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Analyst Case Study - Do I need to know waterfall modeling?Hi all, I have a final round case study with a RE firm that does direct equity and debt investments. They have given me heads up that I am expected to project cash flows, model capital structure, and model returns. Is it common for case studies for analyst candidates to require a waterfall? If so, ...
101 year 2 months ago
Entry Level AdviceI've wanted to work in CRE practically my whole life and just graduated with a degree in economics from highly-ranked public school (Berkeley, Michigan, UVA) where there was little to no OCR from real estate firms. GPA was pretty weak (3.0 flat) but I was able to pick up some decent internships (BB...
46 months 3 weeks ago
Fortress Real Estate InterviewI am interviewing for a position as a real estate analyst with Fortress Investment Group. I would assume it is commercial real estate but I am going in fairly blind. Can anyone give me any info? Any perspective or thoughts would be helpful and much appreciated. ...
162 years 11 months ago
Real Estate Investment BankingHi Everyone, I'm looking to start focusing my networking efforts with VPs/MDs. I want to do real estate investment banking should I focus on BB type banks or firms like CBRE/Cushman and Wakefield. Is there any difference working as a real estate analyst at a BB rather than a specialty shop? Thanks...
53 years 1 month ago
"Asset Management" for Real Estate - Any Exit Ops?The job is for an asset manager and entails managing over 2 million SF of commercial real estate located in 8 states. After a couple years, what kind of exit opportunities can you expect? What about comp? ...
52 years 1 month ago
"Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2013" by PwC & ULIPwC & the ULI put out a 100+ page pdf bible filled with relevant awesome market data throughout the globe - more than you will ever need. Still, it's awesome info if you're interested: You can also read it to your kids as a bedtime story or recite it aloud to attract a mate, ...
82 years 8 months ago
"Free and Clear" RE TermHi all, Just wanted some quick insight into this term. Let's say there's a trust deed payment in place (or any other loan/bond) on an asset. When you acquire it "free and clear", what happens to this debt? Any insight into this would be great, SB for great help as always :) ...
82 years 10 months ago
"Kick backs" on acquisitions?I realize this probably happens more than I think, while at the same time something people in the industry don't talk about out in the open. A contact of mine in the business mentioned to me a few years back that he had completed an acquisition for his firm at the time, whereby his firm had supplied...
131 week 2 days ago
"REIB" Pay at JLL/CBRE etcI'm wondering what analysts get paid at the "real estate investment banking" groups at major brokerages. The capital markets, IS, structured finance/debt/equity groups or whatever the groups call themselves. I've searched the forums/the salary sections and glassdoor, but there isn't much info or I'...
94 months 4 weeks ago
"Rosenbaum type book" for Real Estate ValuationI have so far finished reading Rosenbaum on Investment Banking Valuation for "EBITDA companies" but this book does not cover any Real Estate valuation topics. I am interested if there is any book which is completely the same as Rosenbaum's one but for real estate modelling (i.e. it has thoroughly ex...
58 months 3 weeks ago
"special situations" = distressed debt investing?I always see people who worked in the special situations team - I get the sense that this is distressed debt investing? Second, Curious to know if these positions pigeon hole yourself even more into a specialized area of RE - or if the skillset you learn from debt investing can be used to move int...
142 years 9 months ago
"Why real estate?" questionI was interviewing some candidates today, and got a mix of standard and stupid answers. What are the BEST and WORST answers that you've come across? ...
541 year 2 months ago
$1 trillion opportunity, or a failed housing scheme?The US government is auctioning off 100s of thousands of foreclosed homes and some see this as the tip of a $1 trillion iceberg of foreclosed asset sales... several PE firms & hedge funds are getting ready The buyers might also get help from the government to finance their acquisitions... kinda ...
213 years 8 months ago
$600 million Real Estate PEIs a $600 million real estate PE considered big? If not, what's considered a large fund? (aside from the $20 billion KKR, Blackstone, Carlyle). What's the typical size of a real estate fund? ...
18 years 10 months ago
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..:: For CRE analysts on WSO, what's your acquisition criteria? ::..1) What are type of property do you acquire? 2) What states & major metros? 3) Deal & property size? 4) Cap rate? 5) Value-add or stabilized? 6) How much capital do you need to deploy? ...
212 years 2 months ago
11th Hour: MSRE Admissions Interview AdviceJust received an email letting me know that I have an admissions interview tomorrow morning for a MSRE program. I haven't been in the field for the last year, but I want this is future direction focus. Current job isn't anywhere near RE, so i'm looking for some current market conditions, recent ne...
06 months 2 weeks ago
1st Round Summer Associate Interview in RE PE Hi all, I'm a first year MBA Candidate and just found out that I'll be interviewing in early January for a summer associate program in real estate PE at a major firm. The firm doesn't recruit at my school and I essentially networked my way to this point. With that being said, I have very little insi...
12 months 3 weeks ago
1st time interviewing for a real estate investment bank interview, NEED helpI have a phone interview this week with Barclays' real estate group for a full-time analyst position. I was wondering if people could give me examples on what I would expect in terms of fit or tech. I would prefer more examples and help with tech. I have never interned for an i-bank and had a summer...
25 years 10 months ago
2014 Blackstone Superday - BREDS Has anyone heard back yet? I imagine they've made their decision by now... Someone ease my pain...! ...
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