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I know.

There's been a lot of Accenture bashing in these forums but I do not intend to start another one.

I would like to gather any inside opinions/facts about its (non-IT) strategy division as of late:

1) what (non-IT) strategy consultants (think post-MBA or 3-4 years experience consultants, or in terms of C1-C3 however distasteful these categories sound) are making salary and bonus wise. I have been to managementconsulted but I am not convinced that they offer that level across the board
2) if turnover in the strategy division continues to be high
3) if Friday work from home/home office continues to be pure myth

I would appreciate input from people with *actual and recent* knowledge through a friend or yourself about this ... otherwise this would just turn out to be another Accenture bashing post which is not helpful.



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    1) Your salary is based on your performance. Meaning, if you're in the top group of your peers, you'll be making pretty good money. If you're average, you're salary well be not so stellar. The difference in salary + bonuses between highest and lowest performers after just a few years is pretty significant.

    2) Accenture's turnover is similar to its peers and better than some other firms (e.g. Deloitte).

    3) Depending on the project, you can work from home any day you don't have to be on the client site. Pretty awesome perk.

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    In regards to salary, there is a pretty significant gap between salaries for post-MBA and experienced consultant (3-4 years in consulting).

    If you are recruited post-MBA, you are probably looking at $140-145k + signing in the strategy practice. However, if you become a pre-MBA experienced consultant (promoted from analyst), you are probably looking at $100-110k.

    Just FYI, a strategy analyst is probably looking at $70k out of college, $85-90k as a strategy consultant, and around $100k as an experienced strategy consultant.

    This is just from my experience. Others might see different figures.

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    1) 72k for analysts, then 80-90k as a strategy consultant. bonus 2-7% based on performance. (NYC)
    2) Turnover in consulting is always high but I'd say 60-70% of those promoted into the strategy practice tend to stay. Those who aren't and are stuck on IT/Operational projects tend to leave more.
    3) Most people go into the office on Fridays because they get a chance to see coworkers/attend happy hours. Everyone of my projects has had the option of work from home or the office on fridays.

    Experience - Accenture analyst.

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    Accenture definitely has a set recruiting schedule for MBA

    when i was in B-school (graduated 2012) all the MBA interns had to pick chicago or NY for internship, they all started at the same time, had events together, etc.

    all got the same comp package, etc. i'd be surprised if this was done on a "rolling" basis

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    INeedanMBAjob wrote:

    Current MBA student still exploring full time options--since Accenture is done campus recruiting at my school, and if I'm pursuing an experienced hire role, would that put me lower than my peers (classmates who are going to Accenture) in terms of compensation or would I get an offer on par with them?

    Do experienced hires get a sign on bonus?

    BTW-I am at a top 10 BSchool

    MBA students get post-MBA salary only in Accenture's Strategy group (growth platform). If you are placed in Accenture's MC group, you will be on par with other consultants who may have been promoted from the analyst level.