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Group: Non-target NetworkingThis group/thread is for non-target alums and students alike to network and give each other tips on how to gain an edge. ...
393 months 2 weeks ago
Group: Energy TradingThis group is a place where energy traders and students trying to break into energy trading can come to discuss recruiting and the industry. ...
75 months 2 days ago
Group: EconomicsDiscuss economics, macroeconomic trends and more in this thread ...
11 year 3 months ago
Group: CFAThis group is for CFAs and those aspiring to pass the Chartered Financial Analyst exam. ...
121 year 6 months ago
Group: WSO Investment IdeasThis group is designed to provide a forum to share investment ideas and soliciting feedback, along the lines of Value Investors Club and Distressed Debt Investors Club. ...
02 years 23 hours ago
Group: Proprietary TradingUse this group to discuss anything related to proprietary trading and as a networking tool. ...
02 years 23 hours ago
Group: Read the FootnotesThis group will highlight the good, bad, and ugly aspects of working at a hedge fund/buyside. Trade stories, share insights, or just follow along. I've decided to start a group to better organize topics that interest me and ensure my posts do not get buried in the forums over time. ...
Mr. Pink Money
12 years 23 hours ago
WSO Certified User Group - **PRIVATE**To access the private WSO Certified User group, please go here: The group includes a private chat room and only finance professionals can join. ...
92 years 2 days ago
Informational Interviews?In an effort to network my way into I-Banking, I've reached out to people from different middle market firms for informational interviews. From what I've read on Wallstreetoasis and other forums, there are conflicting opinions over what the purpose of "networking" is. Some say that networking should...
31 week 5 days ago
53 weeks 6 days ago
Californians: When will there be WSO hangouts?Would like to know when the WSO hangouts will take place for the west coast. I think the only i've only seen wso meetups for DC, Chicago, and NY. ...
Human Capital
04 weeks 1 day ago
Financial Risk Management Study GroupAny one preparing for FRM Part1 2016 May. Interested in forming a study group in and around DC. ...
01 month 2 days ago
Looking for a roommate LOS ANGELES CENTURY CITY area beginning JULY 2016Hey guys, I'll be working as a first-year analyst (male) with Houlihan Lokey and wanted to find a roommate to split rent with. I would prefer a nicer apartment (willing to contribute $1500-$2000) somewhere not farther than 20min away by car. I assume I'll be coming home around 9pm daily (maybe later...
01 month 1 week ago
school dropout and workingHey! First of all I stumbled into this forum a couple months ago, devoured all the information available and now decided to join in. I was wondering if I could get your advice on this: What chances there are for a school dropout to work in Finance? Few years back I had to drop out from school bec...
21 month 2 weeks ago
Capital control in policy making – to restrict or not?Capital controls – the once popular method of dealing with BoP (Balance of Payments) surplus /deficits is perhaps about to make a comeback.  By definition, capital controls refer to any intervention that inhibit or act a barrier to free inflow/outflow of capital from a country.  Historically...
12 months 2 days ago
GS Investment Banking SLCI have heard that GS is building an investment banking team in SLC and they will start full-time this summer. Does anyone have any insights into this group and what they will actually be doing? Is it a 2-year training program just like the current GIR team they have out there? ...
92 months 1 week ago
Irony on Japan's Nuclear GenerationAlong with the commemoration of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki's 70th anniversary, another issue has started to surface regarding Japan's take on nuclear use and production: the restart of Japan's Sendai 1 reactor. The Mineral Council of Australia (MCA) has applauded the decision of Japan, ...
03 months 1 day ago
CFA Online CourseI'm currently finishing my undergraduation in Civil Engineering in Brazil. I'm having a great internship at a local M&A Boutique that belongs to one of the biggest pharmacy retailers in the country. However I think that, in order to have a great entrance in the working market I believe that I ...
23 months 1 week ago
Free LessonsHey Guys, I am trying to review the free modeling lessons that are provided via email when first signing up for WSO. Unfortunately, I am unable to locate the first three lessons. Is there any way someone could forward them to me? Thanks in advance -Curtis ...
03 months 2 weeks ago
SMU Full Ride or UT Austin Business Honors?SMU Full Ride as a BBA Scholar and University Honors Program (about 2-3K per year for books/misc) or UT Austin as a BHP Scholar (about 28K per year) ...
124 months 4 days ago
2.9 gpa with no relevant internships. MSF or wait for MBA?I am trying to decide on the best route to take to break into IBD and was hoping for some insight. Background: I recently graduated with a double major in economics and political science from a public ivy (think UM, UIUC, UW) with a 2.9 gpa (due mostly to complete lack of effort and too much of a f...
14 months 2 weeks ago


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