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Difference between Strategic Planning and Corporate Strategy?Is there a difference between the two? I found a strategic planning opening but it seems like it's more marketing focused, so that confused me for a bit. ...
28 hours 48 min ago
Best Commercial Credit Training Programs Hey guys I'm looking to break in commercial/corporate banking and I noticed a lot of companies are asking that you have attended a commercial banking analyst training program or a credit training program. I know that Moody's and Fitch Learning offer a couple of training courses. I just don't know wh...
11 day 3 hours ago
What Level Do Most People in Corporate Finance Usually Reach Before Plateauing?I currently work for a Big 4 firm and am in the process of trying to figure out whether or not I want to either transfer to another service line that is more appealing to me in advisory or if I want to say "screw it", move into corporate finance and try to start the climb from there. In order to ma...
Big 4 Beta
191 day 8 hours ago
GE FMP here. AMA.I'm a former GE FMP who went through the program and completed areas in finance such as supply chain and commercial. Please note that I did not do the Capital Program. Feel free to ask me anything. ...
782 days 7 hours ago
Capital One BA Case preparationI've received an interview opportunity for the Capital One BA role; it says I will be having a phone interview going through one of their cases, and that I could expect to be on the phone for about 30 minutes. I've seen many postings about Cap One on the forums on WSO, but not many seem to directly ...
74 days 1 hour ago
Advice for a chimpAll, I am a recent graduate from a non-target in Finance and Economics and am currently in the first round of my finance development program. My post is pretty general, but being as I am new to the site I definitely want to take advantage of the knowledge and experience that exists here. In general,...
04 days 11 hours ago
Salary for post-MBA FP&A Analyst at F500?I'm thinking about going T25 MBA, and then finding a Senior Financial Analyst position at a F500. I have a BA in Accounting and a CPA license. How much could I make as a Sr. Financial Analyst at a large southern city (Charlotte, Atlanta, Dallas, etc.)? Is there a large difference between FP&A sa...
55 days 11 hours ago
Global payments solutionsHello! I'm looking for global payments solutions with API for automating pay-ins and pay-outs for my business. The first I found find is Payoneer and there are a lot of good feedbacks I could find. Can anyone advice some other provider like Payoneer to compare? Thank you guys! ...
Rachel Banks
16 days 19 hours ago
Intel Finance @ Folsom, CAHey folks, How does Intel's Corp Finance program rank in terms of F500 finance programs? I just received an offer for the Folsom, CA office but does anyone know any info or have friends that have worked in this same office? If so, could you possibly throw in your input on what you know? Someone a...
61 week 23 hours ago
EXIT OPS: Commercial Lending?I'm a new grad working as a commercial credit analyst at an auto manufacturer's captive finance company (think Ford Motor Credit, Toyota Financial, Chrysler Financial, etc.) I've been in this role for about 8 months. The description made the position seem as if there would be a lot of financial anal...
51 week 1 day ago
Microsoft FRP vs Amazon OFRP vs GE FMP for MBAHey everyone, longtime lurker, first time poster here. I'm a student veteran, studying economics and finance, currently in my final year at a top public uni (think UNC-Chapel Hill, UT Austin, U-Mich, UVA, etc). I have fortunate enough to secure two job offers for after graduation. One is with Amazon...
81 week 2 days ago
Value of an IB Internship for Corporate DevelopmentHi All, I want to gather opinions on the value of an internship at a boutique investment bank, specifically on whether it will help me transition into corporate development. My background is in consulting and I will be returning back to my previous employer (sponsored) after business school (current...
21 week 3 days ago
PepsiCo Finance Analyst VS Citi Commercial Banking AnalystGot offers from both Pepsico and Citi and not sure which one is better for learning, B- school prospects later and overall a better career launching platform after undergrad. Would really appreciate feedback on this. ...
91 week 3 days ago
How realistic is it to move into Corp Dev Post MBA (without IB exp)Hey WSO. Pretty straightforward question...I have read the great threads on here about Corp Dev by harvardgrad08 and marine13910 which were very interesting/encouraging. Thanks to both of them for their contributions. Just looking for a few other opinions on if going from a top 15 MBA -> Corp Dev...
01 week 4 days ago
Internship Offer SelectionsTrying to decide between these internship offers. I am interested in Investment Banking or Private Equity and want to position myself best for a top MBA program. ...
01 week 5 days ago
EURIBOR rate projectionDear forum, could you please advise whether should I somehow project EURIBOR rate in 10y financial model or just to leave at as flat constant? Thanks! ...
21 week 5 days ago
Corporate Development Manager - Q&AReading through @harvardgrad08's posts I think this type of contribution is extremely helpful in de-mystifying certain career fields, especially the lessor known Corporate Development field as well as exit ops out of Big 4 Audit. So I wanted to share my story and hopefully help some folks better und...
311 week 5 days ago
How I Landed a FDP Offer from an Unknown SchoolLet me first begin by saying that for most of my time in college, getting into a FLDP at a F500 firm has been my goal. I am very intrigued by the exciting, fast-paced life and lucrative pay of the IB world, but the 80-100hr work weeks and the fact that the company doesn't "make something" simply do...
81 week 6 days ago
Financial ForecastingSustainable Growth Rate (SGR) is measured as SGR= R x ROE but some textbooks use R x ROE / 1- R x ROE Does anybody knows the reason of this difference and the meaning if any? Thanks ...
01 week 6 days ago
Coporate Development Modeling TestDoes anyone have any experience in going through an assessment as it relates to Excel/Modeling? ...
02 weeks 18 hours ago
How Does a "Retention Bonus" Work?I have a friend in corporate who is currently going through M&A (as a target). He has been classified as a necessary resource and has been told that he is getting a retention bonus if he stays on. He reached out and asked me for advice and I realized I don't know anything about it. I think that ...
82 weeks 1 day ago


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