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Search capabilitiesthe site could use a search capability to look up all forum topics/news about a firm or person or whatever. ...
69 years 10 months ago
my postWhy is my topic (exiting analysts) at the very end of the general i-banking discussion forum? I just posted it yesterday and when I checked this morning to see if anyone responded, it was at the very end of the last page... maybe no one is responding cuz no one looks at the very end for new topics. ...
Craven Moorehead
29 years 11 months ago
Journals...It would be great if some you guys and gals who are actually in the game could create a daily journal. Sorta' like "A DAY IN THE LIFE OF AN INVESTMENT BANKING ANALYST" ...
69 years 11 months ago
PublicationsI was wondering if the site can have access to some I-baning guides whic arw avilable of WetFleet, Vault or others, so that if some poeple who donot have access to them can make use of it to guide them through their career. We have a vast pool of resources which we could share and benefit! Is it pos...
09 years 12 months ago


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