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Hi everyone,

I have a Big 4 offer in hand and two other Big 4 interviews coming up, one first round and the other final. I desperately need some advice.

I am an international student in the final year of the MBA program at a top-25 school, on full scholarship and have a GMAT of 750. I have almost 7 years of work ex in a MNC bank and a European consulting giant. I also have more than 150 published articles to my name on technology, and they have been referenced in reputed international publications. I am looking to get in technology consulting.

I have an offer from a Big 4 to join as Senior Associate/Consultant but the offer seems to be a bit low considering what I believe I bring to the table: 115k base and 10k signing, no relocation separately. Now, I have two other Big 4 interviews coming up over the next few weeks.

With one of them, one of the students from last year's class with similar but slightly lower experience than me, had received an offer to join as Manager. Do you think I can ask to be considered for that role during the final round interview? Also, if I am not specifically asked, will it be imprudent to mention that I want a quick decision because of the offer in hand? What do you think of the offer I currently have?


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    Hey, I have a similar experience as you (also in technology), and also in top 25 MBA school.
    I am switching my career a bit now, however also an advisory offer from a big4 as a Senior Associate, with a larger base and MUCH larger sign-on bonus.
    I have never heard of anyone joining as manager out of MBA, although they claim they have a fast track program (1-2 years) to manager to high performers.
    So I suggest you keep interviewing.

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    I am not even changing my career in terms of the kind of work done and the work described in the Advisory position....therefore, this discrepancy is worse :)

    Would you mind putting some numbers to your offer so that I have a guide to negotiate by? As you know, your identity is confidential here and in fact, we haven't even named the firms. I am speaking with the relevant Partner next week and would greatly appreciate your input.

    I am aiming for 125k base, 25k signing and 10k relocation assistance.

    As for the Manager position that I mentioned, I am sure it's a rare occurrence, but it did happen last year to a student from the last batch....I am certain on that count.

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    Alpha... 125+35.. i think this was a standard offer this year..
    There is no relocation assistance.. as they don't care much where i live.

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    Guys, any more input from people in MBA programs with offers from Big 4 Advisory/Consulting this year ? It will be really useful if I can have a large sample of data before negotiations next week.

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    You should be shooting for Manager with 7 years experience and a 2 year MBA under your belt. It's not rare for people to get into manager-level positions in MBB, Booz, RolandBerger, etc. post-MBA with less experience than you, I see no reason for you to sell yourself short, especially to a Big 4 firm.

    As someone else mentioned, if you perform well and play the politicals games at a Big 4 you move up quickly. During my stint at a Big4, I worked with a number of managers who were well under 30. I also worked with a few 32-34 year old partners. So even if you get in at senior associate, you can move up quickly, but like I said you should aim for manager.

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    Thank you for your advice. I will be aiming at Manager with the Big 4 with whom I have a final round interview soon. I am 30 now and was at the Manager designation (for the last 4 years) at my previous employer, a MNC bank. However, that may not have any relevance here.

    The HR seems to be lowballing me because I am an international applicant, and as you know, it's tougher for us in this job market. She even tried pushing me to the Experienced Associate level (something which I've heard they've done with internationals at another school) but there was no way I would've accepted that.

    If the Manager thing with the second firm doesn't work out, Senior Associate doesn't sound too bad, but not at the offered compensation level. As Moshennik said earlier in the thread, apt compensation seems to be $125k+$35k.

    This may be slightly premature but I just want to be informed in advance. If the second firm does offer me Manager, what kind of compensation should I be shooting for?

    All kinds of advice regarding my present and future plans are welcome.

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    I wouldn't really like to name names here; I hope you understand. Negotiations are still ongoing and I wouldn't like to jeopardize my chances of working for any of the firms I have interviewed or am interviewing with.

    I apologize for withholding the information.

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    Would have loved a bit more advice from the knowledgeable members of this forum. I reached out to one of my first-round interviewers for the Big 4 firm I have the final interview with, and he confirmed that with my profile, I may be considered for the Manager role. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Alphamale2000's picture

    Would have loved a bit more advice from the knowledgeable members of this forum. I reached out to one of my first-round interviewers for the Big 4 firm I have the final interview with, and he confirmed that with my profile, I may be considered for the Manager role. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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    moshennik wrote:
    Does anyone know if Deloitte S&O offers are above the 130k range this year?
    Post-MBA of course.

    Not in Toronto. I've heard 100K - 120K base depending on the school this year. I'm a Manager and my base is 130K.


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    Considering Manbearbig's comments, you scored a sweet deal with 125k for Senior Associate, plus a 35k bonus. On a related note, I've heard of some 85k base offers for Deloitte ERS from friends for Senior...seems very low to me....

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    My offer is NOT from Deloitte.. and not even from S&O Advisory. But from what I understand my offer is standard for my big4 for post-MBA candidates.
    I heard that Deloitte S&O paid on par with MBB, which is about 140 this year.
    This is kinda of confusing..

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