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Hey everyone,

I've got an interview at AXA advisors for a "Finance Professional" position.. any input on the company/pay/culture/position? Thanks!!

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Comments (31)

  • analyst218's picture

    its an insurance company, you sell products like life insurance (which brings in the most $), ira, etc.
    its purely commission based. income prospects are up to millions of dollars, but again, we're talking one out of thousands.

    simply said, it is Sales.

  • Machine's picture

    If your goal is to be in an IB department someday, my advice is to get out of here. Those people are insurance salesmen.

    > If you have the soul of a saleman (not so sure about the whole soul thing for this kind of gig), you def can go for it! they are pretty reknown on their sector.

  • LAWM's picture

    Some of the people who work there are cool
    Stay away. Not a career unless you want to sell

  • wallstreet11's picture

    not worth it....i had a short internship with them. they didnt pay me (it was for credit) and i did BS work. i quit ASAP.

  • Mr.Green's picture

    They had a table set up at my schools career fair, and my buddy signed up for an interview. Everything went well and he had high hopes for the job. They offered him a position, then came the reality. It is 100% sales. You might get your 7 and 66, but i think at first they just have you get your 6. You will start off by hassling friends and family to buy crappy insurance products. You will then cold call, go door to door and compete with several other new hires to get a client or two just so you can support yourself. Then comes the good stuff... You have to rent your cubicle after 6 months. I believe it was over 700 a month (yes, a month) to rent the cube... You have to buy their company computers and other BS like that... I forgot what else he said they told him, but needless to say he didnt take it.

  • TNA's picture

    Ya, AXA is a shill job. If you are still in school I would say smile, nod, get them to sponsor you, pass your 7 and walk away. They do 7's because they need to have people who can sell stock also. Series 7 test is a joke, but I guess it looks better than nothing.

The WSO Advantage - Land Your Dream Job

Financial Modeling Training

IB Templates, M&A, LBO, Valuation. Learn More.

Wall St. Interview Secrets Revealed

30,000+ sold & REAL questions. Learn More.

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  • TNA's picture

    If you want IB then don't go to AXA. You might want to consider it for interviewing preparation, but it is for FA positions.

  • In reply to TNA
    dude2009's picture

    Hey, thanks for the information. I just have one question. What does FA mean? I'm new to these acronyms. Is there a forum thread on these acronyms?

  • FIASCO's picture
  • nutsaboutWS's picture

    HORRIBLE. Don't even think about it.

    "Those who say don't know, and those who know don't say."

  • Irresistible's picture

    AXA is a scam. My friend worked there for wealth management and he said it was like the cutco of Finance.

  • Djalminha's picture

    ^^^ Most of that is FoF, mezz and infrastructure. Their primary funds are VC and lower mid market although they do co-invest in larger deals. Definitely wouldn't class them as a major player in European PE.

    Insurance salesmen sit somewhere between recruitment consultants and estate agents on the respectability scale. Don't do it.

  • Young N Hungryy's picture

    I went in for an interview, got through to the second round and never came back. That place is a joke! They expect you to pay for your tests, cubicle, paper, and make you buy a computer from them. If you want to spend money instead of make it, than this is the place for you, otherwise don't bother going.

    BTW they must be desperate for people because I applied for one job at AXA on career builder and now I get calls from these guys every week at different branches trying to hire me.

  • jbone24's picture

    So I have an internship offered to me from axa, I don't got to an Ivy league school I have good but I don't have awesome grades. Will this internship be a waste of time, or could I actually learn something from this and maybe network my way to a better company? If its a pyramid scheme like primerica I don't think I would learn anything that will help my financial success. If you have any advice please let me know.

    "jbone is, believe it or not he's getting married". WHAT what an idiot! What a loser! Good, good, more for me and you!

  • Thanks's picture

    Don't do business with or work for the AXA fiends. Here's what I witnessed at AXA?

    * Numerous client complaints from unsuitable investment recommendations and poor customer service.

    * Reports of dishonest activities and taking advantage of customers, driven by greed with a total disregard of industry regulations.

    * Illegal kickbacks and ponzi schemes have been reported with charges and litigation pending against this company.

    * The sales force not meeting regulatory requirements to conduct business as registered investment advisors.

    * Testimonials from employees and customers revealing disturbing facts about compliance violations, unethical behavior and criminal activities.

  • MiamiThrice's picture

    The axa advisors internship is probably very similar, sales.

  • MiamiThrice's picture
  • WreckEmFinance's picture

    this thread may be long dead but i am sooooooo glad i found it. i had already submitted an interview request with my career management center because for some reason i thought it was an actual financial advisor position as in a track toward CFA type stuff. goodness the last 5 minutes has thrown up tons of red flags for me. thanks WSO!!

    "Everything comes to those who hustle while they wait."
    -Thomas Edison

  • bz029444's picture

    I have spent $ 1000 for the license requirements. From my experience, don't even bother to go for interview!!! scam, scam and once again This is a very BIG scam.

  • caseyng93's picture

    wait, what is the deal with having to rent your own cubicle..? so after the training, they want you out of the office?

  • Wall Street Jungle's picture

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