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Spotlight: WSO User GuidelinesPlease read in detail before posting to WSO: WSO User Guidelines ...
03 years 4 months ago
separate account giganyone have any insight in what it is like to work at a firm that invests via a separate account with an investment manager? i recently interviewed at a large institution that is investing from it's principal balance sheet. they use a separate account vehicle with a well-regarded investment manag...
24 hours 58 min ago
REPE Fund StructuresHey guys, wanted to get your opinion on typical REPE fund structures you have seen. Say you are a private equity fund like Greystar, you raise a multifamily fund where you have LP investors including pension funds, insurance companies etc., and Greystar itself contributes 10% to the fund. You have y...
Chinese RE Guy
85 hours 2 min ago
Greenhill Capital AdvisoryHi all, Was wondering if anyone had any insight on Greenhill's Real Assets Capital Advisory group; I was thinking of applying for a summer analyst role, and I was wondering if anyone could give me more of a sense of what I'd be doing/how the position compares to IB/if it would set me up nicely for F...
25 hours 19 min ago
Real Estate & Family BusinessOne thing that doesn't come up often here is working within your family's real estate business. My parents own probably $10-15mm in real estate (and they probably have at least 60% leverage on those assets) and I've sort of grown up going to small development sites on the weekends (more so when I wa...
85 hours 21 min ago
Insurance Company Real Estate Investment Group Bonuses Is anyone familiar with bonus structures for the large insurances companies within their real estate investing divisions? (Met Life, Prudential Real Estate Investors, Allianz, NY Life, AIG, etc.). This would be for entry level investment analyst roles. Anyone know how much one can expect? Or does an...
35 hours 39 min ago
JPM AM vs. PREIWhat would be better opportunity out of undergrad:JPM Asset Management Global Real Assets: Analyst, asset management, work across the risk spectrum (I assume a lot of core b/c JPM is known for their core fund), office/industrial only or Prudential Real Estate Investors: Analyst, Asset Management, op...
25 hours 42 min ago
Appraisal/Valuation exit opportunities What opportunities would one have after gaining a year of CRE appraisal experience at a well known appraisal firm? ...
95 hours 49 min ago
Thoughts: Marriott Buys Starwood Hotels for $12.2 billionThe Purchase Marriott International, one of the world's largest hoteliers, agreed to acquire Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. for $12.2 billion. To be precise, Marriott is going to shell out $11.9 billion in stock and $340 million in cash. Moreover, Marriott agreed to pay $2, in cash, an...
710 hours 28 min ago
Morgan Stanley Real Estate Summer Internship AdviceHi, I am currently preparing for a second round phone interview with an associate in the Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing group. Some background, I am studying economics & accounting. I also have had two internships in the real estate industry so I have a decent understanding of the acquis...
222 hours 38 min ago
NYU MSRE vs. Georgetown MPSI was accepted into NYU and Georgetown's graduate real estate programs. I graduated from undergrad <1 year ago and and have been interning at a healthcare PE fund for the last year. NYU seems to have a greater focus on kids without much work experience, has top notch faculty, and I like NYC more ...
Pokemon Master
61 day 12 hours ago
CMBS Origination Exit OpsI've been exploring the WSO CRE forum for the past few weeks and wanted to ask a question with my first post about potential exit ops for the job I have lined up. Currently in my final year at a non-target state school on the West Coast. Interned for a top national CRE broker after my sophomore year...
41 day 15 hours ago
Best Real Estate Modeling course? REFM? BIWS? WSP?This is my first post to WSO so I hope I'm doing this correctly. Here's a little about myself... Job : 1 year doing corporate finance at Top 3 Bulge Bracket bank Undergrad : (Mid-Atlantic) Non-Target - Penn State, Maryland, UNC Major GPA: 3.7+ Internships: 1 year at Elite RE development firm that bu...
41 day 19 hours ago
Breaking in to Real Estate Analyst Hello all, I will be completing my undergraduate degree In Political Science this year with a 3.5 GPA. However I'm pursuing a career change in commercial real estate. I will go for a Masters in Real Estate in the Fall next year but I have no practical work experience in the field. I'm considering r...
42 days 11 hours ago
Where are you now versus where you thought you would be?Like the title suggests, I'm curious to see what kind of path you had envisioned for yourself versus where you are now. I think it would be interesting to get some insight from the more seasoned guys, this way we can get an understanding for how spontenous the market and expected career paths can be...
263 days 10 hours ago
Tishman Speyer Analyst Interview helpHey fellow monkeys, I have an interview lined up with Tishman for their analyst program (after Undergrad). What do you think are "must know" topics that they will test me on? Also how would you answer the dreaded "if i gave you 100Million $, what would you do with it" question? I am very thankful fo...
53 days 10 hours ago
Real Estate Masters Programs ( Anyone know someone whose gone?)I was looking at the Cornell and USC Real estate masters program in addition to their MBA programs. Does anyone know someone whose gone to these or any prominent real estate program? These program websites don't see to have the average salary exiting the program. Also for anyone whose gone or know...
483 days 15 hours ago
MS in Real Estate from NYU or MBA down the road?Hi everyone, I graduated from NYU in May with a 3.7+ GPA (I was a Communications major). After scoring well on the LSAT (I got a 171), I decided to take a job in Shanghai / Hong Kong as an education consultant, intending for it to be a "gap year." Long story short, the educational consulting job l...
33 days 18 hours ago
Blackstone - Real Estate Debt Strategies (BREDS) - Analyst InterviewHello! I have been approached by a headhunter for Analyst - Blackstone - Real Estate Debt Strategies (BREDS) position, and have a first round interview in a couple of weeks. I guess it would not be an HR interview coz the recruiting firm has already done the screening. Anyone has experience with ...
63 days 19 hours ago
What Financial Spreadsheets do I Need to Include in a RE Startup Business Plan?Hey guys, So I'm currently putting together a business plan to raise money for my RE Investment startup. I know what types of financial spreadsheets are included in a loan request for actual specific properties, but right now I'm currently asking only for startup funds from this particular lender fo...
83 days 19 hours ago
REIT/REPE Analyst Career PathHello All...Long-time Lurker, Phirst-Time Poster.. Currently enrolled at a State School with Decent GPA. Will be graduating in 6 months and looking to enter the world of REPE and/or REIT. I know that in the long-term I will need an MBA or CFA in order to work for a REIT or Fund to do portfolio manag...
13 days 19 hours ago


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