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Thought WSO might find this interesting. The following is from a Slate article about the upcoming Alibaba Group IPO.


The building of the helmsman’s [Alibaba founder and CEO Jack Ma] loyal army started with recruiting. In its early days, Alibaba preferred to hire fresh grads from second-tier schools. Unlike their peers from top schools, these humble kids, eager to prove themselves, did not have the haughty attitude or the audacity to assert their conventionally naïve ideas. The company then drilled its six values into these new hires—“Customer First,” “Teamwork,” “Embrace Change,” “Integrity,” “Passion,” and “Commitment.” Every business group was assigned a dedicated HR liaison, known as its “political commissar” (I kid you not), who monitored employees’ performances. Every quarter, performance reviews were mandated, with 50 percent based on the employees’ adherence to the company’s values. Those with bad value scores, even top performers, got fired.


You should check out the whole article if you have time. Really interesting info on the firm's culture, doing business in China, and the changes a company goes through as it transitions from a tech darling to a massive conglomerate.

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    islandbanker wrote:

    Duff, you would read Slate...


    This article originally appeared in the New America Foundation’s Weekly Wonk.

    It's a good article.

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    I'm always skeptical of these culture first places. I know it isnt true but I always picture them as a Brdgewater esque hellhole where you cant get anything done because you are too busy toeing the party line.

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    Right and my point is I dont know if thats necessarily good as you self select very like minded people so theres limited diversity of thought.

    If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses - Henry Ford