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So today they had another two surveys at work.

1) Blondes or Brunetts
2) Short/Tall and Curvy/Slender

I went for Tall and Slender though I wouldnt mind a curvy woman either. I am a leg man myself and tall leggy women just do it for me. Blond or Brunette not fussed.

Most guys went for tall and slender but curvy girls didnt come far in second it was quite close.

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  • angusgreen's picture

    Thin & tallish (though I'd don't mind small & thin provided they are very thin). In fact I would say that just as you can't be too rich for them they can't be too thin for you. The only exception is tall, thin and very short hair - but short hair look cr.p on a bint anyway.

    Although you could make a case for 'curvy' if you're talking about Jennifer Anniston in the early episodes of Friends or Cindy Crawford back in my college daya (mid 80s) just remember (as I found out with my first wife) that chicks don't get thinner with age. What starts out as 'curvy' at 25 becomes 'womanly curves' at 30 and becomes 'rubenesque' at 35 after two kids.

  • EuroMonkey's picture

    I'm just curious, what's according to your profile, an MD (+married?) doing on this forum, and why posting on this threat?

    MD or not you made me laugh!

    Age is an interesting theme, British girls seem to get overweight around 19. And some Mexicans and Indians just look amazing but things go awfully wrong as soon as they settle down. Anyone have a take on which women age best?

  • angusgreen's picture

    1. I'm a HF manager in London and one of my analysts told me about a joke that they had read on this site - reasonably funny though I've read worse in my day.
    2. Not any more. I suggested that my wife hire a personal trainer and after a particularly tough day on the trading floor I came home to find the trainer giving her 'extra sessions'. However, the good news was that after I was fired not long afterwards (this was winter 2001) the trainer promptly dumped her fat *ss because he figured that I wouldn't be able to fork over six figures in alimony every year.

  • aadpepsi's picture

    Oh good god... Too much testosterone on this post.

    I'm a very fair brunette... had long hair and went significantly shorter a year ago. I'm not so skinny... not so curvy either...

    I like men that are tall and husky... not bodybuilders though. Dark hair, blonde - doesn't matter. For whatever reason I like men with round eyes, weird. Men seem gentler when they have round eyes. Must have strong arms and a tight butt. Most important - is a man's smile and if he laughs easily or has a fun, contagious loud laugh and is smart yet also silly... I'm hooked.

  • Mis Ind's picture

    The critical thing for me is a man's talent at table. Sounds simple but it actually encompasses everything required for a good relationship. Wit, grace, cheek, conversation, careful regard for the pleasure of the beloved and for one's own pleasure, sensuality, appetite, timing, patience, and just the right blend of self-control and wild abandon. Dinner is theatre, only more engaging, because it is something that you can do and that is done to you. So few men can ever dine well... and those that can tend to take years to acquire the skills and the capacity. It's frustrating, particularly when one meets a man that one wants to like, that shows real promise... and then he goes and orders the grilled chicken breast, downs it in fifteen minutes flat, and starts shifting around in his seat as if he's ready to go.

    I have been known to feign sudden exhaustion in such circumstances and ditch the dullard, only to open my black book to a different page and call a better companion.

  • aadpepsi's picture

    Ms. Ind. that cracked me up... thanks! You're absolutely right.

    Some guys dress the part, even act the part but it isn't until you spend a reasonable amount of time with them that the creepy comes out. I'm sure men can say the same about women.

    I dated a gentleman who I really really really wanted to like, someone with definite potential. So I gave it the old college try... unfortunately he had this awful - just awful - way of chewing his food. He devoured his meals like he hadn't had anything to eat in days. The image I kept having is of a future life with him lying on a couch with a smelly t-shirt and devouring a turkey leg. Unattractive. Ugh.

    Then I dated someone else who had excellent table manners and not only was it a drastic difference but I can attest there's a high correlation that good table manners transfers to other areas as well. It is an art. So true.

  • Mis Ind's picture

    True. A guy's looks will get him five minutes of conversation with me. (With a good ass, maybe seven.) After that, if he hasn't shown why he's one in a million, I'm out. As are a lot of girls.

    I think one of the reasons why girls' standards are higher is that we're the ones being pursued... most of us between the ages of fifteen and forty who are even remotely attractive are being stopped on the street and in clubs constantly, being told we're gorgeous, and so forth. It gets tired by the time you're eighteen or so. And then you've still got more than twenty years to go.

  • aadpepsi's picture

    Someone has to explain this phenomena to me...

    Why is it as men advance in their careers and n age they become less and less playful?

    Part of the fun of meeting someone, being attracted to someone and escalating what starts as a friendship to something that's hot 'n heavy is the art of being playful with each other. I love that. But why is it that business men are so hung up on themselves that they don't know how to be playful anymore?

    C'mon... I like smart guys... but I like playful guys more :-)

    What's up with that?

  • relinquo's picture

    because we know that its all bull. well...

    initially, from my experience with girls/women, its all about looks and earning potential (preferably realised). after getting to know one another then the other factors become relevant.

    as to your playfulness question, i think that it has to do with a couple of things, first, realising the comment above, and second, in order to make it careerwise, one tends to age beyond ones years. even though i'm still quite young (26), i have already noticed this change. i suppose it is inevitable when you spend most of your time working alongside older men, you can't expect to behave like a 50 year old for most of your waking life and then switch to being a 26 year old just because you have a date. perhaps you could pretend, but what's the point?

    sometimes i wonder if i have lost touch with my generation. the questions that i have on my mind are about where to buy a house, my portfolio and where to summer this year, but the girls that i date can't relate to any of this. i suppose that i can't relate to their lives either. i haven't watched mtv in years and have seen not more than one episode of desparate houswives or whatever show is popular nowadays. come to thing of it, i don't really know what these girls' interests are.

    i've already been told by some girl friends that i should date women in their 30s!

    not going to happend for quite a while.

  • aadpepsi's picture

    I see... well, that gives me some insight.

    Well, I can relate to the concerns that are on your mind - e.g. where to buy a house, portfolio etc. RE where to summer? Ay vay, I think that's totally a NY thing... kinda superficial, no? Honestly, if you think about it you could "summer" anywhere.

    I guess as hard as I work - I don't take myself so seriously. I remind myself that I work hard now so that I won't have to work as hard later. While my career is important to me, it's not THE most important thing to me. I've managed to keep things simple and I've sustained a healthy sense of humor. Knock on wood. However, work can be so serious, that I want something NOT so mature and serious when I look to date someone. Does that make sense?

    What frustrates me about dating is that it takes men months to losen up and be playful, by the time they do I've grown disinterested, bored. Sure, the reason I'm attracted to someone initially IS the fact that a man is smart and succesful. But when I'm attempting to build a relationship, I want to see another side of a man too. Some of the best stuff in a relationship comes out when two people are just being silly.

    Listen, life is damn hard... and getting married, starting a family, building a home and raising kids is HARD. I guess it turns me off that men forget how to be playful. I start to imagine a future with a man that perhaps won't be as involved family-wise or someone that can't enjoy the simple things in life. What's going to be fun in that? Life just can be mature and serious all the time. Boring. That's only going to make you prone to ulcers at 26.

    Perfect example... I had a date with an older guy, someone new. We went to an art gallery opening. Fun, interesting. The gallery was exhibiting the work of this Korean artist and we wound up talking to the artist later in the evening. I noticed that her paintings had something 'special' in them. When the artist was describing how her artistic expression has evolved over the past 20+ years, she said that her earliest pieces reflected much of her feminist rage and she had a lot of phallic symbols in her work. To which I simply blurted 'I thought that was what I saw!'. The artist and I simply laughed our butts off.

    My date? well, he couldn't even see the phallic symbols in the paintings. Suffice it to say that I figured out afterwards that my date disliked that I had this discussion with the artist and moreso that I actually told the artist he couldn't see the phallic symbols. Oh good god. Perfect example of a man forgetting how to just chill out, be lighthearted.

    Potential for this man? Nope. Just going to be a friend to hang out with. No romantic interest whatsoever. Sigh. Next...

  • relinquo's picture

    interesting comments.

    i don't think that going away on vacation is superficial. there is a whole world out there to explore and experience. moreover, what's the point of working hard if you aren't goning to enjoy the fruits of your labour, especially when you are young?

    i also tend to go for light hearted women. i don't want to feel like we're having a due diligence meeting when i'm on a date, although it can sometimes feel that way. i like to be around people who enjoy life fully. i know i do. that is not necessarily the same as being silly. i dont' mind dating a silly girl as long as she can act appropriately when necessary. i don't ristrict the choices of girls/women that i date too much. as long as they are attractive and i enjoy their company.

    it does take time for me to bond with and open up to a girl that i have been dating. i guess it is just my nature and probably works for the best as they tend to retain the image of me as someone successfull, strong and dependable as they begin to experience other sides of relinquo. i suppose it is also a useful mechanism to weed out the worthy from the selected few.

    re your date. perhaps the guy you went to the gallery with didn't like it that you and some "artist" were taking the piss, at his expense, during your date! incredulous!

    it seems to me that there may be a problem int he citeria that you are looking for. a conflict of sorts. wanting someone who is successfull, dependable and sure of what he wants doesn't translate into someone who will be silly. perhaps you would be happier with the various types of manchild available. there seems to be no shortage of those guys around.

  • aadpepsi's picture

    Believe me... I'm not 25 years old and I assure you, I DEFINITELY know what I'm looking for in a man... and I'm most definitely not looking for a manchild.

    Why do you believe that someone who is succesful, dependable and sure of what he wants implies that someone can't also be laid back and lighthearted or silly at times? It takes experience, maturity and most importantly being self-aware for a man/woman to know when to turn it on for business and when to turn the business edge off. I'm surrounded by succesful men all day. I already know this side of most men I date... I'm not going to make a connection with someone based solely on how succesful they are.

    A man who is secure in himself wouldn't take offense at lighthearted banter - e.g. such as my conversation with this artist... What's so incredulous about that? Trust me, no one was purposely "taking the piss" at his expense.

  • Mis Ind's picture

    Wait, Aadpepsi. Hold up while I mud-wrestle you naked for the privilege of getting with the 50" whatever whatever.


    Of course, he might not want either of us. We all know how unattractive opinions are in a woman.

    On a serious aside, why is it that a certain type of man always thinks that, whenever someone laughs, they are laughing at him? Are men seriously this insecure?

  • aadpepsi's picture

    Mis Ind... no need to wrestle, I can be generous... OK, you can have him :-)

    Well on men being seriously this insecure... I think we already established on another post several months ago that YES, men are that insecure and easily mortally wounded!

    Look at relinquos response... I may be mistaken, but it seemed like he actually

    Finally, YES... a smart woman is always going to be pegged an "opinionated" woman... and an opinionated woman is always going to be regarded as an "alpha male"... and we know men are generally intimidated by an "alpha male"... Sigh. It's that viscious cycle of perceptions that one can't escape no matter what one says/does.

    I wish there were more women in IB in general so that at least we can commiserate together. It's exhausting to have to always defend ourselves, don't you think?

  • Mis Ind's picture

    I know, Aadpepsi... it was as if Relinquo thought that the two women should have remained respectfully silent about the whole matter simply because a man who was on a date with one of them couldn't comprehend it. Also, as if the guy had first rights to you and your responses simply because he was on a date with you.

  • Mis Ind's picture

    I've been with guys that were both "ugly" (I guess, because people told me that was the case) and not rich. I found a certain beauty in them. The ugly man often has a calm, quiet dignity and a distrust of what lies on the surface. Their intentions are to move apart from and above the constant drive to attract attractive people. The truth is that for a woman to see beauty in them is often balm to a wound so much a part of them that they can no longer recognize the scars. It can be pleasant for a woman to do that for a man.