Hi all,

I'm from the States and am currently in London on a tier 4 student Visa at a non-target doing my classes in the evening, and am spending all my free time trying to prepare for upcoming interviews in ER this spring for a FT London gig (I am hedging my bets applying to other positions but this is my number one priority). I'm in my mid 20's and have multiple relevant internships and solid industry experience so I'm preparing to make the move.

Londoners in ER, please help me out as I want to make sure I'm doing this all right in terms of prep. With a few follow up questions, am I hitting all the right points in terms of my focus?

i) solid understanding of UK GAAP and IFRS
ii) research report / stock pitch on large-cap equity (does this need to be a FTSE or a major European equity? I'm obviously most familiar with US equities so I was considering making a report and subsequent pitch out of a large-cap US equity most would know, but if UK/EU companies would be better then I will do so)
iii) technicals concerning valuation, what drives a stock and the stock market, comps and DCF, linking the three statements
iv) keeping up with the UK, European, and US markets and overall global macro situation
v) background info on firm I'm interviewing at (should you be familiar with certain analysts from the firm and be able to reference any sell-side research about a company they've written about or anything more granular like that?)

Please let me know if there's anything I'm missing or should drop. Right now I'm most curious if I need/would be more appropriate to change my research report / pitch to a UK/EU stock. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

edit: added bullet V

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