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So this topic kind of has been talked about before, but my situation is still somewhat unique so I thought that I would post a topic.

So I am a rising senior at a top Undergraduate B-school (that MBB actively recruits from) and I have an offer (with exploding incentives before recruitment) from Deloitte Consulting. I really enjoyed my time there and could see myself there, but I wanted to kind of get some advice seeing as no one has been able to answer my question.

Basically I want to figure out if I should go through recruitment this year. What I will lose is some incentives and I will miss out on a lot of opportunities to continue to connect to Deloitte and kind of be the class champion.

My mindset with regard to the firms are:
Deloitte: Good combination of culture and work that I want to do (energy/sustainability)
Bain:Best culture, but not the work that I want to do and moving away from mba model that I like
McKinsey:Best work but worst culture
BCG:I have no idea

Yeah so I am confused as to what I should do and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Only you can decide if it's worth it.

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It sounds like you like Deloitte. Go there. It's not all about prestige.

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I don't know how strong the exploding incentives are, but I wouldn't assume you have to make the call now. From where you stand as a senior, those incentives look like a huge option premium, I'm sure. Compared to how the different options could impact your career in the future, though, they are probably negligible.

I also wouldn't assume that you wouldn't have a chance to stay connected with Deloitte - if anything, the firm I worked at would step up its recruiting efforts and you would get to meet a number of senior people that you might not after you sign.

I'm not saying you should value the prestige of MBB over a good work environment, but it doesn't necessarily sound like you are too familiar with MBB work culture and alumni. I think it'd be worth getting a clearer idea. After all, if you end up liking the culture at one of MBB as much as you like Deloitte, it's hard to argue that the top half of a class from MBB generally goes on to a very different career than a comparable group from Deloitte.

Good luck either way, and it sounds like you'll do great. Your perspective is a lot more balanced than a lot of kids going into recruiting - your first priority should definitely be to put yourself in a work environment that you'll enjoy and that will help you succeed.


Do you get the vibe that Deloitte would retract their bonuses if you go through recruitment? I would contact them and thank them, but ask for time to explore the industries that other firms specialize in, and other firms' cultures as well. Like mentioned above, I think they would likely step up their pursuit of you, and you might also get a chance to go through recruitment.

As always though, take the advice here with a grain of salt.


Last I recall, DC's incentive for early signing was what, $2000? Could be worth it if it's up to you. My friends at Deloitte all really enjoyed the work and culture.

How do you see Bain's MBA model? To my understanding, it has a very similar setup as Deloitte's - paying you back for it one year at a time when you return to the firm. I have friends at all 3 MBB who've had experience in energy and sustainability - I think that's largely going to be a question of offices/networking within the firm to get yourself on those projects. I definitely wouldn't count out BCG, they're considered by many to be the "middle ground" between the work and play cultures of McKinsey and Bain.

If you're considering energy so highly, might be good to take a glanceinto Booz & Co. To my knowledge, they have a very well known group doing energy and sustainability work.


Go through the cycle again....no lose move.

My impression based on your comments is that you really don't know the firms all that well. Everyone says Bain has the best culture and McK the worst, but most people are just parroting what they've heard others say. I work at an mbb and won't ever compare - never worked for the other two so why make shit up? I get those comparison questions all the time in recruiting and I tell them to do their homework and make the best call for themselves. I won't piss on another firm.

To say one does work you like and another doesnt is also pretty naive. You cant box up mbbs and compare them that way. You're far more likely to be stuck on some rando endless engagement at Deloitte because their fees allow clients to keep them around for that work. Mbb fees are high enough that clients wont bring them in for random work or stuff that isn't for the top guys. The work we lose to Deloitte (we aren't up against them much) is purely price, not capabilities.

Unless Deloitte is offering you some life altering incentives, I say you go through the process and find out for yourself.




also, on the note of exploding incentives - you can usually contact the mbb recruiters for your school and let them know your situation. if they like you, they'll do a super super accelerated interview process before OCR stuff to let you know where you stand. even if they say "we can't accept you early" they'll often add "...but we'll flag you as a high profile candidate for the regular OCR pool." so that's the point at which you'd have to make the decision of, hmm...should i give up my deloitte incentives to get a chance with mbb?

but anyway yeah ive found that if they want you they'll work with you. (i should note that the early recruiting process i noted above really only happened with people coming from investment banks and with return offers for a specific group...not so sure about folks coming from lower tier consulting firms...)

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