Consulting 2) Corporate Finance (potentially a F500 program, etc) 3) Boutique I-bank Please let me kn...
44 years 6 months ago
200km March - where to put?Hey fellow monkeys, My resume is linked here, but I don't know where to put the 200km "Endurance March 'Extreme 2 x 100km'" march that I completed recently in Lithuania (Also, the original title is "Istvermes zygiui "eXtreme 2 x 100 km"" - should I use Lithuanian or translate it?) ... Basically, my ...
43 years 7 months ago
2011 Grad Needs Advice So I screwed the pooch last year as far as recruiting goes and failed to get a job. I had offers for selling insurance and the like, but I'm not doing that shit. I'm in a MAcc program right for the summer and fall (unless I get a job offer which I doubt would ...
34 years 6 months ago
2011 S&T SA resumeI'm a junior hoping for a BB S&T internship this upcoming summer. If you guys could comment on my resume and/or chance me for BB S&T interviews, that would be awesome. Thanks in advance for your help. PS sorry I can't get razume to work so...
45 years 2 months ago
2011 SA Applicant Resume I am planning on applying for an SA position this coming summer and looking for feedback. I am a rising junior and would greatly appreciate any and all comments. ...
25 years 2 months ago
2011 SA S&T Hey guys I really want to land a BB S&T summer spot (like everybody else) got any tips to help my chances out resume wise My current is pwm at a BB and last summer i worked for a small boutique IB any comments would be appreciated ...
15 years 3 months ago
2012 graduate breaking into IBD/ERHi all, I am currently a final year student at a target university and am about to complete my equity research internship at a reputable brokerage firm. I hope u guys can give some honest advice on my resume. The areas I'm interested are IBD and ER. Thanks in advance! Here is my resume:http://www.r...
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