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Pretty much the title, I have to decide between accounting and finance soon but can't decide what to go with. I think I like finance more, but I'm worried that since I don't go to a target, a finance degree might be seen as worthless compared to accounting. My goal is to eventually become a financial executive of a company and I also have an interest in corporate development/i-banking, so which is more relevant?

I don't really enjoy my accounting classes (I am taking intermediate right now...) but do I need to bite the bullet and take accounting because I'm not from a target? I might have a higher GPA in finance and will be able to take some classes outside of business if I major in it, but I'm just worried about how I will be perceived if I just major in finance from a non-target university

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    To be honest, focus on the subject you're better at. You have to spend a lot of time on the course and if you do something simply for the degree at the end, it'll be worthless if you get a low GPA.

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    do both. if you're at a non-target, it shouldn't be too hard to pick up that double major.

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    captainmorgan wrote:
    do both. if you're at a non-target, it shouldn't be too hard to pick up that double major.

    Beat me to it.
    As long as you're allowed to do it you might as well. Double majoring can't be a bad thing in this situation. Also, don't get overly concerned with which one will let you into a specific career path as that mood will most likely change over time. I'm assuming if you're just declaring now that you're maybe a sophomore? Doesn't matter, give it time and do as much as you can.

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    does not matter. you can be an art history major if you want. just learn basic accounting and show it off in interviews

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    How are your school's engineering, math, physics, and actuarial science programs? Are any of them top ten or top twenty?

    Finance is always strongest when paired with a quantitative major. Accy is all right and there's a lot of efficiencies between Finance and Accy classes, but there's a lot more synergies with, say, Math or Stats.

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    Double majoring in both isn't allowed at my school, and my school's math/physics/etc are all just typical state school level. Nothing horrendous but nothing great either.

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    Finance will obviously position you better for the positions you seek, however as you said it is a bit riskier coming from a non-target.

    Take what you enjoy and what will be more relevant (finance) and maybe an accounting concentration. Then network your butt off!

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