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Dippin. Baseball players have been doing it on the job for years. I know some (maybe even the majority) of us use tobacco products. My question today is: How acceptable is it to chew tobacco in the office. I'm not saying in the middle of a meeting, obviously be respectful with it. But working on your computer for a few hours and having a fat chew... acceptable or a mistake?

What are your thoughts about tobacco users in the office? hurt them at all (other than their health)?

Or is there like some sort of unwritten rule on hierarchy? The older you are, the more you can prance around chewin and smokin fat cigars?

A noob in the industry looking for a little insight on the aquired rules by a vet of the office.

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    People do it at my office. If you're going to do it, be low key about it. Don't advertise that you're dipping. You may even want to keep it to a late night activity for once the MDs have gone home. Not a huge deal if you don't make it one.

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    i'll snus all day, and dip when its really slow or the office is empty

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    There is a dippin monkeys group started by yours truly. There are ~40 of us if I recall correctly.

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    Spitless tobacco and there will be no problems. It's half as strong but that may or may not even be an issue for you


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    But in all seriousness. Try to keep your smoking outside of the office or during your lunch break. Patch during the day smoke at night or something. You never know which manager / boss lost a loved one to lung cancer. You never know which HR person might red flag your health habits or which co-worker will gossip about you getting up to go on a smoke break.

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    As a fellow dipper, I believe dipping is more acceptable than cigarettes solely that I do not have to quit working and go outside when I feel the urge to dip. Smoking cigarettes also comes with the smell that travels into the office. I feel at my office that dipping, if done discretely is much more acceptable.

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