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My ultimate goal is to work in a multi billion dollar HF doing equity l/s, after doing an M7 MBA. I would like to ask people familiar with HF megafunds recruitment 3 questions re my next step:

  1. Is working at even a small fund usually better than working in sell side ER? I feel that the advantage of sell side ER is that after a couple years you really understand the sector you cover and can immediately add value to a HF.
  2. Say I work at a smaller HF first. When I interview with the large HFs, what do they really care about in terms of my previous fund? I feel that your responsibilities/what you learned is most important, but isn't it easy to BS that?... So then is the fund AUM the most important factor?
  3. Let's say I work abroad and become very familiar with a certain sector(s) in a particular region (i.e. EMEA). How well does that knowledge/skill set translate to the same sector back in the US?

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if you have an MBA go recruit for HF? L/S depends on sector expertise. I assume you want to be an analyst and not a trader?

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Would almost always suggest going to smaller fund over sell-side. If you ascribe to the belief that the industry is consolidating then headcount will be shrinking. Firms that are hiring will have an opportunity to first hire the existing buyside guys and could make it tougher for sell-side guys trying to break-through.

A MF could not care less about your AUM at your prior fund. It's 100% walking through your investment process, do you have good ideas (origination), and a bit about your track record / P&L. They really just use these 3 items to assess the most important: will this person make me / my LPs money? If you can demonstrate that you can make $$ and are a cultural fit, you'll be hired.

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