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International Internships?I would like to be a summer analyst in a major European city like London, Paris, or Geneva. How would I go about getting an internship abroad with an I-banking firm, possibly Goldman Sachs, UBS, Citigroup, BNP Paribas, ABN Ambro, etc.? My college doesn't offer them either... ...
09 years 5 months ago
After iBankingI keep reading about all the hours and the burn out rate in I-Banking. 1. Is there a high turnover of people? 2. What type of jobs or industries do people enter after I-Banking? ...
29 years 5 months ago
Film FinanceAnyone here know about financing film? ...
19 years 5 months ago
Location, Location, Location...2-Part Question. New York vs Chicago vs Los Angeles vs London vs Other 1.) This question is probably a no brainer, but IYO, which is best for IB? 2.) Personally, which location would you prefer? ...
109 years 5 months ago
Height Disadvantage?Will I be at a disadvantage being shorter than 5'8"? Will employers not hire me? Do you know short i-bankers at top firms/ or at PEs/HFs/VCs? ~Jacob~ ...
129 years 5 months ago
Internships for a Wharton undergradI have a friend who is going to be a sophmore at Wharton next year. He's looking to get ahead of the curve and get an internship in the city for his summer between sophmore and junior year. I'm currently between my sophmore and junior year and was able to get a good internship due to family connec...
59 years 5 months ago
Do associate get more decent working hours?After two years of hard working as an analyst, followed by an MBA, can I expect more decent working hours (getting week ends off, at least some of them)? And are the wroking hours more decent in the Bay area vs. NYC?? ...
19 years 5 months ago
Introducing myselfI'm a 25 year old former engineer, and I've recently become very interested in i-banking. I stumbled on this site tonight, and I've amused myself for the past 20 minutes or so. Can someone get into this field without a business degree, or is that required? ...
79 years 6 months ago
Enron aside, SPV's are legalWith this spring's criminal trial of former Enron executives Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling, the masses were again seeing accounts of Raptors, Chewco and Osprey -- some of the shadowy "special purpose vehicles" the energy company used for improper purposes such as concealing its mushrooming debt. But ...
09 years 6 months ago
SF/Silicon Valley Industry GroupsWhat banks have significant presence in industries other than technology in the Bay Area? I know Goldman has Consumer and HC group. ...
29 years 6 months ago
GS HFIGDoes anybody know anything about the Hedge Fund Industry Coverage Group (HFIG) at Goldman? ...
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