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Google M&A Finance, what is it?What does Google M&A Finance do? I noticed on LinkedIn that a lot of ex-big4 TS people seem to work there. Is M&A Finance same as Corporate Development? ...
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42 hours 6 min ago
Staff Accountant ---> Financial Analyst FP&A?Hi there, I'm currently working as a staff accountant at a startup and I want to transition into a financial analyst role. It's been difficult because people have been labeling me as an "accountant" no experience in FP&A Any of you guys have any success making the transition? My duties include o...
147 hours 7 min ago
Top Secret Clearance in FinanceHow much of an asset is a top secret clearance for veterans in the current job market? I've heard that it can be extremely beneficial in the corporate finance space with defense contractors and defense consulting. I feel like the benefits of the top secret clearance in the civilian labor market have...
42 days 17 hours ago
Corporate Dev. InterviewAnyone on here have any advice on Corporate Development interview. The job will focus on M&A within the Med/Healthcare Industry. The company is pretty large (NI in the billions). What type of questions can I expect? Also I am currently coming from an FP&A type role at a Fortune 50 compan...
92 days 20 hours ago
Corporate Development Crash Course for a LawyerHi all, Thought I'd reach out to the those of us that have reached the "grey haired" levels of Corporate Development (or even PE for that matter) re a rather challenging "training" situation that has presented itself. I'm looking to recruit an Associate to our Corporate Development team, and the pa...
52 days 21 hours ago
Interesting CF BlogI came across this blog a couple years back. It's run by a young finance VP for a F500 company. It's mainly a "day in the life" type of deal, and he is kinda sporadic about when he posts, but I have been fascinated getting an insight into what life could be like in Corporate Finance. He recently sta...
03 days 1 hour ago
Mobile Wallets: How easy is it to persuade people to switch?THERE IS A $720 BILLION MARKET FOR MOBILE PAYMENTS OUT THERE, BUT MOBILE WALLET APPS AREN'T CATCHING ON WITH CONSUMERS. CARLA CURTSINGER SHARES HER THEORY ON WHY YOUR CURRENT WALLET MAY BE WINNING THE WAR. Interesting video about mobile wallet market: current status and outlook:
GDS International
03 days 11 hours ago
Interview with a Forecasting AnalystMod Note (Andy): user Angelz629 was nice enough to do this interview with us. Our questions are in bold, her responses follow. What is your current job title and a one sentence description of your primary job responsibility? Forecasting Analyst. My primary job responsibility is to forecast the fina...
104 days 6 hours ago
Antares Capital (GE Capital I just want to get a little insight onto what Antares Capital does. Website is antares dot com (wont let me post URL) ..... Cant tell if it is purely Lev Fin or they do other shit. I have an interview for an internship there coming up on campus and would like to get a bunch of opinions on any aspec...
25 days 14 hours ago
Guardian Life Enterprise and Capital Solutions Have an upcoming interview with the group "Enterprise and Capital Solutions" at guardian life insurance. Cant find info out online about the group.. anyone know anything? This is the description I got from the recruiter via email .... The Enterprise Capital & Solutions Group has a broad mandate...
05 days 17 hours ago
Internal Audit to Corporate Finance - How realistic is the jump?Hey Everyone,I'm currently an Internal Auditor working at BAML. Graduated back in May with a Bachelors in Finance from a Top 10 public school. After being six months on the job I am looking to make the switch to corporate finance later on. I had previous internship experience in corporate finance a...
25 days 19 hours ago
BAML GTS Superday 1/19Just had a superday at Bank of America Merrill Lynch for the GTS division. Has anyone else heard back yet? ...
15 days 22 hours ago
Those who made a mid-career change from an unrelated field into finance, what motivated you?What made you want to switch? How did you go about doing it? And do you regret it? Also, what field were you in before (like degree/career) and what did you switch into in regards to finance (was it IB, etc?). Also, how did you go about doing it (school, specific entry-level position, etc). Would lo...
01 week 15 min ago
Full Time to Contract - What should i be looking for, pros/cons Currently working as a BA for a bb firm, don't exactly love what I'm doing but at the same time I'm being assigned more and more complex projects so it is getting interesting. Anniversary is coming up so opportunity for advancement is around the corner. Opportunity might come up to switch out to a C...
01 week 2 hours ago
What are good roles for a non target to look into?Hey guys. I graduated from a non target with an okay GPA and had some extracurriculars, but not enough for the typical BB path. So I'm looking into CF development programs and they're very interesting to me. Now I'm interested in the other path..but to be honest I'm a little intimidated. How difficu...
21 week 1 day ago
Any thoughts on this corporate finance job based on description?Thanks! Overview Sales & Marketing Financial Analyst supporting Oral Care, Private Label, Loyalty, and Household Brands Roles/Responsibility Summary: Proactively deliver relevant, actionable financial information/analysis and recommendations to the sales and brand organization/platforms they are...
bernie madoff
31 week 1 day ago
Intel Finance Business AnalystSo I applied for this position on my school's ocr and have an interview soon. Has anyone heard of this position at Intel and is being a "Finance Business Analyst" the same thing as what their traditional junior corporate finance roles entail (if they have them) The job description on ocr seems lik...
burnt tangerine
11 week 2 days ago
5 Things you should never stop doingI've been working at a F500 company since my college graduation (8 years ago), and just recently, I decided that it was time to look outside to see what else is out there and also to see how much someone with my years of experience and skills is worth. As I was researching jobs, applying for new r...
51 week 2 days ago
All about Treasury/ Corporate Treasury! Hello Everyone, I searched through the forum and could not find much structured info about treasury. So wish to compile scattered info about treasury. Anything from what is treasury? entry barriers, how to be a treasurer, salaries, best organizations to work with, exit options, relevant certificat...
111 week 3 days ago
Advice for Sophomore Interning at Boeing Gold Care Division Summer 2016/ next stepsHey everyone, I am just looking for some advice. I landed an internship for this next summer at Boeing's Gold Care division up in Seattle as a business/operations analyst. Has anyone worked in this division of Boeing before? I heard this division is quite new (4-5 years old), and has a more "startup...
21 week 6 days ago
Asset Based Lending ?How is asset based lending for middle market? What are the exit opps ? can i still get into Private equity or any mezzanine type fund ? ...
31 week 6 days ago
FP&A at Video Game company - Question on business model and interviewsI'm preparing for an interview for an FP&A role in a video game company. It's a big move for me because if this worked out, I'd be able to move back close to my family and that's something I've wanted for awhile. .. My goal is to better understand the key metrics in a VG company based on a free...
21 week 6 days ago
Best college major for FP&A?What's the best college major if I eventually want to get a T10 part-time MBA and work in F500 FP&A? Out of all other business majors, I'm interested in MIS the most, but I'm not sure if it would be useful for FP&A. Any suggestions? ...
41 week 6 days ago
How much of an advantage is programming in Excel VBA College student about to graduate studying Accounting, I will have been programming casually in Excel VBA for almost two years when I graduate. How much of an advantage will this be in the be in world of Finance and Accounting? ...
52 weeks 2 days ago


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