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I spoke with an IB professional last night that told me I have one week to freshen up my knowledge on IB things. At the end of the week I have to call him and he is going to quiz me before putting me through to some recruiters.

So I have a few questions I was hoping some of the monkeys here can help me with. I purchased and reviewed the behavioral guide from WSO a few months back. So I am mainly focusing on the technical area.

I have been reviewing definitions and the basic concepts to understand DCF, LBO, EBITDA, and waterfall modeling.

How in depth should my knowledge go on those subjects?

I have knowledge and understanding about most of the ratios and equations used with these modeling techniques. I know the clear difference between EBIT and EBITDA and the purpose / reason EBITDA is used over EBIT.

This thread came in handy when understanding the difference between the two and why EBITDA is used. http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/ebitda-vs-op...

I have also used references such as http://www.investopedia.com/articles/06/ebitda.asp...
to better understand EBITDA.

DCF is pretty simple or am I missing something?
Between school, and this http://www.wikicfo.com/Wiki/Discounted%20Cash%20Fl...

I feel that I have a strong basic understanding of DCF

LBO is almost as easy as DCF to understand on a basic level, or in other words why its used, basic functionality and equations/ratios that go with it.

I want to see what help I can get here then I plan to buy the technical guide this week before my "interview"

Thanks for everyone and anyone that can help.
I check back here frequently and I check my e-mail, [email protected], every second as it goes to my phone

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