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What's the best watch for a guy in the above age range?

Tag Heuer is a bit juvenile, I remember a few friends in highschool who had one.

Breitling are too big and ostentatious (due to their large size).

Montblanc are cool, but it's a pen company, not a watch company.

My picks are: Omega Seamster, Rolex Air Master, can't think of any others (help me out please)

Can anyone educate me about how to choose a decent watch, not a cheap-o one, but nothing over 5K.



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    Westcoasting wrote:
    baume mercier makes some good watches in that price range, omega's another good bet.

    I like the IWC Portugese but thats a bit pricey.

    Agree. Get away from the cliched Rolex/Omega big heavy watch with metal straps, go with a classy watch such as IWC, Baume, Audemars Piguet or even a Panerai. You'll have to get the lower end of the range, but still, you're on the ladder. Or, get a Rolex or Omega but not the standard one's everyone buys.

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    newbie2banking wrote:
    Grow a peepee, then you won't have to worry about spending $5K on a watch...

    I would have assumed that this type of comment would have come sooner, congratulations prick. You confirm the mean reversion which typifies every single topic on this great website.

    If you want to be the guy who buys their suits as Mens Wearhouse, has a ironman triathlon watch from the 90's, drives an old ragtop SAAB in the N'East, go ahead buddy.

    If you like and want nice things, it doesn't HAVE to be based on some desire to impress or be impressed. Things have to seen in context.

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    agree the pasha is a sick watch, and it comes in so many different options it's unreal.
    If you get one of those you can easily switch between the metal strap and a black or brown leather strap, I believe they have some mechanism in the band that makes it super simple to change.

    the most popular rolex in general (besides the classic daytona stainless steel white or black face which is pretty much impossible to get and out of your price range) is the submariner, much classier than the air king.

    you guys are talking about these great watches, IWC, Panerai etc, but he said he needs something under 5k, if you really know about those watches you'll know its almost impossible to find one in that price range.

    you really cant go wrong with a basic rolex. anyone who gives you shit because it's cliche is an idiot. no one who really appreciates watches will ever talk shit about a rolex, if you want to stand out, get a vintage one, good talking point.

    personally, I am lucky enough to have a truly amazing watch collection for someone my age, but im saving up fora ZENITH, now those are some sick sick sick watches.

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    newbie2banking wrote:
    bryan1 wrote:
    My main focus is to not look like a douche. I want something that is expensive but not over the top ...

    Mate, it sounds like you have a lot more problems to worry about that sounding like a 'douche.' Get comfortable with yourself; understand that a watch, car or suit doesn't define you; and then you'll be a man, my son...

    Think about it...

    I agree that the material shell of a person is only one aspect, now focus on watches, don't comment again unless it's positive feedback on timepieces.

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    do you guys think that the non-chrono white roadster really looks as good as the chrono roadster?

    i feel like that totally changes the character of the watch

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    Whatever the brand,you should look for a chronograph.

    Tag Heuer Link Chrono or Tag Heuer Monaco Chrono are suited to your budget...90% of the watches cited on this thread are far over your budget.

    Montblanc may be a pen company,but trust me they are getting respected in the watch industry as well..and the chrono they do is really nice.

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    I got the Tag Heuer Link Chrono for my 18th bday a few years ago, it was like $2500, great watch at a pretty decent price, but the next one im getting is definetly the cartier pasha

    jj80-dont waste money on a non-chrono, you always have to go for the chrono, it definetly changes the character of the watch

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    I obviously do not have the same tastes as no one mentionned it, but I think I would go for Jaeger's 1931 classic Reverso (around €2,5k if it's not gold), or the "Grande" version (bigger: €4k i think).

    One of my VP has one, and it does look good.

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    I like the Cartier Santos, it's at the top end of my budget at 4900. Thanks for the comments, i've taken a look at the panerai, iwc, and those are great watches but definately out of my range. in particular, the iwc portugese is exceptional.

    Does anyone really know if you can 'bargain' for a watch, or is purchasing a watch different than say purchasing a car where bargaining is the norm. I definately will buy it at the authorized retailer so i want to know how to work the situation.

    thanks in advance.

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    check out www.nixonnow.com

    They're a somewhat smaller company (in comparison to fossil, tag, or rolex) based in Southern California that was born out of the surfing community. The majority of their watches are around $200. Though the pricier ones are up to around $1400. Anyways, if you look in the 300 range they are exceptionally classy and they won't break your wallet. And if anything happens to it, they'll fix it for free.

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    I dont personally know of any VP's with Patek Philippe watches. They are spendy, even for a BB VP.

    Rolex makes more watches in a year than Patek Philippe has made in its entire company history.

    Pretty rare. It's a status symbol.

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    Yeah, 50K is a lot to drop on a watch, even if you are Carlos Slim.

    I've seen a lot of PP watches in the 25-30K range which is probably doable (albeit an investment) for your typical Bulge Bracket VP

    I love the vintage PP watches from the late 40s early 50s. Very classy, and will never go out of syle.

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    Hmmm, do I put a down payment on a house, or do I get a watch.

    Such difficult decisions we face in life.