Hi there,
shortly before Christmas I received my 2nd offer from a BB, but ultimately decided to sign with the first bank. From what I've read on this forum, you should call and decline the offer verbally.
Should I call HR or the person who extended the offer in the first place, who is usually a senior banker? Personally, I would prefer calling HR, b/c it makes me feel less guilty :P

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Call both of them, especially if you want to maintain a good relationship with the firm. Remember to be grateful on the phone.

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Call the person extending the offer.

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I would call the person who extended the offer to you and then email HR (since I'm assuming that even if a banker gave you the news, HR had some communication with you regarding offer terms, etc) just to take the time and let them know your decision. Additionally, I would consider reaching out to any of your contacts who really pushed for you and/or knew you received an offer - you don't want them to think that you had them make a big push only to blow off the opportunity. Essentially, just cover your bases, let everyone quickly know your decision, and briefly why you went that way - thank them again and sign off - this should help you to not burn any bridges. Beyond that, accept the other offer and good luck.


Call both. You'll need that person's help later. I had to decline a few offers and boy was it awkward but just make sure to not burn any bridges

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