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0! Online - 3 hours ago The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 review: Sequel plunges straight into story's endgame Sydney Morning Herald - 2 hours ago More news for watch hunger games mockingjay part 2 online The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 (2015) - Movie ... ...hunger-games-mockingjay-part-2/.....
05 days 11 hours ago
Hours in MBB/Big 4 ConsultingHi! I made a thread earlier in the week, and gained a lot of great info. Repeating my background a bit for those who didn't read that initial thread, I graduated in May 2015. Since then, I've been traveling and teaching, and have just accepted an offer for Deloitte's BTA Program starting this Feb. I...
55 days 11 hours ago
KPMG Management Consulting--Digital & MobileI recently received my final offer from KPMG Management Consulting on their Digital and Mobile Team. I really enjoy the office (It's brand new, high-end technology and very "tech vibes"), location in Denver, and the team I could work with there. Their Digital and Mobile team is actually amazing be...
05 days 17 hours ago
Deloitte Commercial S&O Business Analyst vs. Capital One Strategy AnalystHey guys, I need to make a decision very soon between the two and would appreciate any insight you all could offer. Deloitte's is in their commercial S&O, whereas Capital One's is in their internal strategy group. Capital One Strategy seems to be an elite group within the company whereas Deloitt...
45 days 19 hours ago
Cornerstone versus Oliver WymanDeciding between offers with OW and Cornerstone and unsure of which to pursue. I'd really appreciate any input on graduate school opportunities for MBA or PhD programs in Economics. I think I'd enjoy the broader business problems at OW, but the economic theory at Cornerstone in the daily work. I'd s...
25 days 20 hours ago
FirmsconsultingHi Monkeys, Has anybody tried training from firmsconsulting? They have two books: - How to succeed in management consulting - Partnership (apparently you have to wait 2 years to get this book!) Has anybody tried these/have a copy? What's your opinion/how useful? What are they relevant for i.e. what ...
16 days 10 min ago
Consulting Resources - Trade/Sell ThreadThread for people to trade resources. I have almost everything everthing people need/could want for case prep, fin modelling, excel - PM me. I am looking for recent industry primers, strategy training + resources on how to be a better consultant/training etc. ...
06 days 14 min ago
Yale Guides - YGCCHi monkeys, I am looking for the Yale Graduate Consulting Club's guides for cases and fit interviews: - Case Interview Preparation Guide - www.yalegradstudentconsulting DOT org/resources/ygcc_developed_resources/case_interview/ - Experience Interview Preparation Guide - www.yalegradstudentconsulting...
06 days 7 hours ago
Lateral to MBBHey all, I'm currently a senior in college and will be working next year at a top economic consulting firm (NERA, Brattle, etc.) Would I be able to work there for a year or two, then try to move to an MBB firm? Do MBB firms even take folks like me who have 1-2 years of work experience but haven't go...
26 days 8 hours ago
Oliver WymanHi guys, I am considering a position at Oliver Wyman and I would like to know what kind of reputation this consulting firm have out there. Does any of you know people that work at OW? What are their thoughts on the work environment / organizational culture? Are the compensation packages competitive ...
306 days 8 hours ago
Thoughts on Oliver Wyman?Can anyone give me insight on life at this company? How are the projects? Culture? Expense policy? Prestige compared with MBB's / Big 4? Did a search but didn't find any recent threads about it. ...
116 days 8 hours ago
deloitte s&o or oliver wyman gmcoffers between the two, both major east coast offices.... which places better into h/w/s??? I know OW has the direct to partnership model, but if you really wanted to go to b-school -- which is better? also, which has higher quality work -- i.e. more strategy, F50 clients? ...
106 days 9 hours ago
Strategy& vs Deloitte S&O vs Oliver Wyman vs Accenture StrategyIf you Monkeys received offers from all of these firms, which would you accept? What would be your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th choice? ...
56 days 9 hours ago
Has anyone heard of SSA & Company?Hi all, Anyone heard of SSA & Company? It's a boutique management consulting firm based in New York. They're a spin off of the Six Sigma Academy, but not too familiar with that is/was. Any insight about their reputation, job nature, compensation or even first hand experience would be much apprec...
66 days 11 hours ago
Tech Consulting --> M7?Hey everyone, I currently have an offer from a top federal consulting firm (Deloitte / BAH / etc), but I would be joining a group whose work is half strategy / half tech consulting. Do M7 committees see "tech consulting" and automatically associate candidates with IT? In essence, I am asking the age...
06 days 17 hours ago
Is Booz Allen Hamilton's SIG (Strategic Innovation Group) a "tech consulting" division?I have an offer from BAH SIG, which offers data science and analytics offerings ( I'm interested in management consulting, but based on what SIG actually does, it sounds like the group is more of a tech consulting arm. Am I correct? Also, do bus...
06 days 19 hours ago
Thoughts on EY Technology Advisory (Non-FSO) Internship/FT?Hi everybody, I'm looking for more information/advice on EY TAP. I've referenced the search and there is some outdated information. It would be amazing if anyone here has experience with the program or knows somebody that does. 1. Is the work under TAP more high-level advisory work or implementation...
26 days 19 hours ago
Training or Continuing EdThere are a lot of sites out there that talk about how to get into management consulting. Any ideas or recommendations on consulting training? I was looking for the strategy equivalent of Training The Street or Practitioner's Guide to Investment Banking. So far I've found the following: ? https:/...
11 week 1 hour ago
Help me decide: Stay in consulting a few months longer vs enter the industry right nowHi to all you primates and primitives! Hope your bananas taste sweet. I am a consultant at one of the MBBs in an emerging markets economy. So far, I am in my 10th month in the post-MBA role and, to be honest, I am not quite happy with my experience. I have a family and hate the travel and the lifes...
31 week 7 hours ago
Growth in Consulting, crossover to MBBHi! I am a recent hire to Deloitte's Federal Technology Consulting Practice. I will start as a first year BTA this upcoming Feb. I have been teaching abroad and traveling since I graduated in May, 2015 with a degree in Biology. Was very fortunate to land this job, as I have no business/tech experien...
51 week 7 hours ago
Breaking into Consulting through a lower tier firmHi there, I'm a junior in college now, and I'm looking for an internship in consulting this upcoming summer. As my GPA isn't stellar, I'm probably (or definitely) not qualified for MBB or any of the top tier firms. Just wanted to know if the mid to lower tier consulting firms (think Big 4 outside ...
41 week 20 hours ago
Difference between M&A consulting and investment banking in M&AHi I want to understand the difference between the job of an M&A consultant and an investment banker working on an M&A deal. Essentially what would be the difference in roles between a consultant at Deloitte and any investment bank, say, JP Morgan. Thank You ...
11 week 1 day ago


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