Hey guys, I have a family-friend connection at Ares that I'm speaking soon about their summer analyst program for college juniors. The call is informal, but I was wondering what type of questions I should ask, and what I should be saying during the call to increase my chances at moving forward in the process.

He is in the credit group.


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Demonstrate interest in credit... Ask him how he thinks of credit opportunities, what their strategy is when looking at investments... ask him how he got involved in credit in the first place.

Just don't make it sound like you think credit is inferior to equity,

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Why would he think credit is inferior to equity?


Because generally speaking, college people get indoctrinated in the Banking -> HF / PE story. Most people who haven't worked in industry yet will view credit as equity's ugly cousin by virtue of it being safer.

How many college kids have you met who wanted to be a credit analyst? Not distressed / special sit. whatever. No, credit. Term loans. CLOs. How many? It's just not popular at college level.

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