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I don't know, but it seems to me all the people at my school going to the banking recrting events are Reublican anal retentive military gung ho types -not the brightest around.

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    •  on 8/18/06 at 7:00pm
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    Let me guess, you're a bleeding heart/ tree hugging liberal enlightened genius who is going to join Teach for America to help inner city kids who have no control over their own fates and require our handouts just so they can be on a "level playing field" with the rest of us? O yea, screw corporations. They're slowly bleeding the world of its money. Viva Che Guevara!!!

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    seem to get more money from finance than Republicans (as crazy as it sounds), the biggest players in the game tend to lean left (anecdotal). But in general, the finance culture tends to be a attract a little more conservative person (then again, it also tends to attract retards)