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deloitte s&o or oliver wyman gmcoffers between the two, both major east coast offices.... which places better into h/w/s??? I know OW has the direct to partnership model, but if you really wanted to go to b-school -- which is better? also, which has higher quality work -- i.e. more strategy, F50 clients? ...
101 week 2 days ago
Strategy& vs Deloitte S&O vs Oliver Wyman vs Accenture StrategyIf you Monkeys received offers from all of these firms, which would you accept? What would be your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th choice? ...
51 week 2 days ago
Has anyone heard of SSA & Company?Hi all, Anyone heard of SSA & Company? It's a boutique management consulting firm based in New York. They're a spin off of the Six Sigma Academy, but not too familiar with that is/was. Any insight about their reputation, job nature, compensation or even first hand experience would be much apprec...
61 week 2 days ago
Tech Consulting --> M7?Hey everyone, I currently have an offer from a top federal consulting firm (Deloitte / BAH / etc), but I would be joining a group whose work is half strategy / half tech consulting. Do M7 committees see "tech consulting" and automatically associate candidates with IT? In essence, I am asking the age...
01 week 2 days ago
Is Booz Allen Hamilton's SIG (Strategic Innovation Group) a "tech consulting" division?I have an offer from BAH SIG, which offers data science and analytics offerings ( I'm interested in management consulting, but based on what SIG actually does, it sounds like the group is more of a tech consulting arm. Am I correct? Also, do bus...
01 week 2 days ago
Training or Continuing EdThere are a lot of sites out there that talk about how to get into management consulting. Any ideas or recommendations on consulting training? I was looking for the strategy equivalent of Training The Street or Practitioner's Guide to Investment Banking. So far I've found the following: ? https:/...
11 week 3 days ago
Help me decide: Stay in consulting a few months longer vs enter the industry right nowHi to all you primates and primitives! Hope your bananas taste sweet. I am a consultant at one of the MBBs in an emerging markets economy. So far, I am in my 10th month in the post-MBA role and, to be honest, I am not quite happy with my experience. I have a family and hate the travel and the lifes...
31 week 3 days ago
Growth in Consulting, crossover to MBBHi! I am a recent hire to Deloitte's Federal Technology Consulting Practice. I will start as a first year BTA this upcoming Feb. I have been teaching abroad and traveling since I graduated in May, 2015 with a degree in Biology. Was very fortunate to land this job, as I have no business/tech experien...
51 week 3 days ago
Breaking into Consulting through a lower tier firmHi there, I'm a junior in college now, and I'm looking for an internship in consulting this upcoming summer. As my GPA isn't stellar, I'm probably (or definitely) not qualified for MBB or any of the top tier firms. Just wanted to know if the mid to lower tier consulting firms (think Big 4 outside ...
41 week 3 days ago
Difference between M&A consulting and investment banking in M&AHi I want to understand the difference between the job of an M&A consultant and an investment banker working on an M&A deal. Essentially what would be the difference in roles between a consultant at Deloitte and any investment bank, say, JP Morgan. Thank You ...
11 week 5 days ago
Bain first round AC interviewsHi all, Bain and company London office just sent invitations for first round AC interviews. Who wants to practice ? The interviews are at the end of this week and whole next week. I have done 80+ cases and have a good collection of cases. ...
01 week 5 days ago
case in point framework vs victor cheng's frameworksI was just wondering which frameworks do you find more useful? I know the best approach would be to somehow integrate the two and develop my own, but I don't really think I'm at that level yet so I'm trying to get a good foundation before I can start doing so. A lot of people give case in point a l...
121 week 5 days ago
BCG ADC / Mck APD questionshey guys, trying to figure out what the basic structure of interviews is for advanced degree students at these two firms. Does McKinsey do the PST for these interviews? How about BCG's math thing? And then a couple rounds in local office of case interviews, then final interview(s?) at the office yo...
11 week 6 days ago
FB vs. IBD vs. MBB - Product ManagementI didn't realize the forums were split by industry, so I've got a duplicate post in IBD. If this is against forum rules, as it might be, I'll remove the other post. I have a rather unconventional schooling record and internship record. I have, however, been blessed to make a really big decision com...
31 week 6 days ago
EY TAS OTS or Accenture Management ConsultingI am not sure whether I should take a position with EY in M&A (Transaction Advisory Services - Operational Transaction Services) or Accenture Management Consulting. Both jobs are in NYC. Any thoughts on which company has better training and/or better opportunities? ...
01 week 6 days ago
McKinsey Problem Solving TestI managed to work my way into getting a interview at McKinsey. I've been scheduled an interview along with a problem solving test next week. I was wondering what the best way to prepare for this is. Any sites I should know? Are there sample tests around somewhere? Thanks! ...
461 week 6 days ago
02 weeks 3 hours ago
McKinsey PST in 8 daysJust got my invitation to PST in London for next week - 20 nov. Anybody else sitting the pst in the UK this week/next week? Hows your preparation coming along? What resources are you using? @people who have done the test - any advice/recommendation/wisdom you'd like to share with us? How was your e...
62 weeks 15 hours ago
McKinsey Problem Solving Test (PST)Has anyone taken the PST recently? I received an invitation to write it and they mentioned that the PST is now 90 minutes (vs. 60 minutes in the practice test). Does anyone know if there are still 26 questions? Or do we now have the pleasure of answering more questions in the available 90 minutes? :...
92 weeks 15 hours ago
Kaiser Associates InfoI've spent a good chunk of time going through their website, but I know many firms list all sorts of practices/capabilities while really being known/strong in specific areas. Any insider knowledge of what they're known for and reputation would be great. ...
02 weeks 17 hours ago


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