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UBS Real Estate, Leisure and LodgingInterested in opinions on the group. Does anyone know where the analysts have placed? Are you pigeonholed into real estate therafter, or are options still relatively broad after 2 years? ...
39 years 4 months ago
Real Estate Private Equity: what is needed to get in?Does anyone know what it takes to get into real estate private equity at a reputable shop (e.g. Blackstone, Carlyle, Warburg, Fortress, etc.)? Would an analyst coming from the RE merhcant banking group at a top-5 US commercial bank stand a chance against analysts from RE IBD groups at BBs? What kin...
229 years 3 hours ago
Offer help- GS IBD vs. MS Real EstateI am a junior and have two summer internship offers. One is to work with Morgan Stanley's Real Estate team and the other is for Goldman Sachs with Investment Banking. I have a pretty strong interest in real estate, but the chance to join Goldman and the fact that I am not sure I want to do Real Es...
48 years 12 months ago
LB Real EstateDoes anybody know if LB's Real Estate IB is located in the 745 7th office or in the Park Avenue office? ...
68 years 11 months ago
Morgan Stanley-Real Estate Atlanta?Anyone know anything about this office? On the MS website, it says that the Atlanta office is their real estate investing headquarters. Are they really fully operational? Anyone know any analysts that are currently there, or have been there in the past? Any info would be greatly appreciated. ...
48 years 11 months ago
Real Estate Private Equity PayDoes anyone here have an idea of what is the appropriate real estate private equity pay at the associate & senior associate levels (i.e. someone with 3 - 4 years experience overall)? Lets say for a $3 - 4 Bn fund, for the sake of arguement. Anyone here know of reputable headhunters that can give...
98 years 10 months ago
$600 million Real Estate PEIs a $600 million real estate PE considered big? If not, what's considered a large fund? (aside from the $20 billion KKR, Blackstone, Carlyle). What's the typical size of a real estate fund? ...
18 years 10 months ago
How can I prepare for this interview?"The responsibilities associated with the Real Estate Analyst position involve examining and analyzing Commerical Real Estate financial statements and in-putting appropriate data from these income and expense statements along with current rent rolls into real estate analysis software, assisting in t...
08 years 10 months ago
Need a definitive answer - CarlyleDoes anyone know FOR SURE whether Carlyle currently hires out of undergrad for its real estate practice in D.C. Ive heard yes and no. But I'd like to get an answer from someone for sure. ...
78 years 8 months ago
Real EstateIn terms of Real Estate investment, are the valuations/models complicated? Is it more or less taxing than M&A might be? ...
158 years 7 months ago
DLJ Real Estate Capital PartnersAnybody know about this difficult it is to get into, pay, exit opps, ect... ...
08 years 6 months ago
Real Estate Investment Banking: Northmarq capital?What are your thoughts on real estate investment banking? Are there good banks out there that do this other then the BBs? Ever heard of Northmarq capital? ...
48 years 4 months ago
Real Estate BankingSomeone with experience in RE want to comment? I keep hearing that you will get pigeonholed into RE if you do RE, that it's different from other groups and that it doesn't really transfer over to anything else except more RE. What kind of deals does a typical BB RE group do (investing/transaction)? ...
118 years 3 months ago
REIT BankingHello I bank on the technology side of things but would really like to do a RE deal. The MD is happy to have me but says I will have to hit the ground running. He did not give much in terms of what I should know or what I can read. He estimates I can help this summer so I want to read and or do w...
78 years 1 month ago
Real EstateWhats the lifestyle like in real estate ibanking? is pay similiar as well? ...
18 years 1 month ago
Real Estate IB groupWhat do analysts actually do in a BB RE & lodging group? Do they analyze development projects? acquire buildings for their clients? zoning..entitlement? just can't seem to figure out why IB is needed other than financing. Can someone comment on this? Also, if you want to become a RE developer, ...
Analyst 2008
37 years 10 months ago
Blackrock RE and Lazard RECan anybody on this forum provide some insight on the Summer Analyst/FT programs at Blackrock Real Estate and Lazard Real Estate? Thanks! ...
37 years 8 months ago
JER Partners (Real Estate PE)Anybody know them? Are they strong? Do they pay well? ...
07 years 7 months ago
Why does no one like real estate divisions in IBs?I never see anyone interested in real estate divisions of investment banks. Why is this? Are they not as good? I'm interested in this industry so I am curious as to why this is. ...
46 years 9 months ago
Real Estate Private EquityI'm soon going to be a third year analyst in the real estate consulting group of one of the Big Four. I'm antsy to move on to new things, and I want to transition to real estate private equity. How desirable would I be to a REPE firm? Which firms should I target? Are there any particular headhunters...
26 years 8 months ago
Real Estate IBD in London, summer analystHey all, I'm starting at a BB in London this summer as an analyst and I've recently learnt that I have been placed in the Real Estate Team. It wasn't my top choice but, given that it wasn't one of the teams I was against joining either, the guys I have spoken to in the team seem really friendly and ...
06 years 7 months ago
opps in REITs?I'll be a senior next year at a top 5 target majoring in Econ with a gpa of 3.547 (sooo close to being able to round it up...) I'm currently interning at CITIC Securities in Beijing. For those who haven't heard of it, CITIC is the biggest I-bank (Edit: not ibank, securities company, my bad) in China...
96 years 6 months ago
Archon GroupHas anyone been through their first round interviews? I have no idea what to expect and really no background in real estate. ...
06 years 4 months ago
Blackstone Real EstateDoes anyone have info on them? Recent acquisitions? Thank you! ...
26 years 4 months ago
Going into Private Equity Real Estate from REIT'sHow difficult is the transition from a REIT to PERE, assuming no IB background? ...
46 years 3 months ago


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