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First, I want to thank anyone who replies to my initial post on this board. I have a lot of questions about pursuing a career in IB but I am not going to bore those who take the time out to read this when the answers are on the site. What I am looking for is some advice on how to move forward and if it's even worth it for someone like me.

I don't have a degree from a top flight business school, the majority of my classes have been taken online at Southern New Hampshire University with a concentration in finance. Online classes gave me the flexibility to move when I was in the military and not have to transfer from school to school.

My goal is to get an analyst position preferably in equities but not going to be picky. What course of action is recommended, if any for me? I have some experience in the financial industry but not much, I have an s7, s63 and testing for my s65 next month. I don't know what to do, I am 35 years old and my career has been shit since I left the military five years ago. Excuse the language but my frustration is at its peak.

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  • prudentinvestor's picture

    1) Thank you for your service

    2) Is going back to military an option?

    3) Look for firms or groups that specialize in covering industrial/defense sectors.

    4) Network with military vets (probably the largest network in America)

    5) (Here's me being candid, sorry) There's a pretty damn good chance you never enter or work in this industry let alone in ER. Take what you can get period.

    6) Keep on chugging but look for other jobs.

  • Albert Ruiz's picture

    Thanks for your feed back, what do you see as the problem. Is it my age, education or both?

  • In reply to Albert Ruiz
    prudentinvestor's picture

    Albert Ruiz:
    Thanks for your feed back, what do you see as the problem. Is it my age, education or both?

    Here are the pros and cons quickly


    -You are a vet (always a plus)
    -You have a working understanding of defense technology (or so I'd assume). This can be leveraged for covering defense sector and industrial firms
    -Due to the vet status, you get to say you are hard working


    -You have a large gap you might have to explain
    -Your academic credentials aren't that great
    -For entry level positions at "notable" firms no one is going to hire a 35 year old. The fact that you have 8 years in the military and then some will show
    -No one wants to compensate or mold a 35 year old that has expectations and stringency, relative to a 20 year old that will do anything.

    Going for a professional degree at your age might not get you much. It only works at that age for executive degrees.

    Also, as far as recruiting vets into finance typically the vets are still Academy or top school educated officers that reached O-2 ranks and beyond.

  • Albert Ruiz's picture

    You do make good points especially in the cons sections, I did expect the age to be an obstical. But hey I give it a shot the worst they can do is laugh me out of the building. Thanks for the input man gave me some things to consider.

  • In reply to Albert Ruiz
    prudentinvestor's picture

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