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Hi all, I have a Citi Finance SA Interview in the Controllers division, I was hoping those who have gone through this could give me some advice for the interview?

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    It was 3 interviews, 30 minutes each. I met with a VP, senior VP, and a director. mostly behavioral questions for me.
    May I ask what school you are from and which location you will be interviewing at?
    When I had my controllers SA superday , it was also the superday for the finance SA program...I didn't know they had 2 superdays for the same program..

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    wallstreet11 wrote:
    yes, i got the offer for citi controllers today. i interviewed friday. monday was holiday so they said i'd hear back today. pretty fast i guess...
    good luck. are you interviewing at greenwich building?

    Congrats- yeah, in the greenwich building. Can you tell me a little more about the interview structure?

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    definitely know a lot about citi and why you want to work there. Read their recent news. i was asked about citi's stock and earnings. i mean even if you dont get asked, you can bring it up and impress them.

    a lot of questions about resume. they usually tell you to give an example of leadership, teamwork, any conflicts within the teamwork and you solved it. one of the interviewers asked me about excel , if i had done any financial modeling, how comfortable i am using excel functions.

    the people there are really nice. so i dont think its too much to worry about. just know your stuff and i dont think there will be any hard questions.

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