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I've begun interview prep for summer analyst positions in IB. I've got the WSO and M&I guides where I've looked at the accounting sections, but the concepts are a bit unclear to me, and I don't think that these 2 guides are enough for me to grasp the concepts

Anyone have some good suggestions on how I can really brush up on my accounting so I'm prepared for the interviews?

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  • idontwearglasses's picture

    Watch BIWS videos, or buy a guide specifically for a crash course in accounting..Wall Street Prep has a good one

  • arguewithatree's picture

    when are your interviews? what sort of time scope are you looking at?

  • wszero's picture

    About 1.5 weeks

    thanks idontwearglasses, i'll look into those

  • Asatar's picture

    The WSO Technical Guide has got some great stuff in it and doesn't cost too much.

  • arguewithatree's picture

    watch the BIWS videos for sure. You can watch all the accounting ones in a day and read the guides. Focus more on valuations though once you have a basic accounting understanding.

  • wszero's picture

    Are the BIWS accounting videos under here: http://breakingintowallstreet. com/biws/

    I see financial modeling tutorials but not accounting videos, where can I find them on the site?

    Asatar - i already have the WSO guide but i want to better understand the concepts

    Thanks for the help everyone

  • arguewithatree's picture

    It's under the financial modeling fundamentals. If you've only got a week and only need to brush up on accounting, thats quite a lot of money to spend though on the videos. I would just read the BIWS accounting guide (under interview preparation) instead unless you really feel uncomfortable and think the $200 for the videos is worth it.

  • 213830's picture

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