I've begun interview prep for summer analyst positions in IB. I've got the WSO and M&I guides where I've looked at the accounting sections, but the concepts are a bit unclear to me, and I don't think that these 2 guides are enough for me to grasp the concepts

Anyone have some good suggestions on how I can really brush up on my accounting so I'm prepared for the interviews?

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Watch BIWS videos, or buy a guide specifically for a crash course in accounting..Wall Street Prep has a good one

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when are your interviews? what sort of time scope are you looking at?


About 1.5 weeks

thanks idontwearglasses, i'll look into those


The WSO Technical Guide has got some great stuff in it and doesn't cost too much.


watch the BIWS videos for sure. You can watch all the accounting ones in a day and read the guides. Focus more on valuations though once you have a basic accounting understanding.


It's under the financial modeling fundamentals. If you've only got a week and only need to brush up on accounting, thats quite a lot of money to spend though on the videos. I would just read the BIWS accounting guide (under interview preparation) instead unless you really feel uncomfortable and think the $200 for the videos is worth it.


are there any books that anybody would recommend?

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