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Hello. I am 14 years old. Unlike other kids my age, I am really interested in money, investing, investment banking, and consulting. I know how to invest, and I do invest. I also know all about how businesses and companies are run. My ultimate goal is to eventually have a job that makes 2 million dollars and up, annually. I'm in eight grade at a private school. I get good grades and will study my butt off in highschool! Here are some questions I have regarding these careers.

1. Do I have to go to an Ivy League college like Harvard to get a job in the i bankink or consulting fields?

2. Why do people tell me I have to start a company and/or business to get rich? Why can't I get a high paying job? Can you not get rich by working for someone else?

3. New York or Chicago, where should I plan on living during my career?

4. In these careers, can you retire in your 40s to 50s with a florida mansion, yacht, private jet, nice car, etc.?

5. Which is a better career (pay, quality of work, etc.) to go into, Investment Banking or Management consulting?

6. If i go into investment banking, should I stick with i banking my whole career, or go onto PE firms or HF?

7. If i go into consulting, should I stick with consulting my whole career, or go into fortune 500s and aim at becoming a senior position?

Please help me. Even though I am 14, I am very anxious at my future career. Please help me!!


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    Kids like you get raped for all they are worth by a system that smells desperation like sharks smell blood.

    Still not sure if I want to spend the next 30+ years grinding away in corporate finance and the WSO dream chase or look to have enough passive income to live simply and work minimally.

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    Ben - I know it feels like you're growing up a bit and jobs and money sound like fun, but trust me - you have plenty of time. For some perspective, here is a list of things you still have to do and experience before you even think about investment banking:

    1.) Getting your drivers license
    2.) Making out under the bleachers at high school football games
    3.) Shitty summer jobs
    4.) High school girls
    5.) Losing your virginity
    6.) High school graduation
    7.) COLLEGE (oh, college)
    8.) Shooting shitty vodka with your freshman buddies
    9.) Sticking your tongue down the throat of drunk college girls
    10.) College sporting events and tailgates
    11.) Spring break
    12.) Toga parties

    And 100 more I haven't listed. You have some serious good times ahead dude, don't rush through 'em. The only thing you need to focus on now is getting the best grades you can so you can get into the best possible college - future Ben will handle the rest when the time comes, trust me.

    - Capt K -
    "Prestige is like a powerful magnet that warps even your beliefs about what you enjoy. If you want to make ambitious people waste their time on errands, bait the hook with prestige." - Paul Graham

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    First of all, I think it's pretty impressive that you're already considering careers at 14. When I was your age, I was too concerned about shaving to even care about a job.

    I would keep working my butt off at school and making sure you enjoy your time there. Go out, make friends and just do lots of stuff.

    I would also make sure I get into an Ivy school if I were you. Although it doesn't guarantee a job, it makes things a lot easier.

    Once there, network like mad but also make sure you go out and have lots of fun. You'll regret it later on otherwise. Money and job isn't everything.

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    Troll Alert..

    No 14 year old knows what Investment Banking is, much less makes comments like "If i go into investment banking, should I stick with i banking my whole career, or go onto PE firms or HF?"

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    I did. Why shouldn't he? If someone's motivated and can identify their interests early enough, what's keeping them from exploring and learning about fields? The amount of knowledge I picked up from this site alone in a period of six weeks was absurd. He could have had the same immersion process I did.

    Most people do things to add days to their life. I do things to add life to my days.

    Browse my blog as a WSO contributing author

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    OP why dont you stop wasting our time and go back to trolling internet pedophiles.

    You know you've been working too hard when you stop dreaming about bottles of champagne and hordes of naked women, and start dreaming about conditonal formatting and circular references.

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    You need to calm down.

    "Well, you can do whatever you want to us, but we're not going to sit here and listen to you badmouth the United States of America."

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    1. No, but hard if you don't
    2. Lol wow you'll get a better understanding of how life works after your grow some pubic hair
    3. New York
    4. Is it possible? Yes.
    5. Lol seriously? This is a serious question? If IB were better, people wouldn't go to McKinsey over IB. If consulting were better, people wouldn't go to GS over consulting. You'll learn about "preferences" after you kiss a girl for the first time.
    6. You probably won't even make it that far
    7. Consulting all the way