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42 years 3 weeks ago
A life of career in the consulting firm?Hi dudes, I wonder how did you find out what consultants do when you're a student. It seems a bit hard for me to ask to people around me since there are few consultants, and also few sites really do have appropriate infos. Thanks a lot. :) ...
63 years 3 days ago
career path for knowledge team in bcgHello to the consultants out there! What are the career prospects of someone working as a research analyst within a consulting company? They call it knowledge team in bcg and knowledge something in mck. Coming from people in the team, it was first specialize in your industry and support the consulta...
13 years 5 months ago
Deloitte vs Accenture vs KPMG Consulting, LondonHi all, I am just about to graduate with a BSc in Economics from LSE this summer and I really hoped to get into MBB/ Tier 2 firms such as Ronald Berger, Oliver Wyman, etc. However, I only got invited to an interview with Bain but didn't make it. I am in the recruitment process with KPMG Management C...
11 year 3 months ago
How do consulting firms view experience in Audit at a Big 4 firm?I am a sophomore at a Canadian University who has done two internships at two different Big 4 firms, one in Asia & the other in Canada. I had wanted to get my CPA, but through my internships, I realized that the work wasn't for me. I am looking to pursue consulting in my Junior year and have bee...
82 years 11 months ago
Insights on KPMG Financial Management Group (Advisory)Hey All, I was wondering if anyone know anything about KPMGs Financial Management Group? I have a friend who just received an offer and was wondering if anyone has any insights into what the group does given that the online literature and job description are rather vague. Thanks in advance! ...
14 months 4 weeks ago
Internship programs available this late? Target 3.8GPAI have been pursuing lab work for other classes but realized that I should probably not waste time and pursue an internship this summer in banking or consulting. What programs are still available? I am a sophomore minority at a top 3 US university with a 3.8 GPA. Haven't applied anywhere. Yes, I kno...
41 month 3 days ago
McKinsey & Company Sophomore Diversity Leaders InternshipHi Guys, I am sort of new on this site but I just have a few questions about McKinsey Internship program for sophomores. I am going to apply but I just wanted to know what the gpa requirement is and I don't go to the top schools that they recruited from. I attend a CUNY school. So I just want to kno...
07 months 3 days ago
35 years 3 months ago
Summer Internship Process UpdatesThis is a thread where we can update each other on where firms are in the interviewing process at our respective universities. * Target school, McKinsey sent out interview invitations today ...
02 years 3 months ago
Transition from asset management to consultingHi everyone, I was wondering if someone could possibly explain how difficult (or easy) it is to move from an analyst at an Asset Management firm, to a strategy and operations consultant? Also, would having a CFA designation change it all? ...
11 month 3 weeks ago
"85% of Execs don't know what their Co.'s comparative advantage is"Just attended the Economist's Risk Summit. Really great talk - but one of the biggest highlights was hearing Andrew Kakabadse from Cranfield School of Management, among others, rip on how all around the world, companies are organized ludicrously. Notable quotes were, "85 percent of directors can't ...
05 years 5 months ago
"A day in your life as an associate..."Could post-MBA folks who are consultants with MBB and others (A.T. Kearney, Deloitte S&O et al) go through how a typical day in their life looks like? ...
194 years 3 months ago
"Average-ish"These days what are the prospects of someone with around a 3.3 gpa from a top target (where grade deflation is rampant *wink*) landing a management consulting job upon graduation. I have ok ECs and two summers of finance-related work experience. Do I stand a chance? What companies should I be lookin...
104 years 8 months ago
"By this date"...what does that mean?Hi guys: this might be a silly question, but I was wondering if you can tell me what this phrase means in my offer letter, it says: "please inform me of your decision as soon as you can, but no later than November 29th." "we anticipate to hear from you by November 29th" Does that mean I can respond...
134 years 5 months ago
"Cluttering up" Linkedin profile?Before I started at MBB I was a college professor, and many (upwards of a hundred) of the undergrads I taught two years ago are now wanting to add me to their LinkedIn profiles. Problem is, none of them have jobs yet. If I accept all of them, they'll outnumber my actual connections (to people in my ...
123 years 4 months ago
"Graduate Prog" - Get value from work experience?Hello boyz & girls, Appreciate some advice on this, I'm currently working in IB (1yr+), and applied for a graduate programme at a top 2nd tier MC, final round coming soon. I assume if I get the offer, I'll get - as a first step - the standard graduate package that's usually offered to uk bachelo...
03 years 5 months ago
"Here's What Consultants Actually Do All Day"Hanging out at the airport (flight delays, thanks polar vortex), and just came across this article ""Here's What Consultants Actually Do All Day". As a newish user, I can't post a link so either Execu|Search for it on Business Insider or read the highlights below: 4:30 a.m. -- Wake up and head to t...
311 year 2 weeks ago
"House of Lies" I finally gave the Showtime show "House of Lies" a chance and I totally love it. Don Cheadle stars as a management consultant and shows high level of what consultants go through. (He actually won a Golden Globe for his role). I was wondering what the community thought about the show..... ...
153 years 1 month ago
"How some men fake an 80 hour work-week and why it matters" - interesting New York Times articleDid anyone see today's article in the NY Times by Neil Irwin in the Upshot section? Interesting discussion of how men and women in careers such as consulting, IB, accounting, etc can sometimes approach family flex time differently. Really interested in hearing how often the "Ask forgiveness, not pe...
312 months 3 days ago
"Lip service" in consultingHi everybody! I have recently become interested in pursuing a career as a consultant and have had some discussions with some friends. I am particularly interested in hearing your opinion on the following "critique" about consulting from an acquaintance, although this is kind of difficult to express:...
41 year 10 months ago
"Meet the Office"/Sell Weekend - What to expect?I have a sell weekend with an MBB coming up - and just wondering what to expect and what to pack. It's at a beach resort - but I assume it's mostly going to be presentations and formal networking events? Anyone with experience, please share. Thanks! ...
53 years 5 months ago
"Operational Excellence" job- how high up?Sorry if this is a stupid question, but as per my job as a bank teller, I started talking to a customer about their background, etc. and I found out he was in charge of "operational excellence" at accenture. His profile also said Senior consultant which I didn't notice till he left. Anyways, he gav...
14 years 11 months ago
"Prestige" of office locationsExcuse me if this is a "noob question"; this is my first time posting on this board. Is there a prestige factor associated with certain office locations versus others? I have an interview with Bain next week. In retrospect, I regret applying to the Toronto office. I read in another thread in this fo...
135 years 6 months ago
"profit is taking a header..."?Hey guys, does anyone know what the phrase "the profit is taking a header..." mean? I found it in a practice case about sales. sorry if this is a really basic question, i'm pretty new to this! thanks! ...
45 years 4 months ago
"Someone Powerful" - ConsultingI have been emailing alums about getting into consulting post-grad and the first person to reply gave me some news, I pretty much already knew, that it would be almost impossible to break into consulting post grad without a "very good connection" with a "powerful person." Does anyone know typically ...
83 years 2 months ago
"Why BCG (or McKinsey? Bain?) " type of interview questionHi Folks! I was wondering what is the best way to tackle this seemingly innocuous interview question - "Why BCG?" What things should I mention in my answer? Thank you very much! ...
274 years 10 months ago
% summer interns offered full time position at m/b/bWhat percent of summer interns are offered a full time position at m/b/b? ...
109 years 1 month ago
(Advice) MSc topic on M&A, macro, business development, corporate financeHey guys, can anyone tell me if research on cross-b M&A ( plus other fdi modes) is still trendy? I am doing msc in finance, and I would like to link it with the general performance in specific industries, but it seems so commonplace and there are so many papers on it. Are there any emergent topi...
06 months 5 days ago
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93 years 4 months ago
21 year 3 weeks ago
61 year 1 week ago
52 years 10 months ago
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02 years 10 months ago
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32 years 7 months ago
-delete please-Hi WSO, Currently finishing my first year at a GS/MS/JP type place. [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] ...
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06 years 2 weeks ago
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02 years 8 months ago
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02 years 1 month ago
01 month 3 weeks ago
10 days after the interview and still haven't heard back yetHad my BCG interviews 10 days ago and still have not heard back yet. In your experience, am I totally screwed? ...
81 year 4 months ago
13 Week CF Model & RestructuringHow important of a skill is 13 week CF modeling ability in the restructuring advisory business? Is this a model that is only used on the operational restructuring side of things or is this a skill that would be wise to develop for someone looking to get into distressed debt investing down the road? ...
13 years 1 month ago
13 week CF model template Ibank forum failed me, so can any of my restructuring consultants hook me up with a template! ...
72 years 5 months ago
13 yr exp in IT consulting.. advice on moving to IT StrategyI am senior manager in IT consulting firm and dealt with large scale corporate projects from solution architecture to delivery. After a decade of IT, I wanted to move in IT Strategy. I found this forum useful and wanted to get some advice. I see that MBB as top class but wondering how the a career ...
13 years 5 months ago
1500 for case prepHas anyone used this service before? Is 1500 worth it for 8 hours of individual prep? ...
74 years 9 months ago
1st Co-op/Internship ConsultingSo I go to a Co-op school (Non-target), I just finished Freshman year and am going into Sophomore year now, GPA of 3.3 (I know this is not impressive at all), and my first Co-op is starting in the Spring. Ahh the issue with your first internship, well I am approaching it. I have no business work exp...
01 year 9 months ago
1st Round Interview Travel Expenses?Do they sometimes forget to include links to setup travel or are candidates expected to pay for 1st round travel? The interview is off-campus. The candidate is not a student and it's clear based on his application that he lives hundreds of miles away, in another state. Job posting didn't mention any...
69 months 1 week ago
1st year associate in London - salaryHi, any idea what are the salaries in consulting for a 1st year associate post-MBA in London? ...
07 years 8 months ago
1st year Big4 consultant looking to move into MBB graduate roleHey all, I'm a MBB as a graduate in the fall. My division in the company has undergone a lot of restructuring and it has greatly affected the culture and the work that we do. One of the main reasons why I joined was the possibility of rapid career advancement, but with this restructuring, career pa...
43 years 1 week ago
2 offers - Please help to decideHello, I have received 2 offers and would appreciate your thoughts as I evaluate and decide on one. My background: 10+ years of IT and management consulting (strategy and M&A) experience. Have worked for Big 4 and now with a regional consulting firm. Recently, I have done part-time MBA from ...
66 months 3 weeks ago
2 offers DMV vs Kurdistan....................delete thread ...
163 years 1 week ago
2 phones or 1?Just curious, how many people with firm provided phones dump their personal ones and how many maintain separate work and personal phones? ...
235 years 2 months ago
2 weeks to prepare for a BCG case interview. So I've got the 1st round of interviews for a winter internship (undergrad) at the BCG coming up in two weeks. I've already went through a test (case-based) and a written case round, this one will consist of a "two 30-minute case-based interviews with our consultants". This is in E.Europe. I've alr...
52 years 6 months ago
2 year Corporate FMP exit opps??I have been in love with WSO since I first read it coz people are so smart and no bullshxt. Would like to share my experience with one of well-known corporate program in Asia and desperately look for a way-out. Hope to get some directions. Joined a global talent program in 2008 after postgraduate (m...
33 years 10 months ago
2 years at consulting boutique - AMAAsk me anything. I'll be answering questions outside of work hours. ...
132 years 9 months ago
2-3 years MBB or straight to industry?Hi, so I would really like to get some more insight into this one issue that has kept me on the fence about consulting or going straight into industry. A little background first: I'm a second year MBA at a top 10 school and I'm sitting on an offer from one of the MBB firms as well as from a top tie...
102 years 5 months ago
2-3 years of consulting --> Top b-school --> IBD? I asked about going from IBD --> Bschool --> consulting, but what about the other way around? Is it difficult to get an IBD summer associate position from a top business school if you only have consulting experience? So you worked at Booz & Co or Oliver Wyman, and then went to someplace li...
15 years 2 months ago
2009 First Year Consulting SalariesCurious to know. Any info you guys have is appreciated....thanks! ...
476 years 7 months ago
2009 SA offersHi, Just wanted to compare SA offers. Here's mine: MBB west coast $4200 / month No reloc, no signing, no bonus or anything. I know bonuses are uncommon for the summer but the base sounds a little low. I was curious if this is par for the current economic state. And if not, any tips on negotiating? ...
117 years 2 months ago
2011 PwC Starting SalaryDoes anyone know the starting salary and signing bonus (ballpark) at PwC advisory for this years undergrad class? Thanks in advance. ...
842 years 12 months ago
2011 Starting SalariesWhat are the offer packages for MBB analysts this year? McKinsey and Bain appear to be at 70+5. Any word on BCG? Oliver Wyman? Parthenon? ...
15 years 6 months ago
2011 Starting Salaries at MBBThere was recently an article about this here: Not sure I trust all of the data, though. Those of you that have gotten offers at MBB (especially NY), can you post details on what your comp package looked like for BA (right out of undergrad)? Than...
44 years 6 months ago
2011 Vault Rankings for Consulting Firms Personally think more weight should be put on prestige. ...
285 years 1 month ago
2012 PE recruiting for MBBSo the PE ball is rolling for the IB 1st years...has anyone here heard much about the consultants? I'm personally thinking about smaller shops, not the megafunds, but I have noticed a few of my colleagues with suspicious trips to "traffic court" recently, and if the big boys have started, it's like...
15 years 1 month ago
2012-13 Full Time Recruiting Case Practice / Experience Sharing (Skype)Looking to practice cases live/on Skype over the summer before FT recruiting. Went through summer recruiting in January and am currently interning at a consulting firm - but want to try for MBB again. Mostly looking to practice in the evenings (Pacific) or on the weekends. PM me if interested. ...
33 years 9 months ago
2013 salaries?if im not mistaken, 2013 salary data should come out around now. any news? 2012 entry level salaries were the same as 2011 so maybe we'll see some growth in the 2013 numbers? (management consulted predicted as much: or if no one has numbers, an...
572 years 12 months ago
2014 MBB MBA Comp?Hey all, Starting the negotiation process with my summer employer and I actually think MBB is a good comp, so I'm interested in hearing what the return offers for MBA summers were like at MBB this year. I believe last year it was 135 base and 25 signing. Can anyone with an MBB offer chime in? Thank...
51 year 7 months ago
2015 ADC BCG Decision roundsHi ADC Candidates, Has anyone heard back the result from their decision round? I interviewed in the south region (Atlanta, Miami, etc.). Cheers. ...
81 year 7 months ago
2015 APD Mckinsey Anyone here got passed to the second round for McKinsey's 2015 APD recruitment? Anyone hear back from their second round yet? ...
431 year 6 months ago
2015 MBB Advanced Degree Candidates Interview RosterHi all, As the deadlines are quickly approaching or have recently passed (for ADVANCED DEGREE CANDIDATES), I thought I'd start a roster of interview invites/schedule and/or letter of rejection. For clarity, please reply when you have an invite/rejection and please try to include the following info: ...
1116 months 1 week ago
2015 McKinsey insight and BCG bridge2BCG status updates for APD/ADC!Hi everyone, Thought I'd start a thread for 2015 McKinsey insight and BCG bridge2BCG status updates for advanced degree candidates. From the past years's posts, I expect McKinsey and BCG to be scheduling their 1st round interviews in early May. Please feel free to post updates and indicate which pr...
1561 month 2 weeks ago
2015-16 Managment Consulting Recruitment CycleHi everyone I am a recent grad (2014 undergrad BBA) on applying on cycle this year. Just curious to know where one can find the deadlines and if it's different for different locations because typically firms use global HR? Thank you! ...
37 months 2 weeks ago
2015/2016 offers in LATAM, Post MBAHi guys! I was just wondering what do Post MBA offers look like at MBB level in Latin America this year, considering that FX has hit the fan, literally. Does anyone have any insight into this? How are firms coping with it? Are the offers "similar" to the US offices counterparts? Im talking MBB.... ...
46 months 1 week ago
2016 APD/ADC MBB Full Time Recruiting UpdatesHey guys, Thought I'd start another thread for those of us APDs/ADCs (read: spent too many years in school) who are applying for full time positions either this Spring (BCG) or later in the Summer. Let's try to provide sufficient data so it's less confusing: Current location(Northeast/west/south)/i...
817 hours 4 min ago
2016 Compensation StudyPosted for discussion. The always interesting Charles Aris consulting compensation study has been updated. Check out the link below: Anything on here make you guys want to leave? ...
33 months 1 day ago
2016 Management Consulting Salaries OutManagementconsulted has updated their annual salary post (usually the most read and commented article on their entire site, link inside this post): What do you all see here? Any surprises? Accenture's performance bonus change was pretty striking to me, it used to be 10% of salary. McKinsey chose to ...
471 month 3 weeks ago
2016 MBB New Hire: What's next?I will be starting at an MBB next year. Any resources/advice on what I should start thinking about as I enter my first year in a few months? I have no prior consulting experience and am not sure what I would like to do long-term. If there's a thread on this already, please let me know! Couldn't find...
45 months 6 days ago
2016 McKinsey insight and BCG bridge2BCG status updates for APDHi everyone, I would like to start a thread for 2016 McKinsey insight and BCG bridge2BCG status updates for advanced degree candidates. Please feel free to post updates and indicate which programs in which region you applied to! ...
1776 hours 57 min ago
25yo Engineer - Is there anything I can do to get out and pursue Business/Strategy/FinanceHello guys, I'm sure I sound like an idiot, but it's been on my brain for a long, long time, and something tragic happened in my life recently that's put a lot into perspective. I graduated from a top school in engineering. Took an engineering job. Been there two years. I want to do business. I don...
139 months 3 weeks ago
2nd Round Interview with McKinseyHi Guys, I'm doing my second round interview with McKinsey next week (Business Analyst) and was wondering if anyone has any insight into the difference between first and second round cases. Are they different, and if so, in what regard? Thanks. ...
124 years 7 months ago
2nd Tier ConsultingHoping for some advice......I'm a 2010 graduate of top ten MBA program who slightly swept up the hiring downturn in consulting. Wound up accepting an offer with Capgemini. This puts me on a completely different track than those at the top tier firms (both in terms of career options post-consulting...
65 years 4 months ago
2nd tier consulting MBA opportunitiesTo all, Does 2nd tier consulting firms provide a good chance of getting accepted in a top-MBA program? I am sure MBB opens you a lot of doors, what about the others "top 10"? Thanks. ...
126 years 5 months ago
2nd tier internship -> MBB FTI did a bit of searching but couldn't find anything specific to my case. Basically, I'm a junior in college interning at a 2nd tier consulting firm (think OW/M/Booz) this summer. I'm very excited about my internship, but I would still like to apply to MBB for FT. I had 2 questions on how to approach...
31 month 3 weeks ago
2nd tier Mgr or m/b/b Associate?I'm having trouble making up my mind. If you could choose between an offer as a manager with a 2nd tier consulting firm (still top 10) or a post-MBA Associate position with an m/b/b which offer would you choose and why? ...
66 years 1 month ago
2nd year Bain AC CompDoes anybody know the comp figure for 2nd year ACs at Bain -Does it stay the same as the 1st year comp? ...
27 years 10 months ago
2nd year base salary raiseWhats the typical raise in base salary for a 2nd year analyst at the major consulting firms? what about 2nd to 3rd year? ...
75 years 11 months ago
13 years 8 months ago
2nd year IB analyst to ConsultingI was recently was accepted into an analyst program within the technology M&A group of a MM investment bank. I was trying to get a sense as to what roles, if any, would be open for me within Consulting after a 2 or 3 year analyst stint in IB. From what I understand the jump from IB to Consultin...
31 year 1 month ago
2year MBA failed all MBB interviewsDear Fellows, Here I am seeking your advice on my career. I did tons of cases and networking with the firms and offices of my interest and yet have failed all my 1st round interviews (FT MBB). Needless to say that I am devastated and don't know what to do now. I am a 2nd year MBA (M7+1, target schoo...
Andrei Chernov
211 year 5 months ago
3 million jobs coming to America?interesting article about rising wages in china and jobs returning to the US. Transportation Goods, Electrical Equipment, and Furniture Are Among Sectors Most Likely to Gain Jobs as U.S. Manufacturing Returns, Predicts The Boston Consulting Group Analysis Finds That U.S. Could Gain 2 to 3 Million J...
194 years 6 months ago
3-4 weeks since Bain final round - No decisionSo I had my final round at Bain 3-4 weeks ago and still haven't gotten a decision. I know people who have been rejected from the same office, and one person who was accepted (the day of his interview). So what is most likely going on? It blows me away that it's taken this long, as I haven't had to w...
114 years 2 months ago
3.3 from target? - Internship last year at F500Hey guys, i have a 3.3 from Duke... econ/pub pol major, internship last year at F500 company, moderate extracurrics... what consulting firms should i look at? ...
76 years 3 months ago
3.5 gpa from top 3 liberal arts collegeDo I have a chance getting a good SA position? ...
245 years 4 months ago
3.9 GPA, semi-target, hard science/math major...few offers/interviews. Should I look elsewhere?Hi all, I have a little over a 3.9 at a semi-target (Cornell) in biology and math with a minor in comp sci and significant AEM coursework (practically done with the major requirements). last summer i did healthcare consulting/marketing at a respected, midsized firm (top 100 for consulting, but not v...
492 years 10 months ago
32 AdvisorsDoes anyone know much about Robert Wolf's 32 Advisors? Seems like an interesting mix of principals. I'm curious to hear what kind of projects they get involved with. ...
13 years 1 month ago
3rd year undergrad internship gradesI had a quick question regarding the grade requirements for MBB and other second tier firms. I am hoping to get interviews with these firms next year but i fear that my first years grades will come back to haunt me. I performed poorly in first year and spent time having more fun, ended with a 3.0 G...
24 years 5 months ago
3yr IBMer offered position at Accenture Strategy - Should I take it?Hi All I've been offered a role at Accenture Strategy and can't decide whether it is the right time to move to a new company. A little about me: - 3 years experience at IBM - Started through the apprenticeship scheme - Promoted Q1 2015 - Now above graduate level I enjoy IBM however I feel it doesn'...
68 months 6 days ago
4 Wall analysis Monkeys, I'm working on a financial review on a retail chain for M&A purposes, and need help with a 4 wall analysis. Would anyone be able to help with a model or source to find more on 4 wall analysis? - Thanks ...
32 years 4 months ago


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