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Banking to TradingHas anyone here successfully made the transition from banking to trading? If so how did you go about it as a lateral hire? ...
010 years 1 month ago
Buy SideI'm a 25 year old buy side execution trader for a global bank. does anyone have any experience/suggestions as to where people in my position have gone to from my current position? It seems like the job I'm in now would be a great job to have when I'm 45 and have nothing to prove and just want to c...
010 years 1 month ago
Questions for SA '07 S&TI will be interviewing for a S&T Summer Analyst position in a few weeks and I was wondering what to expect. How many interviews? How long for each interview? I would like to get into credit derivatives, should I indicate that during the interview? ...
How to save a life
1010 years 1 month ago
BEAR STEARNS FASTClearly Bear is a great fixed income shop. Is going through Bear fast a good option? What kinda stuff do you do, how much do you get paid, how long to move onto the trading desk? ...
110 years 1 month ago
Equity DesksAre equities truly dead? I feel as though Fixed Income's popularity is merely cyclical right now. For an individual exploring s&t offers at the BB's and other trading firms, would it be best to go into Fixed Income or into Equities? Discuss... ...
210 years 2 months ago
Prop desk - Best ways to get into such a position I really want to work in a bank and on a prop desk. How can i go about this, what are my best ways to get into such a position. Do prop desks take on Junior/trainee traders ...
110 years 2 months ago
From banking to trading - 3 years of banking Does 3 years of banking experience help at all if I were to try to enter trading or a hedge fund? How much do the skill sets require overlap? ...
310 years 3 months ago
Are we seeing a vol regime change?VIX index has spiked and dropped. Where is it gonna settle? ...
410 years 4 months ago


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