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Would you go work for a start-up PE firm?Would you go work for a start up PE firm that just finished closing its first fund? What would be the pros and cons? ...
92 weeks 5 days ago
In-House Valuation Groups Inside PE FirmsI have seen linkedin's of some people who are specifically within the "Valuations" group of PE arm of megafunds like Blackstone and Apollo Global Management. They tend to come from FLDP/big 4 valuation/non-target backgrounds, which seem to make such a role within reach for me. Can anyone here tell m...
32 weeks 6 days ago
Role of seller's cash in LBO Sources and Useshi everyone, question on how to think about cash and debt on a sources & uses table. I've seen models that have seller's balance sheet cash as a source and full amount of debt being refinanced as a use; and I've also seen models that have net debt as a use with no explicit mention of seller's ca...
53 weeks 1 day ago
Tax Refund in Sources of LBOCurious if anyone has seen "tax refund" in the sources of funds in an LBO (as seen in the Macabacus model below)? ...
23 weeks 1 day ago
Please post dump of LA PE/VC firms I would greatly appreciate if one of you monkeys would run a query on your terminal, export to excel, and post on box or dropbox. Query parameters something along the lines of: Title: Search Investors By Location Screen Focus: Private Equity/Venture Capital Screen Parameters P1 "Investor Location: I...
03 weeks 1 day ago
Tanking a Small Cap Company private ($ Rev. ~$50m-$80m)Hi Everyone, I am preparing a list of potential targets for two PE funds. One is a new small-cap fund, currently fundraising and investing own equity the second one is a third fund investing out if $130m. I identified several interesting targets that are respectively in the size scope of these compa...
23 weeks 2 days ago
Technical Question: Cash-on-Cash Return LBO model 1st yearHi, sorry to start with a dumb question - I am a consultant trying to break into PE and currently working on my LBO modelling. So got a running model, balance sheet balances, so far so good. Now something that I find slightly counter intuitive. When calculating my cash-on-cash returns after year 1,...
43 weeks 3 days ago
PE Placement Agent - questionsHello WSO, I have recently started at a placement agent for private equity firms in an associate position. It's an independent firm, so think mid-market rather than IB-based. I know that when I was interviewing for the role there was very little info on here (or the web generally) about placement ag...
153 weeks 3 days ago
Toronto PE salary + bonusHi everyone, Pretty much everything is in the title. How much are fresh associates looking at in terms of salary and bonus at funds in Toronto after a classic analyst stint? Any answer welcome regardless of fund size/tier but please specify MM, MF etc. ...
23 weeks 5 days ago
Oaktree Modeling Test /Case StudyHi all, I am looking for some info about Oaktree's case study/modeling test. It is apparently the same for all the teams. Has anyone ever done it? Thanks, Scratchy ...
23 weeks 5 days ago
Consultant friendly MM PE firmsSecond year at MBB looking at one-off recruiting for MM PE starting in 2016. Wanted to get a list of consultant-friendly firms and the corresponding search firms they use. Some examples would be: + HGGC + Charlesbank + Golden Gate Capital Any other firms with strong reputations this community can re...
33 weeks 5 days ago
Summit Partners Credit Advisors - Sourcing?I have an upcoming interview with them and am unsure how this relates to the typical sourcing analyst role at Summit Partners I always hear about. It sounds like this is the team that actually provides finances to portfolio companies but not too sure. Anyone have any insight? ...
03 weeks 5 days ago
03 weeks 5 days ago
PE search fund: What is the best way to come up with a list of potential acquisition targets in a particular city?If a PE search fund is looking to come up with a list of companies in a particular city or region from which they can identify potential target companies for acquisition, what is the best way to come up with that initial list of companies? Chamber of Commerce? BBB? ...
03 weeks 6 days ago
PE Funds where Ops works with deal team pre-dealDoes anyone know of any funds where the Operating team gets involved pre-deal? Possibly in the form of giving an opinion including potential operating improvements with the idea of executing the recommendations after close. If this doesn't exist, or even if it does for that matter, what are some ot...
203 weeks 6 days ago
Technical question: equity value and stock options Financial gurus, I've been having trouble figuring this out and would appreciate some guidance. So say a company issues stock based compensation. What happens to the balance sheet when the company grants the shares? And what happens to the balance sheet when the employee exercise the shares? What li...
33 weeks 6 days ago
Private equity exit ops (europe)as the title suggests, I was wondering whether exit ops from guys in PE somewhat differ if you are based in the EU (especially in southern Europe). through some homework I found out that in the US some stay in the PE world, some go to do MBAs (not to senior though), some become entrepeneurs, some ta...
04 weeks 1 hour ago
04 weeks 17 hours ago
Questions about Private PlacementHey guys, first post on the site. I have been looking into private equity, DCM, etc. and found something called Private Placement. Did some more digging and learned about firms like Park Hill Group and divisions of banks that work as private placement firms, but I haven't been able to find much info...
54 weeks 1 day ago
Forest Hills Capital Management ????Hi, anyone ever heard of Forest Hills Capital Management???? Thanks ...
61 month 1 hour ago
Professional Needed for College InterviewHey WSO! I'm a Freshman Finance major at the University of Maryland's Smith School of Business. For one of my courses I am required to find and interview someone who is in my desired professional career. Fortunately I am more than happy to participate in the assignment because I am interested to lea...
01 month 19 hours ago


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