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41 year 10 months ago
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04 years 5 months ago
A life of career in the consulting firm?Hi dudes, I wonder how did you find out what consultants do when you're a student. It seems a bit hard for me to ask to people around me since there are few consultants, and also few sites really do have appropriate infos. Thanks a lot. :) ...
62 years 9 months ago
career path for knowledge team in bcgHello to the consultants out there! What are the career prospects of someone working as a research analyst within a consulting company? They call it knowledge team in bcg and knowledge something in mck. Coming from people in the team, it was first specialize in your industry and support the consulta...
13 years 2 months ago
Deloitte vs Accenture vs KPMG Consulting, LondonHi all, I am just about to graduate with a BSc in Economics from LSE this summer and I really hoped to get into MBB/ Tier 2 firms such as Ronald Berger, Oliver Wyman, etc. However, I only got invited to an interview with Bain but didn't make it. I am in the recruitment process with KPMG Management C...
11 year 2 weeks ago
How do consulting firms view experience in Audit at a Big 4 firm?I am a sophomore at a Canadian University who has done two internships at two different Big 4 firms, one in Asia & the other in Canada. I had wanted to get my CPA, but through my internships, I realized that the work wasn't for me. I am looking to pursue consulting in my Junior year and have bee...
82 years 8 months ago
Insights on KPMG Financial Management Group (Advisory)Hey All, I was wondering if anyone know anything about KPMGs Financial Management Group? I have a friend who just received an offer and was wondering if anyone has any insights into what the group does given that the online literature and job description are rather vague. Thanks in advance! ...
12 months 3 days ago
McKinsey & Company Sophomore Diversity Leaders InternshipHi Guys, I am sort of new on this site but I just have a few questions about McKinsey Internship program for sophomores. I am going to apply but I just wanted to know what the gpa requirement is and I don't go to the top schools that they recruited from. I attend a CUNY school. So I just want to kno...
04 months 1 week ago
35 years 4 days ago
Summer Internship Process UpdatesThis is a thread where we can update each other on where firms are in the interviewing process at our respective universities. * Target school, McKinsey sent out interview invitations today ...
02 years 3 weeks ago
"85% of Execs don't know what their Co.'s comparative advantage is"Just attended the Economist's Risk Summit. Really great talk - but one of the biggest highlights was hearing Andrew Kakabadse from Cranfield School of Management, among others, rip on how all around the world, companies are organized ludicrously. Notable quotes were, "85 percent of directors can't ...
05 years 2 months ago
"A day in your life as an associate..."Could post-MBA folks who are consultants with MBB and others (A.T. Kearney, Deloitte S&O et al) go through how a typical day in their life looks like? ...
194 years 1 week ago
"Average-ish"These days what are the prospects of someone with around a 3.3 gpa from a top target (where grade deflation is rampant *wink*) landing a management consulting job upon graduation. I have ok ECs and two summers of finance-related work experience. Do I stand a chance? What companies should I be lookin...
104 years 6 months ago
"By this date"...what does that mean?Hi guys: this might be a silly question, but I was wondering if you can tell me what this phrase means in my offer letter, it says: "please inform me of your decision as soon as you can, but no later than November 29th." "we anticipate to hear from you by November 29th" Does that mean I can respond...
134 years 2 months ago
"Cluttering up" Linkedin profile?Before I started at MBB I was a college professor, and many (upwards of a hundred) of the undergrads I taught two years ago are now wanting to add me to their LinkedIn profiles. Problem is, none of them have jobs yet. If I accept all of them, they'll outnumber my actual connections (to people in my ...
123 years 1 month ago
"Graduate Prog" - Get value from work experience?Hello boyz & girls, Appreciate some advice on this, I'm currently working in IB (1yr+), and applied for a graduate programme at a top 2nd tier MC, final round coming soon. I assume if I get the offer, I'll get - as a first step - the standard graduate package that's usually offered to uk bachelo...
03 years 2 months ago
"Here's What Consultants Actually Do All Day"Hanging out at the airport (flight delays, thanks polar vortex), and just came across this article ""Here's What Consultants Actually Do All Day". As a newish user, I can't post a link so either Execu|Search for it on Business Insider or read the highlights below: 4:30 a.m. -- Wake up and head to t...
319 months 3 weeks ago
"House of Lies" I finally gave the Showtime show "House of Lies" a chance and I totally love it. Don Cheadle stars as a management consultant and shows high level of what consultants go through. (He actually won a Golden Globe for his role). I was wondering what the community thought about the show..... ...
152 years 10 months ago
"How some men fake an 80 hour work-week and why it matters" - interesting New York Times articleDid anyone see today's article in the NY Times by Neil Irwin in the Upshot section? Interesting discussion of how men and women in careers such as consulting, IB, accounting, etc can sometimes approach family flex time differently. Really interested in hearing how often the "Ask forgiveness, not pe...
39 months 1 week ago
"Lip service" in consultingHi everybody! I have recently become interested in pursuing a career as a consultant and have had some discussions with some friends. I am particularly interested in hearing your opinion on the following "critique" about consulting from an acquaintance, although this is kind of difficult to express:...
41 year 7 months ago
"Meet the Office"/Sell Weekend - What to expect?I have a sell weekend with an MBB coming up - and just wondering what to expect and what to pack. It's at a beach resort - but I assume it's mostly going to be presentations and formal networking events? Anyone with experience, please share. Thanks! ...
53 years 3 months ago
"Operational Excellence" job- how high up?Sorry if this is a stupid question, but as per my job as a bank teller, I started talking to a customer about their background, etc. and I found out he was in charge of "operational excellence" at accenture. His profile also said Senior consultant which I didn't notice till he left. Anyways, he gav...
14 years 8 months ago
"Prestige" of office locationsExcuse me if this is a "noob question"; this is my first time posting on this board. Is there a prestige factor associated with certain office locations versus others? I have an interview with Bain next week. In retrospect, I regret applying to the Toronto office. I read in another thread in this fo...
135 years 3 months ago
"profit is taking a header..."?Hey guys, does anyone know what the phrase "the profit is taking a header..." mean? I found it in a practice case about sales. sorry if this is a really basic question, i'm pretty new to this! thanks! ...
45 years 1 month ago
"Someone Powerful" - ConsultingI have been emailing alums about getting into consulting post-grad and the first person to reply gave me some news, I pretty much already knew, that it would be almost impossible to break into consulting post grad without a "very good connection" with a "powerful person." Does anyone know typically ...
82 years 11 months ago


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