I am a commercial credit analyst with almost 2 years of experience at a regional level commercial bank and am interested in exit opportunities. I am set to take the Level 1 CFA Exam in less than a week, and am ultimately interested in Portfolio Management. Would there any "set" path into investment research/portfolio analyst? Has anyone out there taken this path to a career in Portfolio Management?

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I am in the exact same position. I am prepping for the CFA lvl 3. Are you more interested in the equity side or the FICC side?

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As of right now I am leaning more towards the equity side of things, although I would figure I would have more opportunities on the FI side with my experience. Do you know if this experience would count towards the CFA work requirements?


I am finding the same about fixed income. I personally am more interested in the debt space. I am trying to get into a trader assisstant or rotational program for FICC. For the CFA work experience, you need to write an essay on why you qualify and then you need referrences to back that up. So far, I am finding it to be a big stretch to qualify as CFA work experience. If you spin it right you may get lucky though.


Credit markets are hot right now. You should be looking right now because once the next credit bust comes, you will have to wait til we hit the next maturity mountain for the opportunities to reappear.


I work at a rating agency as a corporate credit analyst. The longer you stay in credit the harder it will be to break into equities. I am interviewing at equity funds as we speak but its always the same question: why equity instead of credit? You need to open a brokerage account and invest in equities and be able to talk about equities if you want to be taken seriously. Also, keep up the CFA studies, after I passed level 2 I started to get a lot more interest. If you stay in credit longer than 4/5 years I think you would need an MBA to make the switch. Best of luck!

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