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Happy Friday!

So I am considering pursuing a career in trading and will be trying to obtain a trading analyst position this fall, among positions in AM & consulting. Anyways, my questions is, what places are the best to start at in Chicago for me? I have a 3.51 GPA from UIUC and graduate in May in 3 years. Have a F500 corp fin internship and experience with Illinois Business Consulting, as well as leadership experience.

Do I have a chance to get a position trading for someone like BOA, JP,GS? Where else should I look? Is Chicago Trading Company a good play to start? I want to start some where that will give me the training and tools to have a high paying, enjoyable career, so I can retire early.

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    there is no place that guarantees you to become rich quick. It will all depend on you.

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    there is no place that guarantees you to become rich quick. It will all depend on you.

    Where exactly did I say that I was looking for a place that would guarantee I would get rich quick...?

  • In reply to GoIllini
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