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Any Turnaround & Restructuring consulting firm Pay for MBA? Hey all - I am looking to see if any Turnaround & Restructuring consulting firm like FTI Consulting, Alvarez & Marsal, or AlixPartners, pay for / support your pursuit of a part time MBA? Thanks. ...
42 days 18 hours ago
Booz Allen Hamilton Compensation Anybody have anecdotal evidence for the compensation of BAH management consultants? How does pay increase as # years of experience goes up? I haven't found consistent numbers on the internet. ...
62 days 22 hours ago
Booz, PwC, and "Strategy&"I am surprised nobody has started this topic yet, but PwC just released their rebranding of Booz & Co. The name they chose? Strategy&. Apparently PwC has a pension for picking rediculous names for its consulting firms. Before spinning off its strategy arm in 2002, they branded it "Monday" b...
552 days 23 hours ago
MBB APAC Strenghts / Weaknesses of each firm?Hello all, Could anyone here please provide insight into the variances between MBB offices/culture/work/lifestyle amongst the APAC / SE Asia region? My understand as of the moment is that McK may have the only global staffing model out of the three, however any additional guidance into strengths or ...
03 days 1 hour ago
Deloitte S&O Exit OpsHave accepted an offer to Deloitte S&O out of undergrad. I am interested in going into Corp. Dev. or Internal Strategy down the road, and am wondering how limited my options will be from Deloitte rather than an MBB. From what I've heard, the most prestigious companies (Google, etc.) will be off ...
133 days 1 hour ago
MBB to PEWhat is the usual career trajectory of individuals transitioning from MBB/Booz to PE? If they have 3-4 years of post-MBA experience in an Engagement Manager role, what level would they come in at a PE firm? What would be their approximate compensation? ...
173 days 1 hour ago
Ask Me: Former Strategy Consulting RecruiterHappy to answer any consulting-related questions. I'm currently being sponsored by Deloitte S&O for my MBA. In consulting I focused on M&A in Europe and the US. I also led campus recruiting at two undergrad institutions. ...
473 days 2 hours ago
MBB to PE time frame?I've read that PE recruiting for BB analysts occurs very early in their tenures. Do candidates from MBB applying for more operational roles interview at the same time (~18 months prior to starting at a fund)? If so, I would imagine this doesn't leave many engagements for one to establish a strong ...
73 days 16 hours ago
Networking and expectations for a student from a target school?Hi everyone, I've been lurking for a while but I'm technically new, so I apologize if I'm breaking any etiquette (and please let me know if I am). I'm a current sophomore at Princeton looking to go into management consulting, but I'm completely lost when it comes to actually making that happen beyon...
73 days 19 hours ago
Applying for Consulting Internships with low GPAHey Guys, I am a grad student at NYU (not the business school) I want to apply for a Business Consulting Internship over the summer. Sadly, I have a GPA of 3.33 and i feel like that doesn't cut it specially for firms like Deloitte and PwC. I know for sure that I can raise my GPA to at least 3.5 in ...
54 days 2 hours ago
Better to be at a more prestigious firm or less prestigious but doing strategy work?Is it better to be at a more prestigious firm (e.g. Deloitte) or a less prestigious firm but doing strategy work? ...
154 days 15 hours ago
Ernst & Young - Commercial Due Diligence/Commercial Advisory Services vs Big 4 - Strategy & OperationsI have my bachelors from a top 3 engineering college (MBB Target School) and MBA from a top 7 B-School (MBB Non-Target School) in an emerging economy. I have worked with the strategy team of the largest private company in my country for an year post MBA post which i am planning to move to EY-CDD tea...
24 days 18 hours ago
From Management Consulting to Goldman Sachs?This does NOT involve me, but my cousin works at a (non-MBB) management consulting firm who wants to move to Goldman for prestige purposes. Is this possible for them? What division should they apply to if any? ...
125 days 2 hours ago
MBB post MBA without GMATThe title is pretty self explanatory... I'm enrolled in a top 15 MBA program and I've never taken the GMATs. Is this going to be a problem with MBB or Deliotte? Thanks. ...
255 days 4 hours ago
More laid back industriesAre there any industries in the corporate strat world which tend to be more laid back or work normal (50'ish hours) work weeks? ...
45 days 14 hours ago
IBM vs Pwc vs AmazonI am currently working at Accenture as a Senior Software Engineer playing the role of a technical lead for my current client. I am looking to make a move to a different company for better compensation. My short term goal is Technical Architect. I would like to stick to technical domain with some bus...
05 days 15 hours ago
I interned at EY TAS during Parthenon merger; How bad would it be to put Parthenon on resume?Hey guys, So basically last year, a day into my EY TAS internship, the Parthenon merger happened. We got an email announcement, and so on so forth. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think EY TAS technically operates under the Parthenon brand (or at least "Parthenon-EY") post-merger. Would it be a terri...
95 days 19 hours ago
MBB Perks & BenefitsIs there a difference in perks and benefits across MBBs? ...
75 days 22 hours ago
Corporate Strategy vs Corporate DevelopmentI'm a recent undergrad who is fortunate to have the opportunity to start off working in a tech company in their Corporate Strategy and Development group. The issue is that Corp Strat and Dev are fairly separated and I have to choose to work with one of the teams. We"re not a huge big name tech compa...
146 days 1 hour ago
McKinsey Online Assessment Hey everyone, I was lucky enough to make it past McKinsey's resume screen for a summer business analyst position and now I have to take an online assessment. It doesn't seem like the typical PST because it is made up of a 45 minute verbal reasoning test and a 45 minute numerical test. It is all onli...
36 days 1 hour ago
MBB internship rejection - impact on full time recruiting?So if you're unsuccessful during your junior internship application for MBB, how would that affect your full time chances? So during the internship cycle, let's say you 1. are rejected without interview 2. Get an interview, but do badly on it and get rejected 3. withdraw application half way due to ...
46 days 1 hour ago
Will my KPMG offer equalize with the senior associate salary?I just got hired as an experienced hire (senior associate) at KPMG for 78k. According to glassdoor, this is the very low end for Senior associates. The hiring partner and recruiter said they can't bump me higher because of my years of experience. (was making 69k at another large consultancy) ...
146 days 5 hours ago
Abnormally low college GPA, STEM, graduated years ago, how would I get into consulting?I finished with a 2.1 GPA couple years ago as a biology major, it took me 6 years to graduate college and my low GPA is due to D's in classes like Organic Chemistry 1, Genetics, Physiology, Microbiology, and Biochemistry. Had to retake those classes all over again and only had a C in them the second...
156 days 11 hours ago
Consulting Recruiting Timeline - US & ChinaHi there, Thanks for reading my post. I am new to the management consulting forum and want to say "hi" to everyone. As a non-target school in North America, I would genuinely want to know if anyone has some thoughts around the summer internship recruiting timeline (resume drop, first round, superday...
06 days 11 hours ago


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