I'm getting ready to start building my business wardrobe and I stumbled upon a site for Bachrach. I was curious if anyone has bought clothes from them and what their impressions were. Was it good quality? Would you recommend it for a new monkey? Is it equal/similar to Brooks Brothers or other equivalent brand-name clothes?

Here's their website if you want to check it out:


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im wondering the same thing. theres a bachrach at my local mall and my mom keeps telling me to shop there, which makes me very skeptical of the brand altogether. i never heard much about it so id also like to know what its reputation is

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The company received a capital infusion a few months ago and they are supposed to be releasing a line of clothing that is a hair below the very high-end and above the medium-end clothing. I buy from all kinds of places, but I would say I'm pretty happy with the quality of what I have bought so far. The service is also very good.

Marcelo Bermudez
Pathfinder / Figueroa Capital Group
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Marcelo Bermudez
Figueroa Capital Group
Los Angeles, CA 90017


I bought a jacket from them a couple of years ago. It was a wool/cashmere overcoat type of jacket. The quality is good since I wear that jacket all the time in the winter time. I don't really like their sizing too much. I can fit a large but usually wear medium because I like the slim fit better but on the jacket I ended up getting a small. The jacket still fits kind of baggy on me but it's slim enough where I can get by.

Because of this, I'd probably try everything on before I buy anything and not rely on their sizing measurement.


Have never shopped there, but their style looks awfully dated. I would get my garb this Thursday from RL's Black Label line for 52% off.




No offense, but you will look like an assclown if you wear this stuff.


i have heard that their stuff is not great, i think they are a step down from jos. a bank

i would look elsewhere for more bang for your buck


Do not do Bachrach!

Simply put, it would be much better for you to go to Filene's basement and buy a Hugo Boss suit at a steep discount vs. Bachrach.


Short on time in November of 08 I ran into a mall in New Jersey looking for a specific type of suit.. Solid Charcoal color, with a flap opening in the back; I walked into several mens fasions stores including Macy's and no one had what I was looking for. After searching the mall intensly I stumbed into Bachrach with specifics for a suit. The salesperson stopped and said "Yes, we have that." Since then I only shop at Bachrach, they offer discounts for just about everyone just make sure you ask. I work at CBS & recieved 20% off!

Their pretty good, just take a moment and ask the salesperson..

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